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Antifa vs Proud Boys

Members of the far-right extremist group Proud Boys, violently clashed with alt-left progressive antifa members in Portland on Saturday.

Police Chief Chuck Lovell stated on Friday that officers would not intervene between the groups.

“Hate and hate groups have no place in our city,” Mayor Ted Wheeler said. “Violence has no place in our city. Bigotry has no place in our city. We will not tolerate acts of violence, destruction, prejudice or intimidation.” the Mayor added.

“What happened last Sunday was a frightening and dangerous situation,” wrote Sen. Chris Gorsek. “This was a political decision made by city leadership, not some rogue police officers on the street.”

“What’s most confounding is that the mayor and police chief signaled that their officers would not attempt to control most of the problems that might arise and, that is exactly what happened,” Senator Chris Gorsek wrote.

Image Source: The Washington Post
Image Source: Reuters
Image Source: Reuters
Image Source: The Washington Post
Image Source: Reuters
Image Source: The Washington Post
Image Source: Reuters
Image Source: The Washington Post

The progressive Mayor echoed a similar message in 2018, long before the 2020 mandates lockdowns and that summer’s portland riots. // 2018


Although both parties came visibly dressed and prepared for physical battle, the end result, nobody was reported seriously injured. It is yet another result from the evolution of extreme opposition to the current standing power in our country. That combined with alienation and hatred, breeds modern “extremist groups”. Violent extremists come together and strive to make their voices heard, as quickly and publicly as possible.

When this voice happens through violence, it leads to a less safe environment for those not involved. It shows, these groups do not care about our country, as much as they care about themselves and being “right”. If they cared about America they would realize in order to have freedom, you can’t oppress others with conflicting opinions. That isn’t American.

America is having the freedom to speak your beliefs without consequence. That is what makes our country the greatest nation in the world. To suppress opposition shows fear and deviates from our Constitution. If you are not elected to power by the people, and you inflict your belief system on others, you are a threat and an enemy to the country. Tax money is paid to stop people who operate outside of our constitution.

Footage like this is an example of a poorly run community that does not have any consequences for operating outside of the constitution and promoting fear among the community or those with conflicting beliefs. Groups like Antifa, Proud Boys, or anyone who acts violently to promote their own cause against the taxpayers agreed system of governance should be abolished and designated as a threat against America.

The point isn’t even necessarily a stance against Extremist groups. It is a stance against violent extremist groups. Not all extremist groups are violent, if you consider any group with total opposite beliefs—like religion—to be extremists. What it comes down to, extremist groups should just keep to themselves, not act violently, and not discriminatively try to change others. Is it possible to exist in a society with groups who share conflicting beliefs?

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