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Hundreds of Afghan Citizens Flee Taliban After Storming US C-17

Hundreds of Afghanistan citizens rushed U.S. C-17 Evacuating Afghanistan, resulting in 640 Afghans on board. The unbelievable footage show the desperation of the Afghani people, as the U.S. continues to withdraw.

American Journalists, military, and other U.S. personnel are still stuck in Afghanistan. Washington Post publisher Fred Ryan pleaded with the Biden administration to help evacuate journalists, and their families out of Afghanistan.

The email, with subject line “Urgent re safety of US Journalists,” read,

“Jake, Urgent request on behalf of the New York Times, Wall Street Journal and Washington Post is to have our 204 journalists, support staff and families transported by US Military from the civilian side of the Kabul airport to the military side of the airport where they can be safe as they await evacuation flights,” Ryan said in the email shown on NBC News.

Journalists at the three papers are “currently in danger” and “need the US government to get them to safety,” he said. “Please advise as to how best to proceed.”

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