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The Red Theater: Ariana Grande, Megan Thee Stallion, & Jimmy Fallon Push Vaccine Propaganda

From the Digital Red Theater comes a catchy new song, filled with vaccine propaganda, and released just in time for the holidays. Featuring world class performers Ariana Grande, Megan Thee Stallion, and well as popular TV Host Jimmy Fallon, the song’s lyrics promote the latest booster concoctions being distributed throughout America.

The holiday tune features memorable lyrics such as, “It was a masked Christmas, we stayed in the house. We covered our nose, and covered our mouth,” as well as the unforgettable line,But it’s Christmastime, we’ll be in line for a booster.”

The video goes on to promote masks, vaccine mandates, and features Megan Thee Stallion with vaccines as fingers for visual reinforcement. Although the song was created to be comical, it didn’t intend to portray the iatrarchist regime as an oppressive force aimed at the elimination of American civil rights. Nor did it express any reference to the historical devastation which occurred as a result of authoritative thought reform. The song instead, uses the artist’s popularity and vocal abilities to promote experimental injections and collectivism, while discouraging individualism and free thought. The song encourages fear, and advocates a booster with limited data showing it’s efficacy.

With the emergence of the Omicron variant, society has quickly amended its definition of “fully vaccinated”, as well as the civil responsibilities of each fully vaccinated citizen. Variants are yet another opportunity for the division and control of our population, to further distract individuals from the atrocities which occur behind the scenes. The emergence of new ‘booster shots’ attempt to use the inertia of the initial COVID-19 scare, to sustain a specific narrative. In this example, the focus of the propaganda is to “increase vaccine sales”, despite the fact that the Omicron variant has shown far fewer deaths than the infamous Delta variant.

Now, popular artists and their platforms are assisting in the indoctrination of their followers through vaccine propaganda. Similar to the Chinese Communist Party’s “Red Theatre”—which promoted Maoist Thought through song and dance—modern music is now being used to promote subconscious thought reform, shaping the way citizens of society condone themselves. In the Red Theater, songs were written for the party, promoting civil enthusiasm for the regime. These tactics encouraged the association of the party with joy and happiness, overshadowing the longterm nefarious intentions. Are these same principles being applied towards the American population?

While it is not known the long term effects of these coronavirus concoctions, major influential artists are quick to project advocation for these injections without hesitation. Could these songs be financially incentivized? It seems today many artists have lost the sense of rebellion that inspired American society today. Now, the rebellion is against the people, suggesting class separation between unvaccinated and vaccinated Americans. In the end, the truth is that we aren’t much different from each other, despite our vaccination history. 


As more Americans realize individualism isn’t a threat, collectivist communist ideology will begin to lose its influential grip on our nation. Free thoughts are essential, especially in America. Allowing the government to invade all aspects of personal life, including health, allows the ingestion of more U.S. tax dollars, to setup programs that further benefit the elite’s own financial interests. This is not a country made to serve a regime’s collectivist agenda, but a country owned and controlled by the people. Will America continue to be seduced by thought reform propaganda? Has the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) influence on American media begun to infect what thoughts are recognized as socially acceptable? Who will be the next popular artists to be politically weaponized by the CCP, willingly partaking in The Digital Cultural Revolution?

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