The Chinese Communist Party

Has the influence of the Communist Party of China’s crept into American society? While large scale U.S. businesses seek to expand their market into China’s ~1.4 billion population, what is the compromise required for these American companies to capitalize from China’s population?

China’s business minded citizens and those working internationally, who stand with the CCP act as citizens of the state, report information to the government (CCP), and are seen as “patriots” of their nation. How will these tactics of providing U.S. information effect the progress of America, and the future of our economy? Has similar surveillance begun to appear in modern times throughout our nation?

How has the CCP’s influence impacted the modern American’s acceptance of authoritative direction, and social culture? Does the new age censorship correlate with Chinese communist party’s information suppression? Will America’s government continuing the pursuit to be the greatest country in the world, or has that strive fallen to geopolitical profit? Is our U.S. government working in the interest of our people or their own interests, and that of the party?

People’s Republic of China (PRC): Economic Development

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