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Quality Control: Contaminants Found in COVID-19 Vials

How much of America’s modern health information is controlled by the pharmaceutical industry’s narrative, enforced on social media, and dismissed by society as “crazy conspiracy theories”?

That answer can be personally observed, by analyzing the manner in which alternative data and information are reinterpreted by social media, censored and delegitimized. As seen during the pandemic, any information that could impact the financial profits the coronavirus opportunity provided to major pharmaceutical companies, was quickly silenced.

Real world factors, such as international manufacturing standards and the quality of cheaper, imported ingredients from countries like China. With often lower sanitation standards than our U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA), small particulates found in imported ingredients used in vaccines are commonly recalled due to a variety of factors such as “impurities” or “potential contamination”.

Dr. Franc Zalewski has revealed a shocking discovery he found living inside various mRNA COVID-19 vials. Dr. Zalewki described his finding as an “aluminum based”, “parasitic lifeform”, referring to the living creature as “the thing”.

This discovery brings into question the quality of the ingredients contained inside mRNA coronavirus vaccines, highlighting America’s dependence on foreign suppliers. Importing ingredients from international manufacturing plants allows greater accessibility, while reducing the overall cost, boosting profits.

The FDA is financially unable to inspect every international manufacturing facility, ensuring that they are consistent with American standards. The result, small particulates and other contaminates regularly infect our modern medicines. U.S. law makes it easy for American companies like Pfizer and Moderna, to conceal the country of origin of their ingredients, as mRNA vaccines are concocted domestically.

Social media users, and their providers, were quick to dismiss, discredit, and suppress Dr. Zalewski due to “vaccine conspiracy theories”. However, the potential of contamination during the manufacturing of the vaccine’s ingredients was left unacknowledged.

Mainstream media and the Science community have a narrative. Break that narrative, and you will quickly find yourself an enemy of society, branded by discrediting blanket terminology.


  • First CV Sample: “And here we can see a hole (because graphite tape used as a surface) I noticed a lot of crystals, but some so “aggressive” that even the graphite melted somewhat. And I thought I found something. Of course I conducted tests and it turned out to be salt; this fluid turned out to be a saline solution. Nothing else inside.

“So I continued… So in the first sample there was nothing found, everything dried up, and even the salt couldn’t be noticed anymore… so the composition of the fluid varies.”

  • Second CV Sample: “In the second sample I found a lot of crystals. And here we can see the results: They consist of sodium (Na) and chloride (Cl). This is what we call regular cooking salt. So the fluid contains only a saline solution. But I was searching for something else, and as always I have found something. And I found this:”

“This is what I found: ‘The Thing’”

“Where is my marker? We need to write ‘that something’ down with big and bold letters.”

“I continued my studies, and conducted tests. What is that thing? It seems to have a head and three legs. I conducted tests, of the head(1) and (2),(3),(4) and those are the results: It’s aluminum and carbon …excuse me, I got my tool.”

“The faint-hearted ones may leave the room.”

“No, without jokes.”

“The results of the following tests are: aluminum, bromine, and carbon. That means that ‘something’ has its legs in different colors. Here we have the test results of that ‘thing’. [holds a demonstration object] This is 1/10th of it. If the head here is 2mm, then the legs/tapes are 25m. The head 2mm, and the tapes 25m. Like that.”

“And I’m thinking: ‘What kind of being is that?’ Is ‘the thing’ something like this creature with claws that kills people? Or something that is shown in “The Matrix” that flies, and has tentacles, and attaches itself to other things?”


“That ‘thing’ is this here.”

“Here you have it on the photo. COVID-19 vaccines.”

“Welcome friends. This is ‘The Thing’ which I tested in those samples.”

“Yes? Shocked?”

“That ‘thing’ is being given to people in the vaccines, but in eggs. I was searching for its eggs. And they should have a suitable environment. If the injection is tested on a bare dish, nothing happens, and the eggs couldn’t be found. Perhaps they weren’t inside the injection, because some of them are pure saline solutions.”

“But if tested on a graphite tape… That’s why there’s graphene added inside the vaccines which nourishes the eggs.”

“And dear vaccinated ladies and gentlemen, you may faint now… Something like that is going to develop inside of you.”

“And the head is going to have 20 microns [µ], and the length 2.5mm (the tentacles).”

“This is a life form.”

“And now you should ask yourself… Too little? Coincidence… Franc just got it?… even a blind squirrel finds an acorn sometimes…”

“I marked the vials number 1, 2, and 3. Only in the third one was “that thing” inside. And it grew/developed 4 days. Then it is put into a sputtering chamber. There the temperature is high, so that the graphite is sputtered, so the electric arc burns.”

“Another one! If it was only one… but here we can see another one… We can see the head and legs coming out of it. The scale is 30 microns [µ].”

“The ‘thing’ has found fertile ground. And here we have “that thing”, it’s smiling at us. Here is the head and here the tentacles. Here is another one, and the colorful tentacles. And it is made of aluminum and carbon. Do we know any aluminum-based lifeforms?”

“We do now. The majority of people already have it inside of their bodies. The majority that took it voluntarily…”

“I am very happy that we gathered here and that I could present to you ‘that thing’”.

“And again ‘the thing’ inside of another sample. Is this a plant? Dust? ‘A being’ given to people in eggs in a fertile/suitable environment. Somewhere close by there might be some sort of signal which caused that being to start living. Just as pinecone seeds won’t grow unless they will be in a suitable environment on fertile ground, the same ‘that thing’ seems to not be moving. It may be dormant/sleeping.”

“Who is willing to have ‘that’ inside of you?”

“Many of you have already chosen and received it… Welcome. I hope it won’t be activated.”

