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The Biden Regime’s New World Order

With America now submerged in the New World Order, the Biden regime continues to manipulate U.S. citizens through propaganda in order to take jobs from our nation, internationally distribute tax dollars, and dismantle the U.S. economy. If you thought the COVID-19 toilet paper shortage was bad, our future state of inflation and supply shortages are likely to further discourage many Americans. Despite this, the U.S. federal government continues making international decisions that result in a weakening of our nation — in exchange for a globalist initiative — ultimately descending America and nationalism into a dark fate.

Almost as state of our nation was itself orchestrated into its current condition through the Biden Administration, coercing the population into a constant state of crisis since his inauguration. The actions against the U.S. economy brought forth by the federal government exhibit an encouragement to sway the public opinion about the source of American energy, influencing the U.S. population to comply with the global climate agenda. This devalues the prosperity of our nation, while dismissing our natural resources, in favor of what is most profitable for those in power. Ultimately, this will force our country into adaptation. Whether that comes in the form of compromise or abstinence, the end result is a reduction of quality of life for the greater populous, allowing oligarchs to gain the most profitable advantage, colluding with foreign entities on the best possible method to collectively govern the global economy. The end result, it is the people who will suffer. The citizens who fund the federal government, and who abide by that governance in exchange for national and individual security, are the ones who may soon be faced with personal and life changing decisions in order to survive.

The World Food Programme (WFP) data states that 811 million people go to bed hungry every night, food insecurity has doubled, and 48.9 million people face “emergency levels” of hunger1. The WFP suggests 60% of these food shortages occur due to war and conflict. The remaining 40% is said to occur due to “Climate shocks,” COVID-19, and lack of funding. The World Food Programme (WFP) announced that it would require $21.5 billion U.S. dollars to reach 147 million people in 2022. To put things into perspective, on Saturday May 21st, 2022 Joe Biden signed a $40 billion aid package to Ukraine which will be paid for by the average everyday working American. While stopping world hunger in its tracks is financially possible, its existence acts as an opportunity for the elite to seek total control of the global economy, and shift our species’ global energy dependence.

This report seeks to explore the possibility that America has likely been strategically coordinated to arrive in its current state. That those who seek power often disregard the hungry, sick, and needy unless it can be politically weaponized in their own personal interests. That the Biden Administration is working in tandem with international foreign leaders and other entities on an entirely different agenda. That the federal government is consistently working to promote a very specific perspective, that will ultimately play a role in the influence of our everyday actions and decisions. That often methods we are conditioned to believe are sustainable, is actually just forward-thinking propaganda while syphoning the power of the people and designed to seamlessly transfer American prosperity, civil rights, and individual beliefs, into the ruling class. That often a national economic crisis is the result of the U.S. federal government’s extravagant spending to which the people must hold responsibility, literally paying the price. That the profit off of the blood and sweat of the average everyday hard-working American continues to line the pockets of those domestic and foreign, who narrate and direct the collectivist utopia to which the world will never see.

Biden Announces Food Shortages Are Coming

On March 23rd, 2022 President Joe Biden confirmed to America that residents would soon be entering into what he referred to as a “New World Order,” warning Americans to prepare for the food shortages that lie ahead2“It’s gonna be real” assured Biden, including America into his list of countries which could expect to feel the impact from his lack of national leadership. Biden mentioning Wheat in his warning to Americans, citing the current conflict between Russia and Ukraine would only add to the current economic strain which our country currently is facing. As America works itself deeper into the globalist agenda, U.S. citizens can expect to experience price increases and supply shortages with increasing reliance on international imports for everyday commodities.

