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Geneva: Summit 2021

President Biden met with Russia leader Vladimir Putin today in Geneva, during his world tour. During the Summit, Biden discussed mutual issues, such as removing sanctions on Russia’s pipeline, working together and how to avoid Russian cyberattacks.

Afterwards, Putin praised Biden’s powerful stance, and assertive take on American foreign policy:

“Mr. Biden is a professional, and you need to be very careful when working with him so as not to miss something,” Putin stated. “He himself does not miss a thing, I assure you, and this was absolutely clear to me.”

The Russian President continued “Let me say it again: he is focused, he knows what he wants to achieve and does it very skillfully, and you can instantly sense it.”

Biden announced to be during the Summit press conference: “I’ll take your questions, and as usual folks, they gave me a list of the people I’m gonna call on…so, uh, Johnathan, Associated Press?”

Russian President Putin added “He perfectly knows the matter. He is fully concentrated and knows what he wants to achieve. And he does it very shrewdly.”

While in Geneva, President Biden briefly confused President Putin as “President Trump”

Biden also addressed accountability, with foreign election interference:

A reporter asked Biden about his friendship with Chinese President Xi Jinping, and if he could request China “be opened to the World Health Organization.” Biden stated: “It’s just pure business”

U.S. President Biden proceeded to have a cognitive meltdown, losing it on reporters, “What the hell, what do you do all the time, when did I say I was confident?” he continued “I’m not confident of anything”.

Biden appeared to begin to “Feel the Heat” when asked a question in regards to a potential “Cold War”:

Putin responded to the meeting by stating “there couldn’t be family relations—or something—but I think we saw promise,”

Putin was seen abruptly exiting the Summit meeting to head back to Russia:

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