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Metoprolol as a COVID Treatment

Metoprolol is a drug already prescribed, tested, inexpensive, and approved by the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) drug used in the treatment of various heart conditions. Now, a new study shows success among individuals with severe coronavirus complications, or those with reduced lung function.

Metoprolol is a beta blocker currently prescribed to treat high blood pressure, acute myocarditis, irregular heart rhythms, and to lessen chest pain. Beta Blockers, like Metroprolol, prevent adrenaline from increasing your heart rate, by acting on the heart’s and blood vessel’s beat receptors. This has also been used by performers to reduce “stage fright”.

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How Can Metoprolol Help?

In severe coronavirus cases the lungs can become damaged, losing their past function. “Neutrophils” are important in clearing pathogenic bacteria from the lungs. Scientist’s data supports evidence that the overproduction of “neutrophil extracellular traps”, (NETS), could end up doing more harm than the coronavirus itself.

In the study, patients given Metoprolol in the study had 96% fewer “Neutrophils” in their lungs, leading to “reduced inflammation and improved oxygen uptake”. No side effects were reported.


“In light of the devastation that COVID can create, effective treatment strategies are essential,” Dr. Suzanne Steinbaum, a cardiologist in New York said. “Metoprolol was shown to decrease inflammation and improve oxygenation in patients suffering from acute respiratory distress. It’s important for us to further evaluate this medication as a safe and potential life-saving option for treatment of COVID patients.”

“It would be hard to harm someone with this,” Dr. Jeffrey I. Barke, primary care physician based in California said. “It is great to see creative thinkers in the scientific community using medications off-label. This study shows potential real benefits from a very safe and inexpensive medicine.”

“This reminds me of the benefits of ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine,” Barke continued. “I hope this medication, like many of the other repurposed drugs used to treat COVID, isn’t viewed through a political lens. Otherwise, docs will be hesitant to use it.”

“These vaccine companies are making bank on these products and doing so without any liability,” Barke said. “If we were successful in treating COVID early with simple medications, there would be much less need to push vaccines.”


Could Neutrophils be the cause for coronavirus related injuries and respiratory issues? Could Metoprolol be a potential cure for coronavirus, and the reduction of lung function as a result? Will an already FDA approved medication be suppressed for off label coronavirus use, while major pharmaceutical vaccine manufacturers continue to further their financial agenda?

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