New York

Kathy Hochul Becomes First Female Governor of New York

Kathy Hochul was sworn in Tuesday, as former corrupt governor Andrew Cuomo stepped down, after criminal evidence was obtained showing Cuomo was guilty of Sexual Misconduct after a full investigation.

Kathy Hochul is the 45th female governor in the 245-year history of the US, according to data by the Center for American Women and Politics (CAWP) at Rutgers University.

While only 31 U.S. states have had female governors, Kathy Hochul has now become New York’s first woman governor.

Image Source: CNN

27% of seats in the current Congress are women, and 18% of governors are women. This is the highest percentage in America’s history.

“The biggest one is the perception that the leadership qualities that one needs to be a governor (or a President) are not ones that women possess,” said Debbie Walsh, CAWP’s director. “The image of a governor (or President) is still male with gendered stereotypes of how men lead — decisive, authoritative, the place where the buck stops.”

“One of the advantages that Kathy Hochul will have coming in is that she will have 18 months to prove that her style of leadership is effective and show voters a different image of who can be a governor,” Walsh said. “We have seen this as a successful model for other women governors.”

The citizens of New York can only hope to see an improvement in the State, now that the focus of Cuomo’s errors no longer take precedence to its much needed infrastructure improvements, among other things. Despite politically she may identify as a liberal progressive, New York may now have a better perspective with a woman in power, and may be exactly what the State needs to clean up the mess and devastation to New York and it’s economy, that Cuomo aided in destroying over the past year.

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