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Israel Cases Skyrocket, Despite Third Booster

Data from Israel shows cases have skyrocketed since the third booster shot was given to its citizens. Currently Israeli hospitals are almost at full capacity, as cases continue to rise despite the country’s access to coronavirus vaccinations. Are third booster shots effective against coronavirus immunity?

Across America, booster vaccinations are being advertised as “the next big thing” by our world health government. This global agenda to inevitably mandate worldwide vaccinations for all ages benefits major pharmaceutical companies, as well as their stakeholders, no matter the cost to the average citizen or future generations. What matters is financial profit and the medical data shows it.

World Health Organization Data

Data taken from the World Health Organization, (WHO), shows a startling increase in cases since the booster, with a confirmed 1,227,972 cases as of September 20th, 2021. This data shows the exact opposite of what society would hope and expect with the rollout of the newest “booster shots” from Pfizer-BioNTech.

In Palestine, a far less vaccinated territory, the World Health Organization’s data shows very different statistics. Only 412,442 confirmed cases exist in Palestine as of September 20th, 2021. Shockingly, only between 7.65% – 11.48% of the Palestinian population is currently “fully vaccinated”.

Comparing Populations

Israel has a larger population than Palestine, which makes more vaccinations and higher infection rates make sense. What doesn’t make sense, is cases continue to skyrocket, despite booster shots being distributed. If booster shots are so effective, they are to be mandated, where is the data to show the results? Could booster shots have an effect on our immune system, causing people to become more susceptible to coronaviral infection? Or do these booster shots just simply not work?

Israel’s current population is 8.8 million people, where as Palestine’s current population is 5.2 million people.

With Israel’s population at 8.8 million and Palestine’s population at 5.2 million, Palestine’s population is 59.52% of Israel’s population, and Israel has a 40.48% larger population than Palestine.

Israel has a 40% larger population, and 66% more coronavirus cases than Palestine.

Palestine’s population has only 33.58% of Israel’s confirmed coronavirus cases. Israel’s population has 66.42% more coronavirus cases than Palestine.

Palestine is 60% of Israel’s population, with 34% less cases than Israel.

Vaccinated Population Compared

Palestine has given out 1,206,277 doses as of September 20th. Assuming two doses are required, that would mean 11.48% of the population is currently vaccinated. If three doses are required, 7.65% of the population has been vaccinated. With this data, between 7.65% – 11.48% of the Palestinian population have been fully vaccinated.

Israel has given out 14,671,507 doses. That’s 91.78% more doses than Palestine. This means assuming two doses are required, 83.17% of Israel’s population has been vaccinated. If three doses are required, 55.43% of Israel’s population has been vaccinated. With this data, between 55.43% – 83.17% of Israels’s 8.8M population has been fully vaccinated.

That means Israel is 86.2% more vaccinated than Palestine, but has 66.42% more coronavirus cases than Palestine, with their population is 40% larger.


Choosing to remain unvaccinated “is not a matter of personal freedom,” Prime Minister Mohammad Shtayyeh of the Palestinian Authority announced “Your freedom ends when it causes harm to others’ health.”

“There needs to be a balance between public health and personal freedoms,” said Ammar Dwaik, the director of the Independent Commission for Human Rights, a Palestinian government-established body. “But I think the authorities could have given more consideration to alternatives here,” he added.

“There’s still a long way to go,” – Richard Peeperkorn, W.H.O. representative of the West Bank and Gaza.

“I don’t know of any disease where we are vaccinated every six months, and to be honest, I don’t think the public will come to get vaccinated every six months,” Ido Hadari, of HMO Maccabi. “But you cannot predict anything with this disease.”


Israel should have far less confirmed coronavirus cases, or start to show a visible decline since the introduction of a third booster shot, but no data shows this. Could this mean booster shots are not as effective as Dr. Fauci and Pfizer-BioNTech wants the American people to believe? Could booster shots actually be weakening the human immune system, causing more people to get sick?

With the introduction of booster shots into societies across America, we can only ask ourselves: Where is the data to show that booster shots are actually effective against coronavirus and the delta variant? Are financially incentivized major pharmaceutical companies intentionally overlooking medical data in order to push their vaccine agenda? Could this really be for the greater good of humanity, or an opportunistic attempt at profit and a chance to reset society?


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