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Biden Takes Vaccine Booster “Live”

As if watching our U.S. President take the vaccine on a “set” weirdly designed to look “indoors” would help America feel more confident about the new booster vaccines currently in distribution by major pharmaceutical companies.

Data from Israel shows that booster vaccines are ineffective and fail to provide immunity to the delta variant. The Biden Administration isn’t concerned with data, they are concerned with desensitizing the American population to infinite boosters. This will ensure consistent income for major pharmaceutical companies, as they test new concoctions on the American public.

Biden has previously lied to the American population, in hopes that his faults will go unnoticed. Using a fake background to push booster vaccine propaganda, leaves the American population wondering what else is going on behind the scenes? How much of this pandemic is an opportunity for power, financial profit, and global economic progress versus the health and well-being of humanity?

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