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Authoritative Legislation: New York State’s Totalitarian Reign

In 2022, New York State will look to pass legislation, further removing the individual rights of the citizens. As other major cities across the nation continue to pass similar legislation, America very well may be in the process of an authoritative takeover. Starting next year New York’s socialist governor Kathy Hochul will impose heavy restrictions against the individual citizens, in an attempt to continue to divide the population, in order to enforce a state of total control.

On January 5th, 2022, multiple pieces of nefarious legislation will be voted upon, allowing supreme control of the individual. While some New Yorkers stand to resist the tyranny of the state, many find it easier to comply rather than effect their everyday lives. As New York legislators seek to gain total power over society, these bills must first be voted upon and passed before they are officially enacted upon the public.

In order to pass many of these measures, those responsible for the legislation becoming a law, ensure that “the restrictions will be only ‘temporary’,” or that “you are a patriot for giving up your American rights”. When in actuality, power in a society is limited, and can only be transferred. By ‘lending’ the government the power of the people, very well may be considered a permanent donation, as when attained, power is not something that is often easily relinquished. What this means is, historically temporary legislation often remains permanent. In just two years, many major cities have transformed into an unrecognizable mutation of their former self, leaving many to wonder if this form could be the new state of America.

New York City

Inside the state, the city of New York has become a warped and distorted remnant of what many remember just two years ago. As the federal government extends the power to the state, mandating that power to small business, citizens are forced to comply with outrageous measures. Simply visiting an indoor facility, like a museum, not only requires proof of full vaccination, but also requires a mask to be worn at all times. Outside, it is more common to see people wearing masks than not. Is COVID-19 outside in the air?

No matter the data, NYC has COVID-19 vaccine propaganda plastered in every subway car, on the face on every citizen in compliance with the state, as they pass by on the street. An angry glare from a masked passerby simply for remaining in the natural human form speaks volumes. Many have grown to comply without question, no matter how ridiculous the request. With Convoys of Buses setting up vaccine stations on street corners wrapped in pro-vaccine campaign slogans, getting vaccinated has begun to feel like New York City’s modern passage into transhumanism.

Authoritative Legislation

On January 5th, 2022 tyrannical authoritative legislation will be voted on, deciding whether to be implemented as part of modern totalitarian society. 

These bills include:

Assembly Bill, A83781: Forced COVID-19 vaccines for those attending school

Assembly Bill, A83782 “Authorizes the commissioner of health to develop and supervise the execution of a program of immunization against COVID-19 for purposes of state aid to schools; requires immunization against COVID-19 for attendance at school.”

Bill A279a3/S75A4: All adult vaccine records will be stored into a state database

Bill A279a5/S75A6Requires a health care provider who administers an immunization to a person nineteen years of age or older to report such information to the department of health or to a regional health information organization unless such person objects to such reporting.”

Bill A78297/S64958: Forced COVID-19 vaccines to attend College

Bill A78299/S649510 “Requires immunization of certain post-secondary students for COVID-19.”

Bill A224011/S4512: Forced Flu Shots to attend pre-school and daycare

Bill A224013/S4514: “Relates to mandatory influenza vaccine for persons attending daycare.”

Assembly Bill A839815: Removes religious exemptions for work and college

Assembly Bill A839816 “Limits exemptions from immunization requirements by local governments and private entities to medical exemptions; repeals religious exemptions for certain post-secondary students.”

Bill A309117/S304118: Eliminates parents consent to shots for children after age 14

Bill A309119/S304120 “Permits any child who is at least fourteen years of age to have administered to himself or herself, regardless of parental consent, certain immunizations required or recommended by law.”

Bill A82221/S93122: Eliminates parents right to consent to STD shots for children of all ages

Bill A82223/S93124 “Provides treatment for sexually transmitted diseases to minors without a parent’s or guardian’s consent; provides definition for health care practitioner.”

