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US Pentagon Has No Idea How Many Americans are Still in Afghanistan

“I don’t know” admitted the United States Pentagon Spokesperson John Kirby.

When it comes to the number of citizens unvaccinated, even in other countries, the United States has accurate information and the numbers to report. When it comes to the number of Uyghur Muslims currently imprisoned in China, the United States has the information. When it comes to the population of starving children in Africa, the US has the numbers.

However, when it comes to a count of our own citizens currently stranded in Afghanistan, left behind by Joe Biden, in need of rescue on foreign soil in a country we were just running a month ago, nobody can even estimate the number of Americans, not even the Pentagon.

This sad and shocking truth shows the priorities of the ‘elected’ officials running our country. Is financial incentive, and globalist mentality, the cause for America’s disorganized and unprepared rushed evacuation out of Afghanistan?


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