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COVID-19 Microchips: Implantable Health Surveillance

COVID-19 microchips were predicted in August 2021 to be the next iteration of health surveillance: A tiny RFID microchip implanted between the thumb and the index finger, functioning as a “vaccine passport” in order to efficiently verify coronavirus vaccination status. Now unfolding in 2022, those predictions have horrifyingly manifested into a series of products which can integrate COVID-19 analytics, and vaccine status into a small implantable device.

These products aim to increase the efficacy of COVID-19 testing and prevention. These devices will be inserted into the forearm arm, allowing mobile device connectivity to vaccine information. Additional technologies have begun their development such as COVID-19 blood-filtering devices and covid detecting microchips.

As vaccine passports have now become a normal implementation into society throughout major cities, many who have received the COVID-19 vaccine find the cards to be a nuisance. Paper Vaccine Cards issued by the CDC, do not fit into standard wallets, leaving many patients to take pictures using their phones. Although this is easier, it does leave opportunity for forgery. By simply taking a photograph of another user’s vaccine passport, one can avoid the vaccine mandate all together. For those who have a valid passport, must spend time swiping through photographs searching for the one specific photo of their passport.

These security vulnerabilities and inconveniences have opened up an entire new industry which addresses these issues. Although many Americans fear COVID-19 detecting microchip implants, many welcome the innovative feature as another way to simplify the decision to allow a traditional social experience.

COVID-19 Implantable Technology

COVID-19 implants, although not yet fully normalized, have begun appearing in various countries and companies, since the initial outbreak. The technology which was once used to “open locked doors without a key,” can now be used to ensure compliance with COVID-19 mandates and restrictions.

VeriChip – On November 6th, 2004, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has already approved similar technology. VeriChip, is an implantable radiofrequency identification (RFID) device for patients, enabling doctors to access medical records created by Applied Digital Systems.

“We foresee that scanning a patient for a Verichip—as it is a very simple procedure—will be part of the standard patient entry protocol [in an emergency room], such as taking temperature, checking blood pressure, etc,” Angela Fulcher, the company’s vice president for marketing, told the BMJ Publishing Group.

DARPA – In 2017, DARPA also revealed a device that can filter viruses, (like COVID-19) from the blood using a dialysis-like machine deemed the Seraph® 200 Microbind® Affinity Blood Filter (Seraph 200). Although the machine is not implanted, it does rely on the COVID-19 detecting implant.

“Harmful substances are quickly captured and adsorbed onto the proprietary surface and are thereby removed from the bloodstream without adding anything to the blood, which is returned to the patient with blood cells intact.”

CytoSorb – On April 13th 2020, The U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved CytoSorb, by CytoSorbents Inc.1for use under Emergency Use Authorization2 in patients infected with COVID-19. Cytosorb is a device that detects and filters the blood of the infected. The Emergency Use Authorization also allows the availability of CytoSorb through commercial sales to all hospitals in America.

“We’re excited to see this new technology, whose development involved NHLBI support, advance toward clinical use against COVID-19. We hope that it will prove useful in fighting this devastating disease.” said Margaret Ochocinska, Ph.D., a Program Officer involved in funding the development of the CytoSorb device, and a Program Director at NHLBI Division of Blood Diseases and Resources.

DSruptive Subdermals – Swedish company DSruptive Subdermals has come up with a special microchip that can be inserted under skin, allowing users to carry their COVID-19 passports at all times, inside of their arm.

“I have a chip implant in my arm and I have programmed the chip so that I have my Covid passport on the chip and the reason is that I always want to have it accessible and when I read my chip, I just swipe my phone on the chip and then I unlock and it opens up,” said Hannes Sjoblad, managing director of DSruptive Subdermals. This unlocks a PDF version of a vaccine card, displaying the status. “A chip implant costs a hundred euros if you want to buy the more advanced versions, and you can compare this with for example a health wearable that will cost perhaps twice that but at the same time a chip implant you can use for twenty, thirty, forty years. Whereas a wearable you can only use for three, four years,” he added.

“I think it’s very much part of my own integrity to have myself chipped and keep my personal data there with me, I actually feel that it’s even more controlled on my end,” Amanda Back, a Stockholm resident who has implanted the subcutaneous chip developed by DSruptive Subdermals, told Agence France-Presse.

Profusa – On January 28th, 2020 Profusa Received Conformitè Europëenne Mark (CE) of Approval for wireless, real-time monitoring of tissue oxygen in patients. The contraption, deemed the Wireless Lumee® Oxygen Platform, will allowing the real-time surveillance of health and medical data.

DARPA – The Pentagon’s Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency(DARPA) has created and continues to fund the development of implantable microchips to combat COVID-19. 

On April 12, 2021, DARPA developed a microchip capable of detecting COVID-19 infection in an individual. Announcing the technology on 60 minutes, the small green microchip exists inside a clear tissue-like solution, which is injected into the patient. This would allow external surveillance for signs of the coronavirus. DARPA claims the implantable COVID-19 chip will not be able to track patient locations in real-time.

