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Apple, Google, and Samsung to Add Vaccine “Passports” as Built in Feature

Vaccine passports are quickly becoming modern feature built-in to society. Soon, Americans will be mandated to be vaccinated consistently every five to six months starting at birth. There will be no other known reality.

The past freedoms we were born with no longer apply, as private institutions are encouraged by state legislators to oppress and control citizens by effectively operating outside of the U.S. constitution.

This has resulted in state-by-state, and city-by-city variations that ultimately discriminate against those hesitant to receive vaccinations, dividing society into two classes, contributing to the fall of individual liberties and basic freedoms in our nation.

Apple announced that the iOS 15, which launches this fall, will come with an built-in vaccine verification feature the company has deemed “Health Sharing”. In June, Google said it had already developed such a technology and was waiting to partner with vaccine verification providers, however now freatures the ability to Add your COVID card to your android device.

Samsung, on Wednesday, announced that it was partnering with the Commons Project, the developer of CommonHealth, a vaccine verification app. The partnership would enable users to verify their vaccination status using the digital wallet Samsung Pay.

“Rather than having to pull up CommonHealth — which is a personal health records app, which isn’t really designed for walking into a grocery store and showing a QR code — now you can store this in a much more convenient place,” said JP Pollak, CommonHealth’s chief architect.

“You can imagine that at some point in the future, your vaccine record happens to be something you need with that great of frequency,” Pollak added.

With Big Tech’s push to normalize vaccine passports into society, the option to decide not to take the media-hyped concoction seems almost non-existent. The companies suggest extreme certainty that everyone will soon have to regularly show proof of their vaccination status in order to exist without society.

This further integration of control pulls our nation—some willingly—further away from constitutional rights, and closer to an authoritative state. Is this the future of America? Is total medical freedom a thing of the past, something our future generations will never experience, or even understand? As more and more Americans trade their freedom for temporary access to the American dream, what will be the next ridiculous medical demand from our U.S. government?

Once vaccine passports—at every entry point in society—become too “difficult to determine the identity of” or “not accurate enough” Microchips will be implanted into human hosts, most likely by mandate, coming soon to a reality near you. This will allow the government to alert you and your family members if they become sick, even before you may know it or have any symptoms. Is this the next step in U.S. government control and the our countries direction into the new world order?

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