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George Soros Names President Xi ‘The Most Dangerous Enemy of Open Societies in The World’

An article published by the Wall Street Journal—written by liberal philanthropist George Soros—named the leader of the Communist Party of China, President Xi Jinping, as “the most dangerous enemy of open societies in the world”.

Soros stated “I consider Mr. Xi the most dangerous enemy of open societies in the world. The Chinese people as a whole are among his victims, but domestic political opponents and religious and ethnic minorities suffer from his persecution much more. I find it particularly disturbing that so many Chinese people seem to find his social-credit surveillance system not only tolerable but attractive.”

“To prevail in 2022, Mr. Xi has turned himself into a dictator. Instead of allowing the party to tell him what policies to adopt, he dictates the policies he wants it to follow.”

“In other words, he has turned them into his own yes-men, abolishing the legacy of Deng’s consensual rule. With Mr. Xi there is little room for checks and balances. He will find it difficult to adjust his policies to a changing reality, because he rules by intimidation. His underlings are afraid to tell him how reality has changed for fear of triggering his anger. This dynamic endangers the future of China’s one-party state.”

Image Source: BBC

Mr. Soros is founder of the Open Society Foundations.

George Soros has long been outspoken of China’s authoritative policies against its citizens. In 2019, China responded to these allegations, when Foreign ministry spokesperson Hua Chunying, said remarks like these “invert right and wrong” are “meaningless and not worth refuting”.

“We hope the relevant American can correct his attitude, not be shortsighted, and hold an objective, rational and correct opinion of China’s development,” Hua told reporters.

China has historically been untrustworthy and unreliable America allies. Chinese Companies like Huawei, ZTE, and other CCP telecommunications companies, have been designated as National Security Threats.

This designation prevents any U.S. party from using an $8.3 billion government fund to purchase equipment from the Chinese companies.

ZTE and Huawei are banned in America for having been suspected of spying on Americans. China has called these allegations “hysteria” and denies U.S. accusations of trade abuses.

“With states across the country mapping out their plans for quality and affordable high-speed internet as a result of historic funding from the American Rescue Plan, we’ve got to make sure no community is sacrificing network security,” said Senator Mark Warner.

“The U.S government must take strong action to cut the Chinese Communist Party out of our networks. Americans deserve both reliable and secure telecommunications technologies,” stated Senator Tom Cotton.

With Americans having access to so much information, China’s obvious deception and suppressive control, makes it alarming to see so many American companies apologizing, and mainstream media news sources praising the corrupt authoritative oppression of the Communist Party of China.

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