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The Crucial Communism Teaching Act

Move over Critical Race Theory, there’s a new history being pushed alongside for education in classrooms, educating students on the history of real world implementation of the utopian ideologies of socialism and its evolution to the inevitable form of communism.

Representatives and Senators drafted legislation to combat the newly revived enthusiasm for “socialism” among America’s youth. Even some U.S. senators state representatives support modernized forms of socialism. Is weaving socialism into the American dream, something that can be controlled?

The “Crucial Communism Teaching Act1, introduced by Congresswoman Salazar2

“The CCT Act framework is inspired by the Never Again Education Act, passed by the 116th Congress, which created an analogous program to educate American students about the Holocaust through the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum.”

“The bill also continues similar efforts by Florida Governor Ron DeSantis to educate American students on the failed experiment of communism throughout history.”

America is the freest, most prosperous country in the world. In one generation, my parents went from fleeing communist Cuba to seeing their daughter represent thousands of other exiles in the United States Congress,” said Congresswoman Maria Elvira Salazar. “The Castro regime claims that they’ve created a system of equality on the island. But the only equality that communism guarantees is being equally poor, equally hungry, and equally oppressed. The Crucial Communism Teaching Act will ensure that our future generations understand the tragic and gruesome history of communism. We must do everything in our power to preserve America’s founding principles of freedom, opportunity, and democracy. The fight to safeguard the American dream for generations to come starts here.”

Senator Dan Crenshaw also a proponent of the bill spoke at the event, as well as posted on Facebook stating3

“Communism kills. But how many young people actually know that? This bill changes that, giving teachers and schools the tools they need to teach the truth about communism. Thanks…”

Socialism is something that begins by enabling government intervention and control to all aspects of civilization and life. This often is touted as for “security” and “safety”, however results in a command economy, and oppression against the people. Socialism brainwashes it’s followers with the idealistic perspective that humanity is inherently good, and that equality can be achieved through the division of personal property. From Mao’s suggestions “if there is money, it should be shared by all, if there is food it should be eaten by all.” left China in an oppressed state, giving total control to the Chinese Communist Party. What began as a belief in an equal community, soon resulted in a the control and reform of many citizens, whether through re-education, exile, or execution. 

With emerging new technology, many future products have began working on a subscription based service. In major cities, many citizens rely on delivery services, taxis, subway, and bike rentals, never needing to own a vehicle for travel or transportation of goods. As our economy becomes more reliant on the emergence of new technology, we also pose vulnerability to being blacklisted from these services to which are required for daily life.

It might be difficult to imagine being banned from shopping on websites like from speaking against the party, however this soon may be a reality in America, depending on the resistance of the modern populous. American government may soon have the power to “ban” someone from working, traveling, medical care, and basic civil rights, as many seek to give them the power to do so. Implementations like Mark Zuckerberg’s “metaverse” may one day replace zoom meetings, in many cases end up being more efficient that what we currently consider reality. If this happens, American citizens will quickly find themselves digitally accessible for mass control, thought reform, and re-education similar to historic communist regimes.

The answer, according to officials leading the new revolution against these historically deceptive and oppressive ideologies is to educate America and it’s youth, on the tragedies behind the oppressive ideologies within the Soviet Union, People’s Republic of China, Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, and other “utopian” government nightmares. What starts as a liberation of the people, ends in totalitarian regime. America is a country where ideologies and individualities are not sacrificed at the expense of forced collectivism. It is a place where citizens are free to think for themselves, and exist how they please, contributing what they wish, in whatever form they please to society.

By understanding the history of communism, one can appreciate the liberties given in America. Although it is easy to take for granted the freedoms you may have at this time, imagine a world with rules built on historically evil ideologies responsible for the tragic death of tens of millions of people. People who experienced things more horrifying than most people are capable of imagining.

“As Winston Churchill once said, ‘those that fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it’,” Congresswoman Victoria Spartz said“We have to remind our future generations of the millions of lives destroyed by communism around the world and the importance of being vigilant to keep our Republic free and strong.”

Will the “Crucial Communism Teaching Act” contribute to the fight against the Digital Cultural Revolution currently influencing American media, advertisers, and as a result the user’s digital social allowed interaction? Has the utopian promise of socialist-communism begun its quiet infiltration into the minds of America?1

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