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1.6 Billion Disposable Masks Estimated in Oceans from 2020

52 billion disposable face masks were created during the Pandemic of 2020 (this includes N95 and surgical masks). It’s estimated that 1.6 Billion masks—5,500 tons of plastic—have ended up in our oceans.

Single-use face masks are made from a variety of plastics and are difficult to recycle. For this reason most disposable masks are typically discarded, resulting in increasing mass oceanic pollution. Private companies are currently attempting to improve the recyclability of disposable face masks.

The Worldwide Fund for Nature (WWF), stated that “if even just 1% of the masks are disposed of incorrectly this would result in 10 million masks littered every single month.”

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Now with the CDC recommending—and the Biden Administration mandating—Masks for all Americans regardless of your vaccination status, we can only wonder how this will effect the natural environment we inhabit. With mask manufacturers ramping up their production, we can only wonder if this sort of pollution will begin to become a regular trend.

It’s becoming increasingly clear that the Biden Administration thinks marine wildlife only eat straws and plastic bags, but avoid face masks. Pollution isn’t a partisan issue, it effects everyone worldwide. Especially in regions like the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.

Climate Change becomes partisan when the U.S. government tries to use our income taxes and the Federal Reserve to “end climate change”, while knowing America only contributes 15% to global emissions. The downside to this: Americans are lied to. We are told that if the government uses 3.5 trillion dollars of our money they will make the future a safer, better place for our children. Instead the only noticeable difference that will be experienced by our country’s future generations is an increased national debt.

The Great Pacific Ocean Garbage Patch (GPGP) – Image Source:

Straws take up to 200 years to decompose. Plastic Bags take 20 years. Disposable Face Masks, however, take 450 years. This means if we don’t stop masks mandates now, Americans will quickly find themselves contributing to the plastics problem we are trying to avoid.

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If the government chose to eliminate plastics from their industry, they should not be able to pick and choose which plastics to demonize and which plastics can be used to further push their agenda.

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Instead of guilt-tripping small business restaurant owners [straws] and grocery stores [plastic bags],—forcing businesses to spend extra money to accommodate—the government should review their own actions. If our nation’s Administration really cared for the Climate, the easiest solution would be to ban masks nationwide, and tell the American people the truth:

As Dr. Fauci stated, “Masks are really only for infected people to prevent them from spreading the infection to people who are not infected, rather than protecting uninfected people from acquiring infection. The typical mask you buy in the drug store is not really effective in keeping out the virus, which is small enough to pass through the material.

Image Source: Ralph Pace

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