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Kathy Hochul Proposes Term Restrictions for New York Governors

As Kathy Hochul’s bureaucratic governance comes to a close, many New Yorkers wonder if Hochul will continue her governance, being officially elected for the first time. To ensure that she will be the last ‘three term governor’, and to ensure Hochul herself cannot held responsible for the result of New York, Hochul has proposed a term restriction for all future governors, while banning outside income for statewide elected officials while serving in office1.

In New York, a term is equivalent to four years. New York remains as one of the few states without a term limit for elected governors. With Kathy Hochul’s term restrictions, she will stand to be the last governor to extend past her own two term limit. Governors can run for re-election as many times as they can prove their value to society. Kathy Hochul aims to change this, creating a system which closely parallels U.S. Presidency.

“I want people to believe in their government again.” suggested Hochul.

“With these bold reforms, we will ensure New Yorkers know their leaders work for them and are focused on serving the people of this state.” announced Governor Hochul

History of New York Governors

Historically, governors have always been able to pursue longer than two terms, starting with the first governor of New York. Depending on their contribution to the state, and the city of New York, citizens can elect the governor to rule as many times as they see fit. Kathy Hochul wishes to change these laws so only the actions during the first term matter. A s

  • The first governor of New York, George Clinton, governed for 17 years, 336 days. In modern terms, that’s over four terms.
  • The fourth governor of New York, Daniel D. Tompkins, governed for 9 years, 238 days. In modern terms, that’s over two terms.
  • The fourty-fifth governor of New York, Herbert H. Lehman, governored for 9 years, 336 days.
  • The fourty-seventh governor of New York, Thomas E. Dewey governored for 12 years.
  • The fourty-nineth governor of New York, Nelson Rockefeller, governored for 14 years, 351 days
  • The fifty-second governor of New York, Mario Cuomo, served for twelve years.
  • The fifty-third governor of New York, George Pataki, served for 12 years.
  • The fifty-sixth governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo, served for 10 years, 234 days.

Hochul’s Reign

Although Kathy Hochul has promoted appeal to journalists and more rigorous training of state employees. she has also attempted to deceive the population, aiding in the removal of the individual rights for the greater good of a collectivist society. Hochul has aided in transforming New York into a medical dictatorship, proposing. reviewing, and approving bad legislation throughout her unelected governance.

The Good

While most of Kathy Hochul’s legislation has had primary focus on COVID-19 restrictions, it remains difficult to see her position on a variety of disregarded issues. Upon being sworn in, Hochul signed an executive order requiring all State employees to take multiple ethics training courses upon hiring and throughout their career.2

Freedom of Information Law (FOIL) – Hochul also targeted the appeal of journalists, providing faster access to more public records by reducing the backlog of thousands of FOIL requests.

“Article 6 of the New York State Public Officers Law is known as the Freedom of Information Law (FOIL). This law allows members of the public to request records from New York State or local government agencies. If a record is located in response to your request, the entire record will be made available unless an exemption applies to all or part of it. FOIL only applies to records, and does not require answers to questions.”

A Freedom of Information Law (FOIL) request will process directly through their agency’s General Counsel. In an effort to reduce FOIL requests, Hochul’s executive orders also require state agencies to post commonly requested data.

The Bad

Hochul will be a proponent and an accomplice in the attempt to pass the following 2022 legislation, conforming New York into a medical dictatorship3,

  • Assembly Bill, A8378 – Forced COVID-19 vaccines for those attending school
  • Bill A279a/S75A – All adult vaccine records will be stored into a state database
  • Bill A7829/S6495 – Forced COVID-19 vaccines to attend College
  • Bill A2240/S45 – Forced Flu Shots to attend pre-school and daycare
  • Assembly Bill A8398 – Removes religious exemptions for work and college
  • Bill A3091/S3041 – Eliminates parents consent to shots for children after age 14
  • Bill A822/S931 – Eliminates parents right to consent to STD shots for children of all ages
  • Assembly Bill A.416 (Revoked) – would have allowed the Governor to imprison anyone without trial who is ‘considered a threat to public health’, such as those who refuse to comply with public health measures, or refuse to receive consistent COVID-19 booster vaccinations.
  • Assemblymember Patrick Burke’s upcoming bill which will eliminate unvaccinated people’s access to health insurance

The Ugly

Kathy Hochul has long been a vaccine advocate and a supporter of forced mandates. So much, that Hochul publicly politically weaponized God, stating4,

  • “God has asked me to serve,”
  • “I need you to be my apostles.”
  • “I know you’re vaccinated, you’re the smart ones, but you know there’s people out there who aren’t listening to God and what God wants.”
  • “That [vaccine] is from God to us and we must say, thank you, God. Thank you.”
  • “Jesus taught us to love one another, and how do you show that love but to care about each other enough to say please get the vaccine, because I love you and I want you to live.”

Using God to push a narrative and stating that those who do not follow that narrative are against God is deceptive, harmful to communities, and discriminative. In all forms of religion, God does not demand you receive the coronavirus vaccine, artificial tyrannical distortion does.


Should term limits be imposed on New York Governors? While it may appear that these restrictions deter authoritarianism, they also ensure the second term of the governor’s reign is their last. This means legislation imposed would play no significant risk to their political future. Similar to U.S. Presidents, errors would be passed down to the next candidate who spend most of their first term readjusting society to fit their personal political utopia. The cycle continues, each candidate denouncing the last, diverting blame from the current leader. Is Kathy Hochul’s decision a positive long-term strategy for the state of New York? Or, was it merely developed to exist as the final nail in the coffin for former Governor Cuomo, preventing any possible re-election? Could this measure prevent sincerity during the second term? Would the incentive of potential re-election for more than two terms, create more initiative from the actions of the governor during their second term in office?

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