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Cubans March Against Communism

Thousands of Cubans marched against Cuba’s Communist Dictatorship in an effort to end 62 years of oppression. The regime has blocked internet, and censored web content in an effort to suppress certain information. Now the people of Cuba are standing up, and speaking out.

“We are fed up with the queues, the shortages. That’s why I’m here,” one protester told The Associated Press.

The President, Miguel Diaz-Canel stated “There’s a group of counter-revolutionary, mercenary people paid by the U.S. government, paid indirectly through agencies of the North American government to assemble these types of demonstrations.”

“As if pandemic outbreaks had not existed all over the world, the Cuban-American mafia, paying very well on social networks to influencers and Youtubers, has created a whole campaign … and has called for demonstrations across the country,” Diaz-Canel told reporters.

The Cuban government blames the pandemic and U.S. sanctions for its current economic crisis, according to Reuters.

With Progressive Liberal Americans fighting for more federal government power, is this where America is headed? Historically, transferring total control to the government will eventually result in a revolution to get that power back. Cuba’s protestors show, that those principles still hold true today.

Senator Lindsey Graham stated to Fox News on Sean Hannity:

“I will be introducing a free Cuba act that takes sanctions to a new level against the communist regime individually. I think we should put on the table, cyber attacks against the regime or using the cyberspace to suppress the Cuban people. I think we should be very aggressive in terms of regulating and controlling our backyard, I would send a signal to the Cuban government that we’re not going to sit on the sidelines as you destroy people in our backyard, and we need to give voice to freedom. America is the symbol of freedom to almost everybody in the world, to President Biden, where are you when the people of Cuba need you the most?”

Senator Graham continued, “I can say the Biden administration has been a poor defender of freedom, and a weak opponent of oppression. Various places in the world the bad guys are getting stronger, nobody trusts us anymore, we’re surrendering to radical Islam in Afghanistan, our borders completely out of control. The Iranians are back in the game, nobody trusts us anymore to be a valuable ally, Biden could do something about Cuba he chose to, but he’s like a deer in the headlights, when it comes to standing up to oppression”

UPDATE: 7/25/21

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