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The Digital Cultural Revolution

What is the Digital Cultural Revolution?

Conspiracy theories. Misinformation. Disinformation. Rightist thought. Individualism. These words are used to denounce modern thought crimes against the new information regime being unleashed upon America.

The punishment? Censorship, deplatforming, and demonetization. Modern society has been slowly become convinced that alternative thoughts to the mainstream narrative are dangerous and should not be publicly spoken, for the safety and security of others. Who is behind this manipulative way of thinking? Where else was this way of thinking used?

During Mao’s reign, labeling anyone a landlord, individualist, bourgeois, capitalist, revisionist, religious, or even the notion to coexist on the same earth with conflicting ideologies was enough to tarnish one’s reputation, branding them a “traitor”. 

Traitors were sentenced according to the severity of these crimes. This resulted in horrific torture, extreme public humiliation, mass execution, inhumane isolation, or reform through continuous labor until collapse from exhaustion. During the Soviet Union, these labor reform camps where resistance was sentence were called “gulags”, in Communist China, however they were referred to as “laogai”.

As the modernization of American technology continues to progress, the communism’s spectre has begun to appear in many forms across social media, the main method of modern communication. These technology driven companies have chosen a political stance to adhere and judge the behavior of its users. That political stance happens to align with America’s attempt at the modern iteration of socialism.

American Censorship

Although the ability to censor in America exists digitally, it has the opportunity to materialize itself, and effect the life of the individual depending on how far the user deviates from the predetermined methods of thinking. As this continues, more reform will occur leading America into a focused state of thinking. While every single one of these focuses may be human rights goals worth attaining, they are mere distractions for gaining our consensual attention and taking action to enforce the cultural reform. What has begun virtually has spread into social circles, and influenced educational institutions. Could this be Xi Jinping’s conscious plan?

Thought reform in America is underway, and it starts with digital suppression. First it is the what you are allowed to type. Then it is what you are allowed to say. Soon it becomes what you are allowed to do. Beyond that lies communism, or control of individual liberties to provide more economic opportunities and profit for the state.

Slowly more and more aspects of individualist society and diverse views have begun becoming regulated. Users can even “report” other users for “misinformation”. Who decides what is classified as factual information? Should each individual be allowed to think for themselves without interference from the state, or a central authority? While social media operate as companies, they allow themselves to create their own personal view of paradise, suppressing others [non-discriminatory] views. In America, many international conversations, businesses and social interactions rely on having full functionality of the social media platform, contaminated by Big Tech’s Maoist influenced digital-thought-reform campaign. Are law abiding individual liberties a danger to society? Should personal freedom of speech be company regulated? Should any U.S. company have physical control over consensual virtual interaction between parties? 

What constitutes basic censorship?Surely some things should be censored. There are a variety of vile things that most of humanity wishes to never see, and for this censorship becomes a necessity. Content which breaks U.S. law, and other violent or extremely graphic content, is rightfully censored. Beyond that, the censorship is based upon person interpretation of the mainstream political narrative. At some point, a line needs to be drawn. Should one party decide which non-discriminative thoughts are offensive, and what is politically allowed to be posted online? Should citizens be suppressed, persecuted, and banned for speaking against the state? 

Once the momentum of mass censorship began, it has become increasingly difficult for a large group of individuals from different backgrounds and cultures to determine whose thoughts should be censored. In modern America, the algorithm that determines which content should be flagged, has a politically left leaning progressive filter, creating a bias toward personal thought. Is this the beginning of individual thought reform? 

With American social media, failure to align with the narrative set in place by international standards created for the platform, results in deplatforming and demonetization. This leaves many alternative thinking individuals outcast from society. Should non-violent thoughts which speak against the narrative be subject to persecution?

Socialist Media

There are countless instances of non-violent speech suppression de-platformed simply for pushing against a narrative. In actuality, the platform removes the ability for a discussion, giving the user opportunity to argue with those who may disagree with the spoken narrative of the regulations. The goal being to purge the Internet of those who think differently, hold different values, or follow a strict religious ideology. Should users willing be allowed to debate conflicting viewpoints whether through multimedia, or conversation? Sure talk radio, music, and television has always had censorship. But these were never [thankfully] methods of everyday communication in modern America. So what constitutes freedom of speech if digital conversation, or digital media speaks an alternative direction?

