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China Sees Opportunities Working With Taliban to Gain Resources in Afghanistan

Thomas W. Pauken II, a Beijing-based ‘Asia-Pacific Affairs’ commentator and author of ‘US vs. China: From Trade War to Reciprocal Deal.’ “The Chinese government understood the Taliban was preparing to exploit the chaos and disorganisation of Biden’s US troops withdrawal to seize the country in a vacuum,” stated Pauken. “Widespread corruption was endemic in the Afghan government, while the massive development of opium poppy fields in the country had lured international criminal gangs and drug dealers to enter the country. Rampant corruption cannot be sustainable, since ordinary citizens become the biggest losers.”

“Afghan society was rotting to the core, the US troops failed in efforts to improve the local conditions, so inevitably the Taliban was well-poised to sweep into Kabul and take over the country,” he says. “China saw it coming”

“Chinese companies could sign joint agreements with Afghan miners to extract the lithium and to resell it to the US and European EV manufacturers at premium prices,” Pauken stated. “No telling how high the profit margins will be for them. Chinese companies and investors can work with the BRI to build new roads, bridges and railways to reach the lithium mines that can spell huge profits for Afghans and the Chinese.”

Pakistan, China’s ally, will ultimately assist in trade with Kabul, predicted Pauken.

“Pakistan serves as China’s Gateway to the Middle East and South Asia,” he notes. “Look to see Afghanistan join the BRI and become a part of CPEC.”

China has begun working with the very organization responsible for allowing al qaeda to manifest their 9/11 attacks on New York City on September 11th, and now 20 years later stole billions of dollars of U.S. funded technology and vehicles from Afghanistan’s troops, after violently forcing American mass evacuation upon their take over.

Yet American mainstream media praises the violent country, as companies apologize, and Joe Biden bows to their every wish. Could China become the modern super power of the world? George Soros has named China the “most dangerous societies of the world.” Will Joe Biden step up in the face of Xi Jinping, and his Chinese Communist Party?

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