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Big Pharma: Medical Monopolies of Coronavirus

Major Pharmaceutical Companies monopolize our modern medical industry, rendering many forms of alternative natural medicine “off limits” in North America. During the Pandemic the world was shown both the ethics and the evident agenda of the major health, science, and pharmaceutical industries.

Pharmaceutical companies are provided billions of dollars for drug research. Unable to patent natural substances, chemicals are synthetically produced. By altering natural substances, manufacturers are allowed to patent the ingredients of their product. These artificial mutations often increase side effects, leading to potential health issues.

While vitamins, minerals, and exercise are known to boost the immune system—a general lack of essential nutrients in the overall population results in even more profit for Major Pharmaceutical companies.

Who Exactly is Profiting From Coronavirus?

At least nine people have become billionaires since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, thanks to the excessive profits pharmaceutical corporations with monopolies on COVID vaccines are making, The People’s Vaccine Alliance admitted preluding a G20 leaders Global Health Summit. The nine new billionaires have a combined net wealth of 19.3 billion dollars, “enough to fully vaccinate all people in low-income countries 1.3 times.” stated ANI.

In addition, eight existing billionaires have seen their combined wealth increase by $32.2 billion, thanks to the coronavirus. “That’s enough to fully vaccinate everyone in India.” If coronavirus vaccines are free, where did this money come from? Believe it or not, people are profiting off this Pandemic.

According to the data, it is more profitable to major pharmaceutical vaccine manufacturers that the threat of coronavirus continues. For this reason, it becomes difficult to assess what is done in the interest of the American people, and what is done at our expense.

Currently, 1.1% of the global population hold 45.8% of the world’s wealth. With this amount of power, many of the top percentage plan to assist in the resetting of society, building a global government—fueled by American tax dollars. Stakeholders and private investors greatly benefit from coronavirus vaccination propaganda, too. 11.1% of the global population hold 39.1% of the world’s total wealth.

Unfortunately, many of the top 12.2% have the desire to control the outcome of the future of humanity, funded by the mass profits gained from their investments—such as coronavirus vaccines.

In America we have the God-given independent freedoms and civil rights, represented by our Constitution, amendments, and U.S. legislation.

Forcing U.S. citizens to fund a global initiative for control—at the taxpayer’s expense—is an infringement on our constitutional American rights and our individual personal liberties.

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Vaccine Prices per Dose

Big Pharmaceutical vaccine manufacturers were initially disappointed, believing that they would be able to charge much higher prices for each dose. Because of this, mass vaccine propaganda has been executed upon America, in hope of recouping their initial profits predicted to their stakeholders.

Currently, as well as throughout the pandemic, vaccine prices per dose are as follows:

  • Pfizer-BioNTech charges $19.50 per dose in America, while Europe charges $14.76. The U.S. paid 32.1% more per dose for the Pfizer vaccine, compared to the EU.
  • Johnson & Johnson charges $10.00 per dose in America, while Europe charges $8.50. The U.S. paid 17.6% more per dose for the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, compared to the EU.
  • Moderna charges $15.00 per dose in America, while Europe charges $18.00. The U.S. paid 20% less per dose for the Moderna vaccine, compared to the EU.
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Propaganda Feeds the National Divide

Propaganda began dividing Americans into two categories: vaccinated, and unvaccinated. To achieve this, “vaccine passports” were created, for our “security” and the “safety of our health”.

Due to nationwide lockdowns, Yelp reported that of the restaurants marked as “closed” on their platform, 61% are permanently shut down. Retail businesses and nightlife saw more than 50% of closures become permanent.

Many historic small businesses in major cities closed their doors forever, to a situation controlled by a combination of politicians, legislators, and scientists, who got their paychecks no matter what happened. Countless hard working entrepreneurs and their employees were the ones deemed non-essential.

This effectively removed the working class, as the U.S. government implemented a temporary universal basic income in the form of our own tax dollars. These were named “stimulus checks” and “unemployment benefits”, and their purpose gave a taste to the American people of the global 2030 initiative to reset society, which is currently in effect worldwide.

Mandating The Product

The next step was mandating the products. This ensured vaccine manufacturers will have annual income they can rely on. We, as the people paying their salaries with our taxes, have no choice as it is for the “safety” and “our own security”.

Small businesses, corporate employers, and federal institutions implemented a mandate of coronavirus vaccinations. Apps such as OpenTable even implemented vaccine status into its application.

In the modern era, vaccines have been less about actual medical data, and more about showing that you are with the State, that you abide by the system. Today, coronavirus vaccinations have become a social media status symbol.

Number of Doses Sold

As more propaganda was pushed, vaccine sales soared. The variant hysteria offered even more opportunity to push their product. Not only could these companies profit, but they would not be held liable or responsible for any health consequences, per waiving our rights upon injection.

Coronavirus helped give new advantages for major pharmaceutical manufacturers previously unseen in modern medicine. Now desensitized, COVID-19 injections have become a normality among American society.

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Pharmaceutical Stocks

Three of seven COVID-19 vaccine stocks have “outperformed the S&P 500” since the beginning of the pandemic.

Unlike mRNA vaccines (Pfizer, Moderna) or a viral vector vaccine (Johnson & Johnson), Novavax—a subunit protein vaccine—outperformed all other manufacturers at a 1,549.1% annual increase.

To put Novavax into perspective, Moderna executives shockingly were able to make $287 million with little effort, using timed stock sales since the outbreak.

