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Monkeypox — a virus which is transmitted between humans and monkeys —has become the newest pathogen of discussion among global health institutions such as the World Health Organization (WHO). The organization’s Director General, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, warned that the Monkeypox virus has been spreading to hosts undetected throughout the world. The World Health organization (WHO) designated Dr. Rosamund Lewis, as their official Monkeypox Czar who conducted an assessment confirming that more than thirty countries had documented outbreaks within their population. In summary, Dr. Lewis concluded that it “may be too late” to stop the spread of the viral contagion, citing concerns over a global outbreak. This will likely mean that our species could soon experience more lockdowns, social distancing, and experimental injections.

For now, the World Health Organization is not recommending vaccines. Similar to Dr. Fauci’s booster philosophy, the WHO is building demand through exclusivity of the vaccine. This encourages people to advocate their risk, placing themselves at the front of the line when the time comes to inoculate. The WHO stated that they are currently “not recommending mass vaccination.” assuring the public that “[t]here is no need for mass vaccination.” Dr. Lewis, expressed his belief that similar to AIDS, homosexual men were at the greatest risk of spreading the virus. So far, the United States has seen at least nine states with positive cases of Monkeypox. These states include WashingtonCaliforniaUtahColoradoNew YorkMassachusettsVirginiaGeorgia, and Florida.


Monkeypox comes from the same family as smallpox, and chickenpox. Its first symptoms can take up to twenty-one days to appear, and mimic the flu, often delaying thew initial diagnosis. Symptoms include swollen lymph nodes, exhaustion, headache, fever, and infectious lesions which form all over the body. While monkeypox usually clears up on its own, while a person is infected the lesions remain contagious, infecting those who come in physical contact with them, and remain actively contagious until they are visibly gone. Anyone with symptoms is advised by the CDC to avoid sex or being intimate with anyone until they have been tested1.

First discovered in 1958, Monkeypox gained its name rooted in science, being the result of two lab monkeys who suffered from a “pox-like” disease. The first human case of monkeypox was recorded in 1970, while research and development were underway to eradicate smallpox from the Democratic Republic of Congo2. In 2003, the first outbreak outside of Africa was reported, occurring in America. Fourty-seven infections were reported throughout six different states. These states included Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Missouri, Ohio, and Wisconsin.

Monkeypox can be contracted by coming in contact with an infected animal. This can occur anywhere from handling the animals to preparation of infected meat. Scratches, bites, saliva, or fluid from lesions can spread the disease across species. Isolation is required until the infection runs its course, in some instances up to four weeks. There are no known cases of asymptomatic infection, however as more research is conducted scientists may discover new information previously unearthed.

PCR Testing

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) released their official “laboratory process” for Monkeypox virus testing. This includes the reliance on PCR testing as a means to determine if an individual is infected with Monkeypox. Initial Monkeypox tests may mimic that of COVID-19’s Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) testing devices, many which were either recalled or allowed to expire. These faulty tests were responsible for the lockdowns which occurred during the initial global outbreak of coronavirus.

With Monkeypox, the first step is patient evaluation by a healthcare provider. From there, the provider consults with the Health Department, who in turn consults with the Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s Emergency Operations Center (CDC EOC). This means Clinicians are required to first consult either their state’s health department or the CDC through the Emergency Operations Center, even providing a phone number (770-488-7100) in the event that a positive case of monkeypox is even suspected.

Negative results, are urged to “pursue other diagnostics,” giving further opportunity to discover a positive case. The CDC cites three different positive diagnosis on their official website: “suspect monkeypox,” “confirmed monkeypox” and “probable monkeypox.” Scientists and researchers may proceed to diagnose some cases as “asymptomatic,” forcing healthy opposition to partake in their global medical dictatorship.

Positive cases are required by the CDC to characterize the strain, while forcing the victim into “isolation” for “treatment.” In addition, contact tracing will be implements, and “consideration for vaccination,” which will likely be mandated.

“All specimens should be sent through the state/territorial public health department, unless authorized to send them directly to CDC.”