Joe Biden’s direct quote from the NATO Headquarters in Brussels, Belgium during a White House Press Conference on March 24th, 2022 stated,

“With regard to food shortage, yes, we did talk about food shortages.  And — and it’s going to be real.  The price of these sanctions is not just imposed upon Russia, it’s imposed upon an awful lot of countries as well, including European countries and our country as well.  And — because both Russia and Ukraine have been the breadbasket of Europe in terms of wheat, for example — just to give you one example. “

U.S. President Joe Biden

Since the day Biden was enacted into power, his decisions have worked against the American public, from bringing citizens beyond the brink of their Constitutional rights, to the abandonment of our U.S. national resources, ultimately ensuring a future of foreign dependence. Despite our nation’s current reliance on fossil fuels, Biden seeks to continue his “reinvention of America,” which will require the rebuilding of all U.S. infrastructure in order to comply with the global standard. This means all traditional vehicles will need to be replaced, in addition to the reconfiguring of existing buildings, transportation, machinery, and appliances, in order to fully break away from our reliance on natural gas, crude oil, and coal. China is the largest contributor of global emissions, though America is the highest emitter of CO2 per capita. On a global level, America only produces a small percentage of global carbon emissions, around 15%. On paper, this may appear attainable, but in reality how will it transform the lives of everyday hard-working American families? This means that placing restrictions on American’s ability to attain fuel and other products, such as beef, will contribute to the global energy agenda, and uphold America’s allegiance to the reduction in total carbon emission, no matter the devastation to its citizens. When it takes a total lifestyle shift of every citizen, in order to make a significant impact, how willing will each citizen be to reconfigure their own existence?

The result is a one-party totalitarian state of control, providing global oligarchs a once in a lifetime opportunity to control and dominate humanity’s energy industry. This will also ensure an enforcement that will require Americans to update their personal property to align with the new worldwide standard. To encourage this, a carbon tax will likely be introduced as an everyday aspect of our lives. To shape a society requires a single path of opportunity, along with the inhibition and discouragement of all other paths, through an increase in cost. Our species has been conditioned during the pandemic to accept control from those “who know best,” even if the suggestion arises a moral conflict. Today, one message is continuous, that the federal government, and the global iatrarchy inherently know best. Living against their lifestyle suggestions will result in more drastic measures, eventually turning residents against those who condemn a one-party system. The Great Narrative seeks to overthrow the narrative of God, commanding all human beings to abide by a set method of existing no matter the personal decision. By increasing the cost of fossil fuels, many Americans will be literally forced to individually conform to the New World Order, in order to maintain their own quality of life, or even survive.

Supply Chain Crisis Announced

On March 16th, 2022 the United Nations sounded the alarm on the coming supply chain crisis, announcing a United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) “Rapid Assesment3.” This contents of the rapid assessment reported that due to higher fuel costs and rerouting efforts, there will be less container shipping carrying capacity. The UN also warned that the sustaining of war in Ukraine, is expected to escalate freight rates. The United Nations data showed that between February 18th and February 25th, 2022, — just one week’s time — the daily rate increased ~400% from $10,000 per day to $170,000 per day. Higher freight costs are expected to stimulate U.S. inflation, warned the UN, stating that an increase in fuel combined with delays and detours “can have significant impacts on the economy.”

The United Nations rapid assessment also displayed a “simulated impact” of what higher container freight rates will likely mean to the individual consumer. Overall, the UN predicts the entire world will see an overall 1.5% increase in consumer pricing.

This is estimated to include,

  • Computers, electronics, and optical products, which are expected to increase 11.4% in consumer prices,
  • Furniture, textiles, apparel, and leather, which are predicted to increase 10.2%
  • Rubber and plastic could see an increase of 9.4% in consumer prices.
  • Basic pharmaceutical products and preparations, along with electrical equipment is stated to increase 7.5%
  • Electrical equipment, transport equipment, motor vehicles, trailers, semi-trailers, fabricated metal, and machinery and equipment are expected to increase between 6.4% – 7.5%

Citing further global impact from Russian-Ukrainian war, the United Nations highlighted the importance of both countries, and their individual contributions to the global agricultural market. The sanctioning of Russia, and the destruction of Ukraine are already playing a role in the supply chain shortage, impacting some countries more than others. America is not a country where citizens regularly face supply chain shortages, especially with everyday essential products and medicines. Though the detriment of the Russia-Ukraine war is bound to play a factor in America’s economic state, our “economic crisis,” was facilitated through the frivolous printing of trillions of dollars throughout the past few years of the pandemic — most of which the American people never saw yet will have to pay for — which has sunk our economy into its current state. Russia and Ukraine’s conflict does not overshadow the strategic coordinated derailment of our nation through the Biden Administrations’ consistent poor decision making and domestic neglect.

