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What is a “Spike protein”?

Coronavirus concoctions [“vaccines”] manipulate our immune system, in order to produce spike proteins throughout the body. These spike proteins are the same ones found in the coronavirus, making the body more resistant to Cov-2 infection.

The initial mRNA [or adenovirus] instructions that are injected into the body, are later discarded and shedded through the skin. This is called “spike protein shedding”. It is unknown exactly how long the body’s immune system will memorize the mRNA [or adenovirus] and continue to produce spike proteins, responsible for the immunity.

There is additional debate to the physical effects of high levels of spike proteins throughout the human body, as well aswith mRNA—the long term effects of temporary DNA manipulation. [In this context, the phrase “DNA manipulation” refers to the forced temporary production of spike proteins from the cell, induced by the mRNA artificially placed inside of nanoparticles.]

What are the long term impacts of the temporary artificial promotion of gene activity, and how does this effect the natural immunity response of the human genome?

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