– The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

Suspect & Probable Monkeypox

What makes up a positive case? Whether or not you test positive for monkeypox is interpretive to the specific situation. This means, if one is even suspected they may be infected, or know someone who’s been infected, they are subject to revocation of civil rights, for the greater good of the population.

Suspect Monkeypox includes any new characteristic rash, or any symptoms meeting “one of the epidemiologic criteria,” and has a “high suspicion for monkeypox.” This likely means anyone suspected of having the viral disease can be branded with this terminology, escalating their diagnosis to include inoculations.

Probable Monkeypox includes having any amount of detectable levels of “anti-orthopoxvirus IgM antibodies” withing four (4) to fifty-six (56) days after a rash onset, or “other epidemiologic criteria.” This means anyone having natural immunity to monkeypox, and appearing asymptomatic, would be subject to forced vaccinations, and quarantine. For many during COVID-19, lockdowns and quarantine meant missing (or losing) work, school, weddings, funerals, and other necessary events. As America works to build back up its economy, and citizens seek to eliminate their debts incurred during the pandemic, “probable monkeypox” will likely soon be a term to avoid, despite the fact that PCR tests will be used, often providing improper readings due to their dramatic magnification, capable of seeing molecules. This makes it difficult to determine a positive case, and the existence of viral particles and molecules which are not prevalent enough to cause concern. As an example, COVID-19 spike protein molecules may be found in an uninfected individual, and a PCR test set at too high magnification may result in a false positive, leading to the disruption of the supply-chain, the increased printing of money, the onset of economic disaster, more printing of money, the artificial rise in inflation, and the devaluation of currency. As seen with COVID-19, PCR tests are unreliable, specious, and ineffective. PCR testing will ensure Probable Monkeypox runs rampant, allowing further reconstruction of society, money laundering, and the implementation of authoritative control, all while deconstructing and defaming the U.S. Constitution. Instead, America will yield to International Health Regulations (IHR) proposed by the World Health Organization (WHO), encouraging all participating countries to adjust their national legislation to ensure individual compliance to the collectivist narrative, to be enforced globally. Despite this, there will be some individuals who do not have Monkeypox viral molecules which can be detected through a PCR test allowing a positive case of Probable Monkeypox, requiring vaccination and quarantine. To combat this, ring vaccination — a technique used to eradicate smallpox — could see a public resurgence.

Ring Vaccination

Ring vaccination is a medical strategy that involves vaccinating the contacts of infected patients, in addition to those in close contact with the infected host3. That means anyone knowing someone with monkeypox is subject to receiving the vaccine. Ring vaccination includes those opposed to the vaccine, removing personal decision from the equation, “for the greater good of public health.” While COVID-19 functioned as a “stress-test” on humanity, monkeypox will piggyback on SARS-CoV-2’s existing protocol.

Ring Vaccination also requires contact tracing and invasive health surveillance in order to ensure the chance of spreading the virus is eradicated. A technique implemented during smallpox, ring vaccination was used to ensure the destruction of the virus. Since its eradication in 1972, humanity has removed smallpox from the list of necessary vaccines4. This is important for two reasons. One, our modern species is now highly susceptible to orthopoxvirus infections, including monkeypox. Two, there is historic proof that mass forced vaccination for all, even the uninfected, is a definite method of eradication of orthopoxvirus infections, like that of monkeypox.

Socialist Distancing

The imminent warnings of monkeypox could indicate the return of social distancing, along with other physical precautions previously unseen during the height of COVID-19. While monkeypox is spread through skin-to-skin contact, it is not technically a sexually transmitted disease. This means that while the media suggests that sex is its method of transmission, the truth is that any physical contact with the lesions, or even inhaling respiratory droplets is enough to transmit the monkeypox virus into the host.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention warns against “hugging” as a potential method of transmission for the monkeypox virus. This encourages division from loved ones — and suggests a self-induced isolation. Through dividing us, and keeping us separated, it becomes that much more difficult to remain united, once confined into isolation it is less likely that individuals will resist orders from the state. The high potential for hugging among citizens gives justification to impose imperial mandates and influence upon each individual, forcing citizens to adhere to a collectivist interpretation of reality. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) believes that it is safer to remain divided from loved ones during pandemic times — if not all times — to ensure we uphold our commitment to the global agenda, and adhere to the International Health Regulations (IHR).

