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The Case Against Masks

Americans are sick and tired of living in a pandemic world. Wearing a mask outside spreads uncertainty against the effectiveness of science and vaccines. Americans know the risks, take precautions, and inoculate themselves against the virus.

If you have been vaccinated, you should not need to wear a mask. Freedom—among other things—was the entire point of getting vaccinated. If you haven’t been vaccinated, the mask should still be your choice. This is a case against wearing Masks.


People risked their lives for the benefit of humanity by taking the vaccine scientists rushed to create. Many Americans got vaccinated to regain their freedoms, and stop living in a pandemic. If you are vaccinated, the chances of catching COVID-19 is so low that wearing a mask might actually increase the chances of being exposed. Wearing a mask when vaccinated, reduces trust in the science of the vaccine’s effectiveness.


People exercised their American right to choose not get Vaccinated. The vaccines are currently under not FDA approved and distributed via Emergency Use Authorization (EUA). Medical Information is confidential. Unvaccinated Americans know the risks, and should be free to live how they choose. Inoculations should not be forced.

Control for Power

The government wants total control over American citizens so they can “create” more revenue without resistance. The case for vaccination has become far less about health and safety and more about corporate profit, and ‘bipartisan’ wishlists. Booster shots will be the next big push, as fewer Americans than expected chose to take the new vaccine. Similar to software, the vaccine manufacturers will soon be releasing the next ‘big update’ to optimize performance. Still, the government wants us to believe they know everything about the virus.

Variant Hype

The delta variant is a variant of the original coronavirus. The same virus more than half of America is vaccinated against. Fully vaccinated Senator Lindsey Graham, 66, was diagnosed with the delta variant. He experienced “mild flu like symptoms”. Another instance—fully vaccinated Vern Buchanan, 70, also came down with the delta variant, and described the experience as “very mild flu like symptoms”. If you took the risk to get vaccinated, you should be allowed to take that risk that it works.


Government officials do not follow mask mandates. They see how ridiculous of a demand it is—especially for people who are fully vaccinated—and only wear masks for press photos. There are many indications they themselves are not masking up in their personal life. The CDC consistently flip-flops on their guidelines, causing business owners, mayors, and governors to mandate what they believe is best, resulting in completely different regulations between states, cities, and private businesses.

Dining Policy

Restaurants that require masks indoors, must obviously allow customers to remove the masks in order to consume their products. In fact—anywhere in the U.S. allows you to remove your mask to eat food or drink a beverage. This includes coffee shops, bars, and even airplanes. How does the virus avoid transmission during this time? Does eating prevent transmission? Are you more susceptible to the virus before ordering?

Fauci Advises Against It

Fauci released an Email last year stating, “The typical masks you buy in the drug store is not really effective in keeping out the virus, which is small enough to pass through the material” This scientific fact would suggest the variant has expanded in size, and is no longer able to “pass through the material”.


Disposable Masks cause an immense amount of pollution. During 2020 alone, 1.6 Billion masks—5,500 tons of plastic—have ended up in our oceans. Non disposable masks collect bacteria and recontaminate the person wearing it, unless washed after every use.

Obsolete Data

A constant reminder of the unknown fear of the pandemic, the jobs and loved ones lost, which without CPC, NIH, and WHO’s obstruction we may have been able to prevent sooner, or even keep it localize to a single region. Wearing a mask represents obsolete scientific data—being lied to that masks work to prevent the virus—and believing it. Masks are nothing more than painful reminders of how Americans were forced to believed a piece of cloth would protect them from coronavirus.

Discriminative to the Visually Impaired

People with glasses cannot wear masks without their glasses fogging up or sliding off. This can be extremely dangerous indoors, as well as on public transportation. Senior Americans are significantly more prone to accidents using masks. There are various techniques to reduce fog, but those with glasses will tell you—nothing is 100% effective. Need to tie your shoe? Think again. Looking down, can result in glasses sliding off, in some non-disposable masks. Mask mandates discriminate against anyone visually impaired.

Opportunities for Criminals

Criminals already have an excuse to cover their face. Prior to the outbreak wearing a mask could be considered reasonable cause, today it has become the inverse. Anybody who plans on committing a crime has less to worry about, including blending in after it has been committed. This only gives the government more mainstream media headlines to cite as reason to “protect” us—initiating programs such as “vaccinate passports” and “exposure tracking” which begin bringing our country closer to authoritarianism.

Political Weaponization

Every time a mask is worn for no reason, it gives power and credibility to the very people who are lying to us about them. Instead of mandating masks, imagine if the government mandated Vitamin D, along with one check in at the gym per week? Wearing masks, the message is simple: ‘Mask up, and you’re good. You can avoid acknowledging all other preventative measures. Disobey wearing a mask, and be cast out of society.’

Outcasts are the new Extremists

A little bit of rebellion is what founded America. Today, rebellion is shunned. Media propaganda, and Twitter politicians, have repurposed definitions for political resistance. Today, choosing not to wear a mask, or get a vaccine, doesn’t make you a free thinker—it makes you an “extremist” contributing to “misinformation”. Society has been trained to see this form of resistance as a threat, when in actuality it is a self-concerning alternative form of thought on personal health.

Masks look stupid

Do you want your own face censored in photos of your wedding, graduation, family gathering, or other once in a lifetime moment? Masks just look stupid, not to mention make it difficult to breathe, speak, eat, drink, whisper, wear glasses, or exist. It keeps Americans in a fear induced state, constantly thinking about the pandemic. America is ready to move on. As we’ve moved on from the original tactic of masks, we now know more than ever about the coronavirus, and will continue to as time goes on.


It is your American right to refuse to wear a mask. If you have been vaccinated, you have science on your side. There isn’t enough evidence to truly know if a mask will protect you against the variant. If you are unvaccinated, you have your American rights on your side. With vaccines now becoming mandated in major cities, masks need to become a thing of the past.

Even if you want to wear a mask, it’s well within your American right. Wear 5 masks! The problem arises when someone wants to force another person to wear a mask? That’s anti-American. If you feel better wearing a mask, by all means, nobody should prevent you. If I feel better not wearing a mask, the same should apply. Free will requires equal opportunity, for each side of the decision to exist. Suppression and coercion, are not free will. Having the ability to decide what you want to do with your own existence, how you want to act, what you want to like, and what you want to believe, makes America the incredible free country that it is today. To lose that, would be a national devastation and a tragedy.

What are your views on masks?

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