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Iceland’s COVID Restrictions Could Last Up to 15 Years as Variants Spread Worldwide

Iceland’s top epidemiologist has stated that COVID “restrictions” may be required in Iceland for up to 15 years. Þórólfur Guðnason, a doctor who serves as the ‘Chief Epidemiologist of the Icelandic Directorate of Health, shared his concerns over the virus, its variants, and the longevity of COVID restrictions.

Guðnason stated he intends to “submit a memorandum to the Minister of Health on domestic measures to stop the spread of the virus”.

Q: “If there is no clear way out of the epidemic, now that measures are being proposed despite vaccinations, could we be on the verge of restrictions over the next five, ten, or fifteen years?

A: Þórólfur Guðnason“It can be quite like that, no one can say with certainty what the future will be like. That’s what we’re always been saying, too, that there’s no predictability in this,” adding “It is nothing new and many people complain that it is not possible to bring predictability in operations and such, but it is not possible when the virus is unpredictable and something new comes up that changes what you thought a few months ago,” he continued “There is no detailed analysis of the results from Israel, such as how many people were vaccinated or at what age those who became seriously ill were.”

Þórólfur concluded “[T]he coronavirus epidemic will not end in the country until it ends all over the world.”

Other international medical professionals, such as the Professor of Health Psychology at UCL Susan Michie, believe that social distancing, mask mandates and restrictions should last forever.

In Gibraltar, 99% of the population received vaccinations. Because of this, they were previously thought to be the safest country post pandemic. Now, new data shows an extremely high level of infection among the vaccinated.

Could this recent rise in coronavirus infections among the vaccinated be due to the variant? Does being vaccinated make you more susceptible to catching and spreading variants? Are masks really going to help or are they just another sanction against the people? The truth is—as the data continuously changes—nobody appears to know for certain.

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