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Fauci Suggests Masks for Vaccinated, After Israel’s Data Finds Vaccines “39% Effective” to Variants

To the many Americans who risked long term effects of the Emergency Use Authorization vaccine, either to gain immunity to COVID-19, or to gain their Freedoms and American rights back:

Dr. Fauci has suggested those who have been vaccinated, must revert back to wearing face masks again, due to the [delta] variants.

Recent data from Israel shows that—due to the variants—the Pfizer vaccine is now only 39% effective.

“The effectiveness of the Pfizer vaccine against COVID-19 has dropped to 39 percent in Israel,” Israel’s Ministry of Health said on Thursday.

As of July 25th, the CDC’s website still states “COVID-19 vaccines are effective against variants of the virus that causes COVID-19, currently circulating in the United States including the Delta variant.”

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“The data that’s evolving from Israel and from Pfizer indicates that it looks like there might be some diminution in protection,” Dr. Fauci responded.

Just last Thursday, July 22nd the White House Coronavirus Response Coordinator Jeffery Zients stated in a press conference “In fact, unvaccinated individuals account for virtually all — 97 percent — of the COVID hospitalizations and deaths in the U.S.”

All this comes after Dr. Fauci himself stated that Masks do not protect against the virus.

Image Source: Fauci Files

This is a matter of authoritative control. The CDC Guidelines State that the vaccine protects against the delta variant, as well as other variants.

“You’ve got to look at the data, and the data that’s evolving from Israel and from Pfizer indicates that it looks like there may be some diminution in protection,” Fauci said

If Israel’s data is true—and the vaccine is only 39% effective—what was the point of pushing all Americans to get vaccinated with something that was so under researched? Could it have been incentivized by financial profit, as opposed to actual long term scientific data? Should Dr. Fauci have known that the vaccine would become one third as effective within the first 6 months? Now with the FDA Recalling their Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) COVID-19 PCR Tests, what’s next?


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