Moderna’s former executive Moncef Slaoui, was “awarded the option to buy 18,270 shares in the company” before his departure, according to Securities and Exchange Commission filings first reviewed by Kaiser Health News.


In addition, the technology used to create new concoctions, like booster shots, is expensive, bringing massive worldwide funding for research and development. In 2020, research and development spending in the pharmaceutical industry totaled nearly 200 billion U.S. dollars globally according to data from

The U.S. government dumped $22 billion tax dollars into Big Pharma for Operation Warp Speed (OWS), the coronavirus relief program initiated by the Trump administration.

In July, Pfizer signed a $1.95 billion deal to sell one hundred million doses of its two-shot vaccine to the United States, enough for fifty million people. In February, the government had ordered three hundred million doses from Moderna.

The Operation Warp Speed budget handed Novavax a $1.6 billion contract for 100 million future doses. AstraZeneca has also received $1.2 billion in federal assistance. Moderna was given $500 million.

Operation Warp Speed “advisers” connections and investments we forced to agree to assign a portion of their earnings to the NIH, which could be postponed “until after their death”.

Alarming details were overlooked during this process. Details such as Moderna has never produced a successful vaccine prior to coronavirus. This detail is still suppressed, as Moderna injections are now trusted and suggested through propaganda. The substance is even mandated in some major cities, such as New York City. The Moderna coronavirus vaccine was issued on Emergency Use Authorization.

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Future Vaccine Production

Vaccine manufacturers are in a race against time to develop new injectable concoctions while they have the upper hand, before the American people discover alternative medicine. Alternative options to the mandatory vaccinations are being suppressed throughout America, as those who control the narrative are all profiting from the atrocities of this politicized pandemic.

Below is a chart of every coronavirus vaccine currently in production, their diagnostics, treatments, and the phase of each clinical trial.

How Clinical Trials Work

There are six stages of Clinical Trials in America.

  • Preclinical
  • Phase I Trial
  • Phase II Trial
  • Phase III Trial
  • Drug Application Review / FDA Approval
  • Phase IV / Post-marketing
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Image Source:

Emergency Use Authorization

Emergency Use Authorization can be issued at any Clinical Phase. In America, drugs do not even have to be tested on humans before issuing an Emergency Use Authorization. “Drugs, devices or biologic products which have only been tested or approved under the “animal efficacy rule” are loosely known as “animal products”. Under certain conditions, an EUA may authorize the emergency use in humans, of drugs, devices or biologic products approved under the animal efficacy rule.”

How COVID-19 Vaccines Work

Coronavirus concoctions [“vaccines”] manipulate our immune system, in order to produce spike proteins throughout the body. These spike proteins are the same ones found in the coronavirus, making our bodies more resistant to the coronavirus.

Spike protein Shedding

The initial instructions that are injected into the body, are later discarded and shedded through the skin. This is called Spike Protein shedding. It is unknown exactly how long the body will continue to produce the spike proteins, which are responsible for the immunity. Additionally, there is heated debate to the physical long-term effects of the buildup of un-shed buildup of spike proteins throughout the human body.

Dosage & Side Effects

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Future side effects are to be determined, and a modern controversial discussion. The human race has limited data of long term issues as a result of coronavirus concoctions. Science is relying on the fact that most “vaccine injuries” have shown up sooner than later, upon injection of the substance.

Vaccine waivers, like this one shown below, ensure coronavirus vaccine manufacturers get paid, whether future side effects occur or not.

It reads, “I hereby release and hold harmless each applicable Provider, it’s staff, agents, successors, divisions, affiliates, subsidiaries, officers, directors, contractors, and employees from any and all liabilities or claims whether known or unknown arising out of, in connection with, or in any way related to the administration of the vaccine(s) listed above.”

Image Source: JMBK.NEWS

Global Outlook

More than half of people around the world support vaccinations, or have been influenced by its propaganda.

  • 66% of the global attitude towards coronavirus vaccines support vaccinations.
  • 12% are hesitant to take the newly created concoctions.
  • 11% feel obligated to take the vaccine, despite their own views on the ordeal
  • 11% are skeptical about the vaccine
  • 1.4% are true “anti-vaxxers” who refuse all vaccinations

Booster Shots

Booster shots are the next iteration of revenue for major pharmaceutical companies, and have already been enacted in Israel. Designed to increase their profits, and targeting existing customers, booster vaccinations will ensure a positive financial future for these pharmaceutical monopolies, regardless of real world data.

Major vaccine manufacturers and their stakeholders will have reliable income funded by the working class. Coronavirus propaganda has brainwashed the population into believing we are being protected, when really opportunists are profiting off of our concern for our health and well-being.

Image Source: Statista


Major Pharmaceutical companies now work together with world organizations and world organizations to ensure the global transfer of wealth fund everyone involved’s interests. Vaccine manufacturers are out for financial profit—no matter the cost, while global organizations continue to orchestrate their 2030 agenda towards building one world government.

A common communist & socialist tactic is being implanted across America: dividing the people, turning us against each other. This is perpetuated by coronavirus vaccine propaganda and often inconsistent public medical data. The CDC guidelines have not only shaped our economy, but also our social system.

Any resistance to the propaganda furthers our civil divide, redirecting opposition, distracting them from that true villains who use our fear as a financial opportunity. The vaccinated citizen has become an extension of the state, weaponized to ensure the ability to monopolize the pharmaceutical industry and take advantage of the profit that opportunity provides.

As American society seeks to utilize even more secure and accurate medical technology, what will be the next profitable implementation that’s mandated to provide proof of the status of our health?


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