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Xi Jinping Pledges to “Crush to Death” Foreign Interference

The Communist Party of China celebrated its 100 year anniversary.

“The Chinese people have never bullied, oppressed or enslaved the people of other countries,” Xi said. “It has never done so in the past, does not do so now and will never do so in the future. At the same time, the Chinese people will never allow any outside forces to bully, oppress or enslave us. Anyone who tries to do so will be crushed to death before the Great Wall of steel built with the flesh and blood of over 1.4 billion Chinese people,” Xi warned as a large crowd cheered.

“No one should underestimate the strong determination, firm will and strong ability of the Chinese people to safeguard national sovereignty and territorial integrity,” said Xi, expressing Beijing’s goal of achieving “reunification” with Taiwan. Xi vowed to “crush” any opposition, or international interference with Taiwan, and its controversial battle for independence.


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