Disturbing: Hatchet Wielding Man Hacks 51 Year Old

As if something straight out of a horror movie: a horrific hatchet wielding slasher attacked a 51 year old man from behind, while he was using the ATM.

The encounter happened around 5:20pm at Chase Bank, where the victim was chopped three times in the head and once in the leg. The two men fought as the axe wielding unidentified man continued hacking at the man, who tried grabbing the axe, and shielding himself using a backpack.

The damage was done, and the 51 year old man fell to the floor. The deranged axe slasher began smashing ATMs before throwing down his hatchet and leaving the bloody scene of the crime.

The 51 year old victim is expected to survive.

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This is just the latest in a series of gruesome attacks happening in the city of New York. Is this the result of lack of Police funding? Is this the result of strict gun laws in New York? Whatever the reason, the city’s crime continues to rise as the gruesome attacks throughout the city ensue.

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