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Facebook Encourages Users to Hunt for Undefined “Extremist Content”

On Thursday, Facebook users began receiving notifications from Facebook alerting them they “may have been exposed to harmful extremist content”, with little indication of what the social media platform actually considers “extremist content”.

Facebook is now also requesting its users to find and report anyone who is “becoming an extremist”.

Unfortunately Facebook does not go into detail to what is classified as “extremism”. Upon clicking “Get Support”, the user is redirected to a ‘group’ called Life After Hate, which states, was founded by “former violent extremists”.

Their website reads:

“Our Mission -Life After Hate is committed to helping people leave the violent far-right to connect with humanity and lead compassionate lives.”

“Our Programs -Our primary goal is to interrupt violence committed in the name of ideological or religious beliefs. We do this through education, interventions, academic research, and outreach.”

‘Life After Hate’ is “committed” to “helping people leave” the “violent far-right”, and to “interrupt violence” committed in the name of “religious beliefs”. So America’s new definition of who is classified as an extremist—will be dictated by “former violent extremists”. Why do these “former violent extremists” have the power to censor us? Will soon all alternative thinking and free speech considered “violent”?

Below, the ‘Life After Hate’ Fact Sheet:

Similar to the Communist Party members of the USSR, Facebook is now encouraging average citizens to spy and report on their parents and neighbors who may not be following their censorship. How far will this brainwashing be allowed to progress? Why are “former” extremists now in charge of defining free speech? Who is really running the show?


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