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Letitia James Runs for Governor of New York

Letitia James, a Brooklyn native and the first woman of color to hold citywide office, aims to become the first Black female governor in America. Letitia James posted her intention to run for governor of New York in 2022.

She will run against nemesis Kathy Hochul, the current standing progressive governor of New York. In 2021, Kathy Hochul was promoted and sworn in after the resignation of Andrew Cuomo following the investigations of sexual misconduct. Kathy Hochul previously used deceptive tactics weaponizing religion to persuade New Yorkers to get vaccinated.

Letitia James oversaw the details of Andrew Cuomo’s entire investigation, which further enhanced her political repertoire, proving her a formidable candidate. Her experience also arms her with information against the former governor, removing any potential chance for Cuomo’s attempt at another position of power within the state of New York.

“I’m running for governor of New York because I have the experience, vision, and courage to take on the powerful on behalf of all New Yorkers,” Ms. James announced on Twitter

The two candidates have already started raising funds, and grabbing press shots for their candidacy. The humanitarian race is on, as both Hochul and James seek to win over the left leaning progressive population of New York.

The difference between Letitia James and Kathy Hochul is that Letitia James’ most recent media coverage showed New Yorkers that James will not stand for internal corruption. While her goals may have been self motivated, they symbiotically helped bring some form of justice to the crimes of New York’s previous governor.

Since sworn into power, Kathy Hochul has patronized the citizens of New York to align with her profitable agenda, ensuring she procures votes next election. Kathy Hochul’s rise to power was contingent upon to fall of former corrupt governor Andrew Cuomo. Kathy Hochul was not elected as governor of New York by the people, and because of this, stands as a threat to our democracy.

New York’s next election will be the determining factor behind improving the infrastructure of the state. Following the pandemic’s devastation upon the city of New York, as well as the state, the next governor must be the driving force behind its rejuvenation. Will Letitia James become the next governor of New York? Could her reign be an improvement over the current standing party?

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