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Massive Flooding in London

Scenes from London show the massive rainfall that has contributed to flooding throughout the city. This is the most recent in a series of floods happening around the world.

Dr. Veronica Edmonds-Brown, Senior Lecturer in Aquatic Ecology at the University of Hertfordshire, explained: “There are three main causes of flooding seen in London over the weekend.”

“The first is the building of floodplains of the Thames and River Lea, which will, unfortunately, cause occasional flooding.

“The second is urbanisation. The more impervious surfaces we install – and we are amid a rapid housing programme at the moment – the worse this situation will get.”

Third is “The drainage system was built in the Victorian era and cannot cope with the huge increase in population.”

Videos posted to Twitter show the damage throughout the city, as people literally kayak the rain filled streets, to avoid walking in the dangerous flood waters.

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