Assembly Bill A41625 will allow the Governor to imprison anyone without trial who is ‘considered a threat to public health’, such as those who refuse to comply with public health measures, or refuse to receive consistent COVID-19 booster vaccinations.

Assembly Bill A41626 “Relates to the removal of cases, contacts and carriers of communicable diseases that are potentially dangerous to the public health.”

Assemblymember Patrick Burke’s Legislation

On November 23rd, 2021, Assemblymember Patrick Burke27stated via Twitter

“I’m introducing a bill that allows insurance providers to deny coverage for Covid related treatment to those who refuse to be vaccinated. Do your part or pay your own way. Freedom isn’t free.”

Burke added28“You’re part of a community. So if you are going to say ‘no’ to doing your part, then the insurance pool – the community at large that you’re hurting – should not be backing you up in that,”

Is passed, Assemblymember Patrick Burke’s upcoming bill will eliminate unvaccinated people’s access to health insurance, lowering their class within society. No matter the reason, even those who cannot take the vaccine for health conditions or religious beliefs are subject to rejection due to their ‘high risk’ of contamination.

While Pat Burke’s statement that “Freedom isn’t free” may be true in the context of America’s historic revolution against England for independence, “freedom” certainly is not granted by the federal government, nor is it granted by the state. Freedom is something that is embedded into every law-abiding American, no matter their beliefs.

Separation of the Government and the State

The government was created to protect the individual liberties of each citizen, and not to overstep the rights of those who put the government in power to begin with. The state seeks to revoke the rights on the individual for the greater collective, absorbing up all the power it can, from any source under its ‘protection’. Tyrannical legislation imposed by the state needs to be checked by the people. Allowing another to control your decisions and actions is the first step to authoritarianism. 

Although to some, it may seem like utopia to have another entity worry about all life’s problems, at the end of the day, if one is not driving the ship, they are at the whim of the Captain. Essentially, those not in power become part of the interchangeable engine which drive the ship. While engine parts do outnumber the Captain, parts can be easily replaced. Controlling the other members of the ship to willingly function as parts of the engine whichd rive the Captain to legendary success is a much more difficult task. To achieve this, the Captain must convince those beneath him that they rely on him for direction, guidance, and ultimately their own survival.

American Socialism

Has New York fallen to the socialist regime? While many Americans advocate a modernized form of socialism, few understand the horrors which historically occur behind the scenes. Giving a central state power over the entire population results in an authoritative and oppressive dictatorship, [communism] where individual liberties are compromised for the greater collective. In a communist-socialist system, the ruling class controls the actions of the working class, who together create produce and revenue, all of which goes to the state, who distributes necessities as they see fit. “Equity”, in a communist regime, is considered the method in which wealth and goods are distributed, based upon social order and class. 

In the Chinese Communist Party, resistance against tyrannical government oppression restricts the individual liberties, access to public resources, and total loss of privacy. America was founded on the principle that all citizens are equal, no matter their vaccination status. It seems the law makers of New York, and other major cities across the nation, may be driving their citizens to an eerily similar destination. 


While the authoritative legislation must be formally passed in order to actually take effect, just the sheer possibility that these thoughts are being presented as solutions is horrifying. Multiple pieces of legislation show the disconnect from concern of the people, and the lack of interest that the law makers placed in power exude. Many of these bills pre-filed, display outdated ideas based on initial data created during previous iterations of COVID-19. Americans now have greater resiliency to fight against the virus through information which previously was unknown. Data, and information alone, should be enough to allow the individual to accurately assess their own personal safety on an individual level. Now, the state seeks to remove the right to choose, the need to think, and the ability to fight back against their regime of control. To those leading the state, human beings are nothing more than a statistic.

With America’s modern metamorphosis underway, legislative changes must be both enacted and avoided in some cases, to avoid falling into a regressive state of politically primitive totalitarianism. Will New York State become a medical dictatorship? Should individualism be subverted by the pursuit of collectivism? Will corrupt thought reform overshadow individuality?

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