While some Americans advocate the printing and funding of U.S. dollars to aid Ukrainian troops, it is becoming increasingly more difficult to convince the average consumer to simply “buy less,” in order to allocate funds to foreign governments. Is it worth depriving your own family of food and resources to fund a conflict in another country? How much does the Russian-Ukrainian war actually have to do with our national security? How many of the funds, weapons, and supplies are being retained by the Ukrainian government, or sold to other countries? Is both the American funding of the Ukrainian army, and the U.S. sanctioning of Russian citizens engaging our nation and its citizens as a participant in the conflict? How will the United States’ excessive financial contribution to the Ukrainian government effect the food supply in other countries throughout the world?

Russia and Ukraine both export a large portion of the global grain industry. Everyday items like sunflower oil, wheat, barely, corn, and colza seeds, would not as abundant, nor cost the price that they can currently reside without the support and prosperity of both countries.

Together, Russia and Ukraine supply

  • 53% of the world’s Sunflower oil and seeds
  • 27% of the world’s Wheat
  • 23% of the world’s Barley
  • 16% of the world’s Colza seeds
  • 14% of the world’s Corn

Global Deception

The war for global control of humanity’s energy reliance is nothing new. The White House, along with foreign leaders and the bureaucratic medical dictatorship has been working to convince the worldwide population for decades, to coerce our species to adjust to their benefit.

In 2013, former U.S. president Obama warned that everyone must work together to stop certain destruction. Obama cautioned that our planet would soon boil over, if all Africans gained access to vehicles, air conditioning, and large houses. The only way to stop this was if everyone worked together to switch their energy reliance, including those in first world countries. Those in first world countries, according to Obama would be expected to change the most, in order to give Africans homes, cars, and air conditioning. This message suggests that first world countries, like America, are holding back the development of countries like Africa. What evidence suggests that skyrocketing American inflation and U.S. supply shortages are going to contribute enough of a reduction in carbon emissions to allow Africans to obtain further resources?

The exact wording of President Obama statement reads,4

We’re going to all have to work together to find ways in which collectively, we reduce carbon but we make sure that there’s some differentiation so that countries that are very wealthy are expected to do more, and countries that are still developing, obviously they shouldn’t be resigned to poverty simply because the West and Europe and America got there first.  That wouldn’t be fair.  But everybody is going to have to do something.  Everybody is going to have to make some important choices here.  And I expect that it’s going to be your generation that helps lead this, because if we don’t, it’s going to be your generation that suffers the most.”

“Ultimately, if you think about all the youth that everybody has mentioned here in Africa, if everybody is raising living standards to the point where everybody has got a car and everybody has got air conditioning, and everybody has got a big house, well, the planet will boil over — unless we find new ways of producing energy.  And tomorrow, or the next day, when I visit Tanzania, I’m actually going to be going to a power plant to focus on the need for electrification, but the need to do it in an environmentally sound way.”

— Former U.S. President Barack Obama

World Economic Forum

The World Economic Forum (WEF) has long planned for global food shortages. Directed by Klaus Schwab, the WEF’s concept of The Great Narrative5 plays off the COVID-19 pandemic6, which has catalyzed the ushering of The Great Reset7. What began as an experiment simulating a novel coronavirus originating in bats8,9, quickly materialized into a full fledge pandemic, unveiling the new world in which we inhabit today. Event 201 laid the groundwork for the horrors which would unfold throughout the world, transforming the direction of our nation into an unrecognizable and disheartening path10. Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, scientists have long advocated the efficiency of eating insects, citing 2,000 edible species worldwide11.

