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Social Credit Scores

China’s Social Credit System

China’s Social Credit System is the country’s national “blacklist” being developed by the government of the People’s Republic of China under General Secretary of the Chinese Communist Party Xi Jinping’s administration.

What started as a experimental trials in 2009 has now led to country under total surveillance. Any resistance to the Chinese Communist Party, will result in a reduction of class, whether citizen or business.

“If you do not support CCP they will make you unsuccessful” stated a Chinese citizen.

Social Credit Systems may soon be coming to America. In fact, the injection of mandated vaccine passports into U.S. society, has already started to create a societal division, creating two classes of citizens: vaccinated and unvaccinated.

A Brief History of the Implementation of China’s “Social Credit System”

2009 – Human trial experiments begin

2011 – Chinese Premier, Wen Jiabao, formally announces “social credit scores” during one of the State Council Meetings, on October 20, 2011.

2014 – China launches a national initiative, marked by the development of eight new Chinese credit firms.

2018 – The idea for a social credit system becomes centralized under the People’s Bank of China, in conjunction with China’s eight new credit firms.

2020 – The Social Credit System is implemented. Intended to standardize citizens’ and businesses resistance of the state, crimes such as “jaywalking” result in the loss of 2 to 3 points.

2021 – Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) issues a blueprint for 2025 and the “construction of a rule of law society” in which the new social credit system is set to play an integral role.

China’s Surveillance and Facial Recognition Technology

China has mass surveillance and facial recognition technology that allows the CCP to monitor their every action, and adjust their social credit score accordingly.

Facial recognition software is implemented via surveillance cameras, and artificial intelligence, with technology planted throughout the country.

Image Source: Business Insider
Image Source: Fortune

As technology grows, the Chinese government (CCP) is able to track more diagnostics about an individual. Big Tech database’s play a major role in the collection of information.

This is one of the reasons America regularly bans Chinese apps from hijacking personal data. When it comes to giving access to personal information, the Chinese Communist Party knows no boundaries. China uses this information to weaken America.

Image Source: Independent

Surveillance cameras are a regular sight throughout China. The Chinese Communist Party uses these installations to observe every citizens behavior, and issue “corrective action” should they choose not to comply. This score can detrimentally effect each citizen’s life, as well as the success of businesses.

Image Source: Reuters
Image Source: Financial Times
Image Source:

Citizens in China know they are being watched at all times. Supporters feel that this creates a safer environment, where crime is less likely to occur. Critics, consider this an authoritarian move to enforce oppression among Chinese citizens.

Image Source: CNET
Image Source: Financial Times

This AI software provides the percentage likelihood that an individual’s face matches their identity logged into the database. In the photo below, a 90.2% chance that the individual found in the CCP database, is the same person being surveilled. It is with this technology China is able to enforce citizen’s “social credit score”.

Image Source: CNBC

How Does It Work?

This surveillance technology allows the Chinese Communist Party to set the price of basic human necessities, such as medical care, bus fare. In addition these scores designate whether or not citizens have priority to China’s resources. In some cases, it will deny citizens from access altogether.

Resistance Against the Social Credit System

Those who do not support the CCP will pay more and have less access to resources. They may even be barred from public transportation and societal resources, such as private education.

Public Shaming – In addition, citizens are “publicly shamed” online and on public TV screens with photos and ID numbers of “blacklisted” citizens.

Image Source: Daily Mail

How to Benefit From the Social Credit System

Citizens who abide by these laws will receive early-access to resources, free facilities, and faster promotions at work. In addition citizens who participate will receive tax breaks, jumping to the front of the line in public housing, and shorter wait times at hospitals.

Image Source:


China sees a social credit system as a way to regulate societal behavior, while suppressing Chinese citizens desire to rebel against the government.

What was originally considered “for your own good” will now demand China’s citizens become an extension of the state. Could “vaccine passports” be the first implementation of a similar system in American society?

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