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S2552: Rhode Island’s Bill of Societal Division

On March 1st, 2022 Rhode Island announced RI S2552, a new totalitarian policy1 to enforce COVID-19 vaccines, in a last ditch effort to require residents to submit to the experimental concoctions. The bill was developed by Rhode Island Democratic Senators Sam Bell, Tiara Mack, Jonathon Acosta, Kendra Anderson, James A. Seveney, and Cynthia Mendes, and demands citizens’ vaccine-compliance, forfeiting civil equality, while promoting division through establishing social tiers. This means those who oppose the global system of governance, now fall victim to its collateral damage, becoming second-class citizens under the new social system.

Dr. Nicole Alexander-Scott, the director of the Rhode Island Department of Health assured that this mandate will apply to anybody above the age of sixteen, no matter their situation. Those who wish to oppose must submit a petition of exemption, which must be notarized, as S2552 becomes an official regulation of the Department of Health. The bill itself does two main things. First, it opposes the freedom and individual beliefs of Rhode Island residents, and forces all to conform to a universal narrative. Secondly, it dehumanizes all who oppose, forcing them to be reduced in financial class, making their individual everyday lives more difficult, simply for disobeying Rhode Island’s newly formulated political narrative.

The punishments result in financial compensation to the state, for forsaking their official word. In other words, working-class families will be ineligible to dissent, or risk their very survival. The state of Rhode Island seeks to literally demote those who oppose in both class, and civil perspective. Beyond monthly fines for choosing not to adhere to a medical narrative, the state of Rhode Island seeks to garnish the wages of anyone found in contempt of their official order. It is not enough to revoke membership from society, through vaccine-only requirements. Now, the state seeks to dehumanize, and condemn those who resist the state’s universal belief system, who’s compliance is now legally demanded. The hope of this nefarious legislation is that the opposition will descend in class, eventually exterminating themselves through their inability to survive through the financial and societal burden imposed by the state.

The reality is a horrific distortion of freedom, one that executes the diversity of independent thought. A reimagined freedom so predetermined and strategically regulated that it becomes an invisible prison, one where each prisoner is unable to recognize their own confinement, while advocating their own voluntary commitment, funding the entire operation. America is being duped to believe the collectivist decisions of the global narrative are for the greater good, yet it is only the oligarchs and elites who will profit from this new world regime. Rhode Island’s S2552 seeks to obtain profits through the political weaponization of civil opposition, offering two paths — one offering certain imminent annihilation — the other offering an elusive mirage of refuge and salvation.

What’s in RI S2552?

  • Any resident found in violation will be charged $50 per month.
  • Any resident found in violation will be pay double the amount of their personal income taxes.

This means regardless of your immune system, beliefs, or personal decision, if you choose to oppose the narrative, you will pay. Literally. To some families, $600.00 per year is the difference between surviving. Beyond this, the doubling of personal income taxes is downright criminal. Many Americans work as personal contractors, proudly owning their own businesses and living the American dream. Will shaking down residents who resist medical compliance, work as a form of political re-education? Worse, this act will apply to children ages sixteen and up. This means the system will be targeting and cataloging children before they are able to enter the workforce. While “the responsibility for ensuring compliance” will financially fall on the parents, are the parents not the ones responsible for the funding of the children? Should parents subject their children to forced medical compliance or face punishment in order to fund the state? How will this erroneous neofeudalistic legislation effect the morale of the citizens in the state of Rhode Island? What entity is responsible for the influence which led to this bill of desperation, against the people?

“Every person of at least sixteen (16) years of age who is eligible for immunization against COVID-19 and who resides in the State of Rhode Island, works in the State of Rhode Island, or pays personal income taxes to the State of Rhode Island pursuant to chapter 30 of title 44 shall be required to be immunized against COVID-19.”

“Every resident of Rhode Island eligible for immunization against COVID-19 who is under sixteen (16) years of age or under guardianship shall be required to be immunized against COVID-19, with the responsibility for ensuring compliance falling on all parents or guardians with medical consent powers pursuant to § 23-4.6-1.”

“Any person who violates this chapter shall be required to pay a monthly civil penalty of fifty dollars ($50.00) and shall owe twice the amount of personal income taxes as would otherwise be assessed pursuant to chapter 30 of title 44.


