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FBI Asks Americans to Spy on Friends and Family to Prevent “Extremism”

The FBI is asking Americans to observe their friends and family for “homegrown violent extremist behavior”, posted in a Tweet on Sunday.

But what classifies extremism? The FBI has released a pamphlet to further explain their definition, and what to look for.

Why can’t the FBI do this themselves?

This mimics the same past tactics used in Communist Soviet Russia, as are still used today in China and Cuba. Internet Censorship and controlled speech starts by targeting “extremism”—to “protect the citizens”—however over time narrows the definition to include any rebellion against government oppression.

A similar push to control the narrative and begin to report “extreme speech”, has been seen by Facebook earlier this month. With the FBI now recruiting volunteers to spy on their neighbors, could the “definition” of “extremism” shift to include free will?

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