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Vaccine “Passports”

Living in New York City, in the year 2021, if you reject the latest “vaccination”, you’ll quickly find yourself ostracized from society, or at least banned from attending “vaccinated only” events.

This is real. We now live in a country where American citizens need a physical vaccine “passport”, or digital proof of one, to have basic American rights, like attend local events. The trend in this city is only growing.

If Americans citizens living in New York City are going to be “asked” to be vaccinated, to prevent being shunned from the public, this vaccine must be safe. You would think.

My reason for taking the COVID-19 vaccine: To document first hand our modern requirements now necessary to have freedom in America, while regaining my own. This is the cost. If you’ve chosen to receive this vaccine, I am now in this with you. Vaccinated or unvaccinated, this is America and we are all in this together, no matter our views on COVID-19 vaccinations.

At local Walgreens here in New York, there is a single liability contract used for a variety of different vaccinations, COVID-19’s being one of them. Before signing, I read the disclaimer. It’s important to read what you are signing, or at least be physically able to. I can’t imagine how any elderly, or those who are visually impaired, would read the small, lightly printed font. Here’s an oddly vague, but direct quote, buried in the middle of this almost illegible disclaimer:

“I hereby release and hold harmless each applicable Provider, it’s staff, agents, successors, divisions, affiliates, subsidiaries, officers, directors, contractors, and employees from any and all liabilities or claims whether known or unknown arising out of, in connection with, or in any way related to the administration of the vaccine(s) listed above.”

Although it is a fact this liability form is for multiple vaccinations [at Walgreens], this version was created specifically to include COVID-19 related questions. This means the disclaimer is relevant to the COVID-19 vaccination.

Nobody alive knows the long term effects of this specific mRNA vaccine yet, but we as a country need to hope for the best, but prepare evidence for the worst. If Americans do end up having negative long term consequences from these mRNA vaccinations, there will be massive physical and digital documentation of the pressure put on by American society, due to the lack of control, cities like New York, provide on health policies such as vaccination discrimination.

Governor Ron DeSantis stated “In Florida, your personal choice regarding vaccinations will be protected and no business or government entity will be able to deny you services based on your decision,” after signing a bill in May, banning vaccine discrimination in Florida. “This legislation strikes the appropriate balance between protecting one’s safety and one’s personal liberty,” said Representative Tom Leek.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott tweeted

Showing support for both views, Governor Abbott tweeted:

In New York City however, it’s ultimately up to the [non-scientist] business owners to make their own “vaccination guidelines” for each establishment. That’s technically their American right. However, exercising that right is creating a wider division in our country based on opinion, not to mention changing the freedoms our country was founded on. Trusting another person’s [private business owners] opinion when it comes to public health, safety, and longevity usually requires a medical degree. Not anymore. Now, in New York, a business degree is just as good. Whichever places more influential weight on the ideology of small business owners, event coordinators, and private businesses, dictates how they will discriminate against those unwilling, or unable to take the mRNA vaccine.

I chose to be vaccinated while being aware that unknown risks associated with this concoction might exist, in an effort to gain back my American freedom, expose corruption with truth, and allow you to make judgement of this vaccine for yourself. It is my hope, other states will NOT follow New York City’s unspoken selective policy of discrimination surrounding vaccinations, but instead follow the lead of Governors like Ron DeSantis, and Greg Abbott . I’m currently [partly] vaccinated, but I am fully against the ridiculous idea of “vaccinated-only” events. Segregation is anti-American. Nobody should be denied access to American businesses simply because of their private health decisions. Your health isn’t anybody else’s business, just ask the HIPAA.

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