“That tiny green thing in there, you put it underneath your skin and what that tells you is that there are chemical reactions going on inside the body and that signal means you are going to have symptoms tomorrow.”

“It’s like a ‘check engine’ light,” Retired U.S. Colonel Matthew (Matt) Hepburn added.

Epicenter – On December 15th, 2021, Epicenter announced that they had invented what will become the future of vaccine status verification. Small enough to insert directly into the forearm, it will allow the user to verify their status using their mobile device. The company insists ‘“the procedure is completely reversible.”

The Swedish startup has already been using RFID microchip technology for their own business, employees willingly receiving microchip implants to unlock doors to the facility.3

“Right now it is very convenient to have a COVID passport always accessible on your implant.” – Epicenter’s Chief Disruption Officer Hannes Sjöblad told the South China Post4.

What problems could real-time wireless health surveillance pose to personal privacy and individual freedom?

Mandated Microchips

If this COVID-19 microchip implant technology becomes normalized in America, the federal government and the state may soon know our own health better we know ourselves. Once this happens, it will provide vulnerabilities and opportunities for citizens to be removed from society by the government for treatment, without consent to their decision. Civilians deemed a threat to public health could be removed from society, and detained without trial. If these possibilities appear science fiction, consider that legislation like this has already been drafted and placed into New York State congress, before being removed due to the publicly voiced concern of the citizens. 

Assembly Bill A.416

Assembly Bill A.4165 would have allowed the Governor to imprison anyone without trial, who could be ‘considered a threat to public health’. This includes those who refuse to comply with public health measures, or refuse to receive consistent COVID-19 booster vaccinations.

Assembly Bill A4166 “Relates to the removal of cases, contacts and carriers of communicable diseases that are potentially dangerous to the public health.” Related: A.416 Related: Authoritative Legislation

Dangers of a Microchipped Civilization

Are all humans created equal? Just ask the function of microchips. Almost more frightening than the possibility of long-term carcinogenic radiation effects, or other potential health hazards, mass microchip implants pose significant social risks, leading the future of civilization towards a state of totalitarianism upheld by authoritative mandates.

Social Credit. In order to have a functional system of social credit, society must first achieve a dysfunctional state. Unified systems are difficult to control, the reason that forces like the small business, or the American family have been traditionally two of the most resistant forces to tyrannical oppression. Related: Social Credit Scores

Spy on Your Neighbor. Like social media, microchip civilization will also encourage the reporting of those in your network who do not adhere to the predetermined rules on compliance. De-unification ensures the dispersion of the power from the people. How many social credit points would it take, given to one’s family, for one to report a neighbor to the regime for non-compliance?

Hacking and Physical Theft. Microchip implants are susceptible to hacking, or subject to malicious digital sabotage. Physical theft would require the removal of the microchip from inside of the patient, or the removal of the implanted limb entirely, in order to gain access to locks or personal information. As technology becomes more entwined in our bodies, its value and the biological impacts as a result of its loss becomes an increased risk.

Societal Division. Post division of society using COVID-19 vaccine and mask mandates, microchip implants are the next step to achieving a functional and reliable social credit system, further dividing the population into various classes. Starting with vaccination status, microchips will allow the government to create and moderate a social credit system which will restrict those with lower scores from using public resources, making life more difficult for those who resist the government.

Control. Consider entering an indoor space. Instead of being asked to see proof of vaccine card, and to mask-up, citizens who chose not to comply could automatically be highlighted as a risk, and barred from the institution all together. In addition, citizens with restrictions on their microchip would have to pay higher prices for taxes, transit, and other products. A true state of iatrarchy, where one’s liberties are controlled by a bureaucratic regime, demanding compliance at the expense of an ever-changing ambiguous fate.

Imagine a society where being banned on social media for thought-crimes, and having that data translated to an implanted microchip, in order to alert others of your unreliability.

In China, citizens with low social credit scores are publicly shamed by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), including exclusive phone dial tones mandated by authorities to inform callers that they are calling a “dishonest debtor.” Historically the CCP has natural inclination for public humiliation of anyone deemed a counter-revolutionary. Have vaccine passports forced Americans to unknowingly become subject of the beginnings in this technology-assisted discriminative practice of segregation? 
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In cities like New York, citizens must show proof of vaccination in order to gain access to public resources, and most public events. Indoor spaces have returned to enforcing mask mandates, due to immunodeficient civilians, variants which may be potentially vaccine resistant, and to exercise total control. Could 2022 see a unification between biometric implantable microchip technology, and mandated legislation, similar to the experimental implementation of mRNA vaccines? 

With the majority of the population trained to follow despotic state restrictions for the past two years, what is the next iteration of oppressive reform in store from America’s bureaucratic iatrarchy? Will the federal government demand the insertion of COVID-19 detecting or vaccine reporting microchips, in an effort to “flatten the curve” of future coronavirus variants?

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