For now, the concern for a monkeypox pandemic appears low, with major health institutions advising against even considering the virus as a serious threat. This could signify that a potential inversion in future policy is in store, as seen with advisories during COVID-19. The medical narrative may be preparing society for an increasing threat, at their own discretion. the entire platform for monkeypox may have just been publicly re-introduced to the new generation, and positioned on America’s backburner. When the time is right, the global (or national) threat could increase and influence policy, the economy, and local health regulations.

“The threat of monkeypox from this outbreak is low to the general public,” assured Amesh A. Adalja, M.D., infectious disease expert at the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security“If there are people who are at risk because of their sexual activities, they should be aware of the fact it is spreading within a sexual network and be cognizant whether or not anyone they’ve been around has lesions consistent with monkeypox.”

Amesh Adalja posted on his Twitter that monkeypox “is not the same as Covid. In terms of transmission, it’s really physical close contact when someone is symptomatic. So you hear us using phrases like skin-to-skin, mouth-to-skin, which is different than how we would describe a respiratory disease”

Amesh Adalja @AmeshAA“This is not the same as Covid. In terms of transmission, it’s really physical close contact when someone is symptomatic. So you hear us using phrases like skin-to-skin, mouth-to-skin, which is different than how we would describe a respiratory disease” ‘Nobody wants to mess this up’: A WHO official weighs in on the challenges of responding to monkeypoxHealth officials stress monkeypox doesn’t present the same kind of threat as Covid-19. On the other hand, it’s not clear transmission can be stopped.statnews.comJune 1st 20224 Retweets16 Likes


While epidemiologists and scientists continue to downplay the severity of monkeypox, global health institutions are putting testing procedures in place. This means that once monkeypox is declared a full-blown pandemic, health officials already have preparations to resume lockdowns and forced vaccinations, even for those who test negative. Through the success of ring vaccinations, the federal government and the global medical dictatorship have the ability to launder even more money through mandated vaccines. The transfer of wealth which occurred during the COVID-19 pandemic, as companies like Moderna, Pfizer-BioNTech, and Johnson & Johnson ingested mass profit off each individual vaccination, it took a vast amount of propaganda, even bribery, to influence the majority of Americans to take multiple experimental vaccinations, and their boosters. Despite their effort, the coronavirus mutated into different iterations, each weakening until Omicron was achieved. Touted by Bill Gates as “more effective than the vaccine,” the weaker naturally forming mutations allowed for the ‘average immune system’ to create antibodies against the virus, building resistance against the virus and its symptoms.

Now, with major pharmaceutical companies are hungry to recreate the revenue machine that existed during the height of COVID-19. Monkeypox, itself may not be something that is a risk to everyone, but through ring vaccinations it will be possible to inoculate every known contact, friend, and family member of any infected individual. This would ultimately constitute the entirety of the global populous. This means big profit for those in charge of the development and distribution of the antiviral concoction. In addition, the fear alone of contracting monkeypox may be enough in itself to induce a state of self-isolation, mass testing, and mandated prophylactic vaccinations. The shift in bureaucratic power which occurred during the coronavirus pandemic through global health institutions and the medical dictatorship will soon seek a new method of revenue to sustain the personal lifestyles of the elite and uphold the position of coercive control. As the new world order sinks its teeth deeper into the stripes of our nation, it is we the people, who function as the biological mechanism which heals the wound. To resist societal division and unify as a population we can defeat the strategically coordinated effort to weaken western values, for the people are the foundation of America. Without the people, the U.S. government is nothing more than a crime syndicate which seeks to contribute nothing of value to the world. The people provide the federal government its funding, build its infrastructure, and exude its international prestige, yet we are the ones who submit our will to the state. Will monkeypox be another iteration of our submission to the state? Or, has monkeypox been addressed early enough to preclude a second pandemic?

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