Associated Press Issues Correction on Ivermectin

Associated Press, founded in 1846, is a legendary news outlet responsible for sourcing many news articles, as well as taking the famous Iwo Jima photo. They are responsible for the respected Associated Press Stylebook that many journalists follow as their standard.

However, in an article from August 24, titled, “Livestock medicine doesn’t work against COVID, doctors warn,” the AP falsely reported that 70 percent of Mississippi’s poison control calls were related to Ivermectin.

The story was later corrected to reveal that only 2% of recent calls to Mississippi Department of Health were related to ingesting ivermectin, to treat COVID-19.

That is a 3400% inflated increase in the actual number number of cases, as readers and news sources were led to believe ivermectin was a highly toxic poison when ingested. In actuality celebrities like Joe Rogan, and Alex Jones, and the entire country of India, have successfully used ivermectin to prevent coronavirus without negative consequence.

Could big pharmaceutical companies be trying to control the global medical narrative in an attempt to mislead to public to boost vaccine revenue? Is there no other possible alternative than taking a coronavirus vaccine? As the monopoly of major pharmaceutical COVID-19 vaccines begins to fade, what other measures will the government start take to ensure their mandates stay relevant?

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