Communism, or collectivism, allows a population to focus on a single narrative, and specific goals set in place by a leader. Social media, is frightening designed in a similar way. As social media has become the main method of communication in America, hundreds of millions of people rely on it for work, business, news, entertainment, keeping in touch with families and friends. As technology continues to progress, our country will fall even more reliant on social media platforms. Already in today’s society, being banned from a specific platform can have detrimental consequences. What happens when all of society becomes digitally reliant? 

Car services, grocery delivery services, product delivery services, already use apps in order to connect the user with the services. In the future, users may find themselves banned from these necessary services, simply due to social media behavior. With the incoming wave of artificial intelligence (AI) over the next decades, imagine a future where in order to buy food one must adhere to a specific narrative, even if they choose not to believe that way, for the sake of the platform’s regulations.

Digital Communism

Digital communism is silently emerging into America through social media regulations. Sometimes, these regulations influence citizens to act as a materialized extension of the algorithm, dictating what should and should not be thought, outcasting those with conflicting views that the allowed norm. 

At some point one must ask themselves, who is responsible for the influence of these politically left leaning algorithms? Could these standards be adhering to Xi Jinping’s ideologies through the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)? Has CCP thought reform found its way through the digital pipeline, seeping its way into America? Are those brainwashed and influenced by “woke” culture simply enforcing communist thought reform and ostracizing those who speak at their own will? For individualism cannot exist among collectivism. As Mao stated, even the suggestion to willingly coexist with capitalist countries, such as America, is revisionist and anti-communist. Mao believed in constant revolution, where as Xi Jinping has quietly revived that approach, applying Maoist thought reform to the digital realm. Following Xi’s internet suppression, American social media platforms have begun to apply these tactics to U.S. citizens, encouraging digital collectivism, dividing society, and encouraging neighbors to report acts against their virtual regime. 

In modern America, new-age socialism is idealized, as the utopian dream is selectively revived, disregarding the devastation that took tens of millions of countless lives, and overlooking the physical laogai [Chinese labor reform camps] that are in operation today, some even existing under the guise of American name brand electronics, medicines, or ingredients that are regularly consumed.

Thought Reform

Mao’s Chinese Communist Partydenounced those who resisted the regime’s oppression as “rightists”. This strategy is applied today to all Americans who choose to defy to mainstream narrative.

During the ‘people’s liberation’ of China, Mao spread the idea that “silence is violence [against the party]”. Chinese citizens were forced to show their commitment to communism, and their devotion to Mao, who could be publicly accused of no wrong. Freedom of speech was as high a crime of freedom of silence, influencing poems and songs, which extended to all aspects of society. Maoist thought, was distributed throughout China displaying quotes, which were played over loudspeakers throughout China. This enforced Maoist thought. 

Today, the loudspeakers have been replaced with filtered and selective online posts, amplifying a narrative. Conflicting ideas are removed. Users are unknowingly brainwashed into a specific perspective or ideology due to the particular content consistently shown throughout the platform’s feed.

While America is the inversion of Mao’s communist regime, its presence is evident online, as social media platforms choose to cater to the globalization of their platform, increasing revenue from increased users. Speaking against communism, could be financially devastating if a platform was not allowed to operate in communist countries. Instead, the networks cater to leftist ideology which has recently begun realigning it’s political attributes with socialist ideology. 

Modern Socialism

In modern America, “socialism” is conveniently supplemented for the term “civil rights”, when in actuality it is anything but. Socialism is a deceptive and misleading seed that is planted into its followers, offerzing promise of a perfect utopia where all needs will be addressed. 

In actuality, socialism forces society to work towards to common goal, which everyone at an individual level does not agree to. This quickly becomes oppressive, as those who oppose the system are re-educated through various methods, such as labor, which historically make little sense, beyond to mentally break down resistance to forced compliance or extinction.


Controlling the will of humanity in the name of the state, is an evil ideology that inevitably results in mass human oppression and the destruction of individual liberty. Is this method of human control being applied digitally across social media? Should Americans be forcibly subject to communist thought reform via catering digital speech to the algorithm of social media? Hardworking law abiding tax-paying Americans can only hope for the ability to continue to produce free thoughts, free speech, and free ideas, no matter the cost. Free speech within the bounds of American law is not a crime, and should not be treated as digital prisoners. As citizens are persecuted for discussing a harmless particular non-discriminative idea or perspective, the normality of online interaction is regulated to satisfaction. Through the emergence of digital communism, regulated speech has slowly begun to infect our nation. Free speech and free press should never be suppressed, for that is the principle of the diversity of America. Citizens should be given the decency and respect to choose what they wish to discuss online within means of U.S. law. The freedom of individuality without consequence, is what makes America the greatest, and freest country in the world.


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