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The Case For Ivermectin

The federal government does not want you to believe that ivermectin can be used as a coronavirus treatment, or a preventative measure. The FDA even has published an article with a list of reasons why it shouldn’t be ingested by humans, including that “available data do[es] not show ivermectin is effective against COVID-19”

This is all part of the more elaborate propaganda-based agenda for “the great reset” and to execute New World Order, financing major pharmaceutical companies and the global elites.

As long as there is “no alternative” to the coronavirus vaccine, the current manufacturers are allowed to monopolize the health industry.

Propaganda Against Ivermectin

For the average American who subscribes and trusts their News Outlet of choice to provide them with actual News and genuine information, ivermectin seems like an outrageous thing to ingest. With all the conflicting information, is it even meant for humans?

Dr. Fauci’s August response regarding the rise in popular coronavirus treatment ivermectin “Don’t do it” he added “there’s no evidence whatsoever that it works and it could potentially have toxicity with people who have gone to poison control centers because they’ve taken the drug at a ridiculous dose and wind up getting sick,” he said. “There’s no clinical evidence that indicates that this works.”

The New York Times published an article titled “Some Americans ignore warnings against using ivermectin to treat Covid.”

The FDA even published a FAQ about taking ivermectin to combat COVID-19, along with a tweet saying “You are not a horse. You are not a cow. Seriously, y’all. Stop it.”

The FDA also sent a letter to its stakeholders stating “Do Not Use Ivermectin Intended for Animals as Treatment for COVID-19 in Humans”

What is Ivermectin?

Ivermectin is made from dirt.

Ivermectin—a derivative of avermectin—originated solely from a single microorganism, isolated at the Kitasato Intitute in Tokyo, Japan from Japanese soil. Since it’s inception it has had an “immeasurably beneficial impact in improving the lives and welfare of billions of people throughout the world.” according to the National Institute of Health.

Human Use

Ivermectin’s role in human medicine effectively began in April 1978 inside the Merck company, several years before the drug emerged on the Animal Health market.” states the NIH.

A study published during 2004 in Brazil, used locally produced ivermectin, and studied the impact on “internal helminthes” and “parasitic skin diseases”. The researchers concluded that “mass treatment with ivermectin was an effective and safe means of reducing the prevalence of most of the parasitic diseases prevalent in a poor community in North-East Brazil. The effects of treatment lasted for a prolonged period of time”.

This study also represented the first published report of human medical intervention using ivermectin that had not been produced by the hitherto traditional manufacturer, Merck & Co. Inc., the patent on the drug expiring in 1997.

Off Label Use

“Not surprisingly, public health specialists worldwide are now calling for greater and more extensive use of ivermectin, labelling MDA of the ‘wonder drug’ quite simply as “an underutilized public health strategy”. In response, the Kitasato Institute has initiated a global collaboration to investigate all properties and potential of a range of ivermectin analogues, both individually and in combination, particularly with a view to having a ready-made alternative should resistance to current ivermectin monotherapy ever threaten ongoing disease elimination campaigns.” – National Institute of Health

The Case For Ivermectin

Here is a compilation of data and evidence showing that ivermectin works:

It’s Nobel Prize Winning

Ivermectin has won a Nobel Prize for use in humans. Ivermectin was later tested in humans with parasitic infections and effectively killed parasite larvae (microfilaria) (Figure 3). Collectively, Ōmura and Campbell’s contributions led to the discovery of a new class of drugs with extraordinary efficacy against parasitic diseases.”

Image Source:

William C. Campbell discovered that one of Ōmura’s Streptomyces cultures was very effective in killing off parasites and the active compound, Avermectin, was purified. Avermectin was further modified to Ivermectin, which turned out to be highly effective in both animals and humans against a variety of parasites, including those that cause River Blindness and Lymphatic Filariasis.

It’s FDA Approved

Unlike the newly approved Pfizer Vaccine, and the other two “Emergency Use Authorization” vaccines, Ivermectin has been FDA approved and prescribed since 1987.

There has been over three decades of clinical research documented using Ivermectin, and the FDA has deemed the substance a “wonder drug” and claimed Ivermectin is “underutilized”.

Tokyo Recommends Invermectin

Tokyo’s Medical Assoc. Chairman recommended ivermectin to all doctors, and COVID patients.

The American Journal Published Report of Successful Trials

The American Journal of Therapeutics reported “Meta-analysis of 15 trials found that ivermectin reduced risk of death compared with no ivermectin (average risk ratio 0.38, 95% confidence interval 0.19–0.73; n = 2438; I2= 49%; moderate-certainty evidence)”

An online database of ivermectin studies show overall improvement in patients who used ivermectin to combat COVID-19. Out of the 63 controlled studies—involving 26,398 patients—there was an overall:

  • 86% improvement when used as a preventative treatment [14 trials]
  • 69% improvement for early treatment [27 trials]
  • 40% improvement for late treatment [22 trials]
  • 58% improvement in preventing mortality [25 trials]
  • 60% improvement in randomized controlled trials [31 trials]

India Uses Ivermectin

According to a report by the FLCCC, coronavirus cases in India have dropped significantly since they started using ivermectin after they were denied the blueprint to create their own COVID vaccinations.

Currently three major American pharmaceutical companies [Moderna, Pfizer-BioNTech, and Johnson & Johnson] and one English company [AstraZeneca] monopolize our global health system.

Image Source:

This has pushed other countries without enough vaccinations, or the ability to make their own, to take alternative measures, such as taking ivermectin.

India used ivermectin to flatten the curve. This could be the cause for the sudden drop in cases proceeding August 2021.

Argentina Uses Ivermectin

Other countries, such as Argentina has used ivermectin to flatten the curve of COVID-19 cases.

Significant reduction in infections occurred post ivermectin treatments from 2020-2021. Ivermectin helped reopen Argentina’s economy, while keeping infection rates low, during 2021.


Ivermectin is not suggested because it prevents major pharmaceutical companies from monopolizing their vaccines on coronavirus. This diverts finances away from 2030 globalist agenda.

There may be side effects in larger doses, however if taken in the proper amount, data suggests it is much healthier than other alternatives such as Remdesivir.

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