“Let us continue with the next tests and points. Here we have aluminum-based lifeforms. Do we know any aluminum-based lifeforms? I’m asking the smartest representatives of this world. Let them present it… but not in secret.”

“This is the end of a tentacle/leg. The way it is build, it’s not jagged. It is built like that. It ends with a paw… And it is made of aluminum. 100% aluminum. We now have aluminum-based beings which are inside of us. [Dr. Zalewski corrects himself at a later time claiming that the end of the tentacle is carbon-based instead of aluminum-based.]”

“Here we have 10 microns and this is the leg. The length of this beings’ leg is around 2.5mm.”

“This is only life… but different. Will it be benevolent?”

“Perhaps we should hang up a poster somewhere here… For everyone to surrender to euthanasia voluntarily?”

“The criminals of this world… you hear well…”

“Those are the results of the tests: It is made of carbon. Excuse me, I meant carbon, not aluminum, but the end is made of carbon only. I made a mistake.”

“This is the brand that is manufacturing this ‘healing potion’ for our happiness and well-being. [shows slide of Pfizer vaccines]. This is from this brand.”

“And now it’s worth to ask, why some people get an injection with only a saline solution, and why some get something else – eggs.”

“But this is not for me to find out. I’m a seeker of the truth, but not of this world. This world, we have to realize, is almost already lost.”

“Just look at the statistics. How many people have already taken it.”

“Yes, we do have a lot of bacteria and viruses which we have to cope with. And we continue to live. But no one was giving them to us artificially. Now, the majority took it voluntarily.”

“Do you want to have a being like that inside of you? It has pretty colors, one can take care of it… But it hasn’t been created to just sit there and to do nothing. It also wants to live and multiply… you need to realize that.”

“And this is not a hedgehog and also not a sea urchin.”

“This is a swab brush for collecting DNA samples. This is a little swab brush for swabbing samples from the mouth, or from the other side like in China.”

“Why is the swab brush built like that? Each ending is melted/sealed. It’s not cut off, it’s melted. I have analyzed the ends, as well as the side walls. Here we have the side wall, and here is the melted end. The swab brush contains titanium, aluminum, and carbon.”

“You need to realize that this is about collecting DNA. I was on the airport… and as I was walking by there it was officially written: “Central DNA Database”. And there they are taking samples.”

“The swab test’s purpose is to collect DNA. Why do they need our DNA? I’m inviting you to find out. I’m joking, we won’t be taking a break now.”

“But who is interested in it? To those that are interested in it, I’m happy that you are here today. The room is filled but… There should have been one million of you here today.”

“But perhaps there? Behind the screen there will be one million of you, who will learn about all this.”

What the video here

Dr. Carrie Madej (who previously claimed nanotechnology existed in vaccines) also claimed to have found a similar living parasite in both Moderna and Johnson & Johnson vaccine vials.

Read the full report here

Despite nanotechnology’s existence, nanotechnology is not used into COVID-19 concoctions, although RFID microchips may soon become our mandated “vaccine passports” [digital health information] of the future, according the Klaus Schwab and other influential globalists.

More realistic dangers exist in coronavirus vaccines such as

  • contaminates during manufacturing
  • quality of ingredients used
  • potential toxicity of inactive ingredients
  • long term effects of synthetic lipids
  • long term immune system function after consistent mRNA therapy


Reuters has denied these findings, claiming “COVID-19 vaccines do not contain live immortal creatures, experts say”. They did not mention the COVID-19 vaccine vials.

“[T]his is just nonsense and not worthy of even considering,” Dr. Amesh Adalja, a senior scholar with Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security, told Reuters in an email. “It is not possible that the vaccines contain live parasitic agents. This is an arbitrary claim and ignores the sterility steps that are in place.” Dr. Adalja did not mention internationally manufactured ingredients, nor the vaccine vials themselves.

The result should not be a debate against whether lifeforms exist inside of COVID-19 vaccines, but the possibility that contaminates, impurities, or parasitic organisms could enter the vials do to the quality of the internationally sourced ingredients used, or the manufacturing process.

The FDA’s History of Recall

Particulates and other matter often contaminates ingredients used in American vaccines and other forms of medicine.

The following list contains a few recalled vaccines containing the same ingredient, “Tromethamine”, found in Pfizer-BioNTech’s newly updated version of Comirnaty, authorized as of October 29th, 2021, for use in children aged five to eleven. The reason these vaccines were recalled was due to manufacturing contamination.

COVID-19 Vial Contamination

Japan also had many instances of “vaccine vial contamination”. The manufacturers insist the contaminates derived from the sealed rubber topper.

Johnson & Johnson

Johnson & Johnson have also failed to provide sanitary conditions to create vaccines, in an FDA inspected laboratory. One can only imagine the conditions that exist in international medical manufacturing facilities.

Could the same potential for contamination exist in preservative-free concoctions, like COVID-19 vaccines vials?


Should Americans be concerned with the conditions of the manufacturing plant that is responsible for producing the ingredients used by pharmaceutical companies Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna?

What can be quickly written off as a “conspiracy theory”, can also be seen as a potential indication of manufacturing quality oversight. Although vaccine distributors can often purchase ingredients from international supplies at 2/3 of the cost of domestically produced ingredients, is the small profit worth the risk?

The FDA does not have accessibility to the manufacturing plants used for many modern medications and their ingredients made in foreign countries, such as that of China. For this reason, contamination is a real possibility that should be acknowledged before mandating an experimental vaccination under emergency use authorization for all ages. The future health and well being of our nation depends on the quality of the imported medicine used in America’s medical products. Should vaccine manufacturers be held accountable for the quality and origin or their ingredients?


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