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Anti-Taliban Protests Break Out in Afghanistan

In Kabul, Afghanistan, the citizens are standing up for their country and speaking out against the Taliban, who find themselves unable to control the country due to their inexperience sustaining or even participating non-violently in economically and socially thriving communities.

Afghanistan’s citizens carry their national flag, showing support against the Taliban, proudly risking their lives to show patriotism to their native country.

Amrullah Saleh, an Afghanistan official of the fallen government made a statement on Twitter, “I express my respect, support, and appreciation for the courageous and patriotic movement of the honorable people of my country in different places for raising the national flag against the Taliban proxy group. A number were honorably martyred in this way. Salute those who carry the national flag & thus stand for dignity of the nation & the country.”

The International Monetary Fund said on Wednesday that it would “block Afghanistan’s access to about $460 million in emergency reserves”, a decision following pressure from the Biden administration. An agreement that was reached in November among more than 60 countries to send Afghanistan $12 billion over the next four years is now also in doubt.

Afghanistan has desperately been awaiting these funds to feed 14 million citizens throughout the country. “That’s 14 million people, including two million children who are malnourished,” the World Food Program said in a statement.

Image Source: Victor J. Blue // NYTimes
Image Source: Victor J. Blue // NYTimes
Image Source: Victor J. Blue // NYTimes
Image Source: Victor J. Blue // NYTimes
Image Source: Victor J. Blue // NYTimes

Afghan citizens proudly display their flag, knowing they risk their own lives just to display pride for the freedom their nation has provided them. To the progressive alt-left, American patriotism like this is considered extremist or even racist.

With censorship running wild, and continuously encouraged self suppression by social media, Afghanistan’s patriotism displays an inspiring adoption that should not be weaponized for partisan manipulation. The love of one’s country and—its flag—inspires a nonpartisan [and bipartisan] community that moves the population forward, and together. Now more than ever, America needs to consolidate its political opposition and stop policing its own nonviolent citizens. We all want the same thing and that is what will benefit our lives, freedom, and ultimately humanity.

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