  • Employers must require proof of “compliance” for all employees
  • Employers can choose to waive this proof for remote workers
  • Employers found in violation must pay $5000 per each violation

No matter where you work in the state of Rhode Island, these measures will apply to you. This means that the entire population must either choose to be vaccinated, attempt to attain exemption, or risk being fired from their jobs. Any resistance to the medical narrative will result in total expulsion from society. This includes the livelihoods of individuals. The termination of employees can be assured through the hefty $5000 fine per infraction. This will make economic sense to “adjust the company policy” to only hired vaccinated individuals, as to avoid the incurrence of penalty fees.

In addition, this will likely result in more remote work-from-home positions, contributing a void in many sectors of society previously inhabited with life. If employers wish to have a more present workforce, vaccines will soon become a staple in companies employee requirement. This will apply to all Rhode Island businesses, not just a select few corporate entities, but all places of employment, no matter the situation. This umbrella legislation will sift out those with alternative thought from society, ensuring only those who comply are allowed access to public resources. This now will include the American civil right to earn an honest living in society.

“All employers must require proof of compliance with this chapter for any employee employed in in-person work within the State of Rhode Island. Employers may choose to waive proof of compliance with this chapter for purely remote work. Any employer found to be knowingly in violation of this section for more than seven (7) days shall be required to pay a monthly civil penalty of five thousand dollars ($5,000) for every violation.”


It is acts like S2552 that rift a divide into communities, forcing residents to either abide or reject their new reality. To relinquish personal rights for the greater good may seem like a heroic gesture, until it turns out that public influence, and an increase in financial revenue may be the deep rooted cause to reimagine society. The nation’s smallest state aims to make the most impact by predetermining the medical decisions of all Rhode Islanders. Should more states align with this cautionary perspective?

Since it’s beginnings, the objective of our nation has always been civil equality, yet modern classism and social division drives the narrative, while being redefined as “anti” something. Examples include, antivaxxers, antiabortion, anti-climate or climate-denier, or any other possible form of society which can be used in political manipulation. The truth is, there will always be someone who disagrees with you. This does not mean there should be an imperialist movement to exterminate those with alternative thought. This also does not mean those with alternative thought should be considered a threat. Finally, this does not suggest one thought should have more influence than another. Beliefs, thoughts, and lifestyles which follow U.S. law, and do not infringe upon the freedom of others, should not be suppressed. The trick is convincing the greater populous that another person’s beliefs or thoughts will impact their Constitutionally protected God-given freedom to exist on this Earth. In reality, we were created to be different, express different beliefs, and share our differences and interpretations of our existence without conflict or artificial influence. This does not advocate hate-speech, violence, or physically targeting specific ideologies. The majority of humanity does not want to commit violent or illegal acts, and wants to be left alone, however this belief weakens the power of the state. To exist in a paranoid state of fear, societal division, and ideological hatred from opposing views, allows more resources and power to be given to the government, resulting in a seemingly consistent state of pursuit to utopia.

For many, the only option is to turn to the federal government for more programs in order basic needs and attain minimal quality of life. These programs ensure that the poor remain poor, and reliant on these laundering schemes which enable the government to obtain more global resources. These government programs are paid for by the working-class themselves, through artificial inflation: the printing of U.S. currency in exchange for commodities, and international clout.

Smaller States like Rhode Island have now begun to seek further methods of financial compensation, using tactics which suggest that citizens who reserve specific beliefs should be persecuted to further their societal reign. In addition this deceptive strategy will boost the vaccine sales, and increase Rhode Island’s vaccinated numbers. Political operatives who exist within the government of Rhode Island will later utilize these high figures to win favor of the public, remain in office, and continue to leech off society while reconfiguring the ideological mentality of those they govern in the process. As shocking as this story may seem, this is likely only the beginning of radical legislation being touted as gospel. The World Health Organization’s (WHO) International Health Regulations (IHR) seeks to acquire total control of the global pandemic response, encouraging countries to change their national legislation to correlate with actions which best serves their own interests. Could this be the start of globally influenced change to national legislation? Were Rhode Island legislators swayed by the great medical narrative to which all must abide? Will Rhode Islanders be some of the first individuals persecuted under the discriminative, degrading, and dehumanizing adjustments to the traditional American way of life as we know it?

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