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Remdesivir is an antiviral medication originally developed to treat Hepatitis C, and researched for use in Ebola virus, and Marburg virus. Historically, the drug has been known to cause low biomarkers, reducing organ function, most noticeably effecting the liver.

Remdesivir, (Veklury) is already approved by the FDA in the United States for use against COVID-19, however this approval is only for patients who are already hospitalized. Remdesivir was used on “critical condition” patients—including those on ventilators—early in the pandemic.

Pandemic Implementation

During the “first wave” of coronavirus, many patients were diagnosed for the virus using faulty PCR tests, before being quarantined or hospitalized for symptoms.

Remdesivir was part of the hospital guidelines for critical condition COVID-19 patients admitted to hospitals early in the pandemic. Remdesivir is known to cause organ malfunction, and death in its recipients.

It was notated in Dr. Fauci’s Emails, that Remdesivir was being given to critical condition patients—especially in Italy and China—during early 2020. I have noticed a striking difference in mortality by CoV-19 in different countries. China and Italy have a mortality that’s at least 6-fold higher than South Korea.

Organ Damage Data

A reduction in organ function is also evident in Clinical trials, as shown below. The conclusion shown that the four substances tested “may have significant hepatic toxicity” with “several closely related compounds show significant nephortoxicity”

Modern Remdesivir Trials

Gilead Sciences conducted a study using 562 participants found that out of all patients enrolled into the Clinical Trial, Remdesivir cut the hospitalization risk by 87 percent. This study was compared against a placebo that half of the study participants received.

Now remdesivir is being touted as an “FDA-approved antiviral therapy proven to be safe and effective in the treatment of people hospitalized with COVID-19.”

“These latest data show remdesivir’s potential to help high-risk patients recover before they get sicker and stay out of the hospital altogether,” Dr. Robert Gottlieb, a cardiologist at Baylor University Medical Center and Baylor Scott & White Research Institute, said in a statement released by the company.

“No clinical benefit was observed from the use of remdesivir in patients who were admitted to hospital for COVID-19, were symptomatic for more than 7 days, and required oxygen support,” researchers wrote in The Lancet last week.

Now that Remdesivir is being repurposed, and portrayed as “safe and effective treatment for COVID-19” by the FDA, using a different name “Veklury”, will Americans be the ones who pay the price, with long-term health effects from this toxic concoction? Is the existence of coronavirus an opportunity for Major Pharmaceutical companies to cash in on the American economy, while funneling tax dollars towards the global 2030 agenda?

Since its development for use with coronavirus, it has been shown to be ineffective. With Remdesivir’s quiet history of toxicity to viral organs, how can the FDA consider this “safe and effective”, especially for critical condition patients? Wouldn’t a patient who died from Remdesivir be recorded as a “COVID-19 Death”?

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