Within a year of the outbreak, the World Economic Forum’s consistent transhumanist propaganda began to suggest that our species reconfigure our diet to encompass new sources of sustainable proteins. The World Economic Forum would like humanity to believe bugs are the future of food12. As more people shift their diet to bugs, there will be greater resources available for the elite. In June 2021, the World Economic Forum (WEF) began suggesting eating bugs as a method to combat global food shortages, even creating a video to highlight their nutritional benefits. In addition there have been many other advocates of insect-eating, attempting to normalize the idea of willing bringing these pests to the dinner table13. Beyond artificial depopulation, entomophagy is seen by the World Economic Forum as the most efficient long-term solution to solve world hunger, while reducing our carbon footprint. The WEF warned that “By 2050, the world’s food supply will need to feed another 2 billion people.” High in protein, low cost, and ubiquitous, insect-based diets have been suggested for people struggling to afford—or find—the necessary nutrients in the coming age of inflation.

“A study on crickets suggests they are twice as efficient in converting feed to meat as chicken, at least four times more efficient than pigs and 12 times more efficient than cattle.”

– World Economic Forum

In addition, states the WEF, the high protein content makes it highly digestible to seniors when used as an ingredient. “Insect rearing” is less expensive and healthier for the environment, offering a 99% reduction in pollution, and producing 80 times less methane than beef. The potential for economic devastation is so great that the FDA has already begun authorizing genetically altered meats, for increased availability of food. Despite experimental meats for human consumption, many farmers view genetically altered cattle as a more secure method of their own sustainability. In the modern age, one can choose the features to be genetically encoded into the cattle, resulting in a variety of economic benefits. Currently, no data exists displaying long term use of consuming genetically altered meats as a primary source of protein. Bugs, however, are something that have been historically eaten since the beginning of time. Due to the current decisions and sanctions being made by leaders across the world, there may come a point in the future that entomophagy may no longer be a choice.

World Order Summit 2022

The World Order Summit14 Organization is a global, “non-profit organization” committed to shaping and controlling the future of governments. Since it was unveiled in 2013, the Summit has strived to change the future of humanity, gaining control of the trajectory of our decisions, and the limits of our perceptions. This occurs in the form of economic inflation, and the devaluing of domestic currency, in order to pay for the global shift in energy reliance. Solidifying their collectivist one-party narrative, the World Order Summit has allowed a place for world leaders to collude and engage in economic attacks against their own population. We, the people, are the ones who end up paying for these green energy advances in every aspect of our lives. This is becoming increasingly apparent, effecting more and more products many Americans previously have taken for granted. Ultimately that cost is compromising some aspect of our previous way of life, and dismantling the strength of our nation.

The World Order Summit seeks to revoke American nationalism, and smearing its very idea as discriminative, exclusive, or racist. The alternative is a one-party way of life in which all adhere to. Those who oppose this future way of life will likely face social consequences, or even the revocation of access to digital resources. This can be seen today with both free speech censorship, and divisively shaping the narrative of mainstream social networking and public group communication. As global energy dependence is adjusted in favor of those who design it, its inevidible transformation will usher the ability to control every aspect of civilization. This means total control from the food we choose to eat, to the vehicles we choose to drive, and the physical and digital products we choose to purchase. As more Americans are encouraged — coerced — to make alternative decisions through inflation, devaluing purchasing power, and producing scarcity, other options naturally begin to take precedence.

World Resources

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations predicts that by 2050, the global population will expand to 9 billion people, “forcing an increased food/feed output…resulting in an even greater pressure on the environment15.” Citing edible insects’ large amount of high protein, vitamin content, and amino acid, the FAO highlights their reduction in greenhouse gases and ammonia, referring to them as “mini-livestock.” The FAO has been working since 2003 to normalize insect-eating worldwide. As interest becomes increased, still many modern individuals find eating insects a disgusting practice in which they would opt out of, nor advocate the transition to.

A 2013 World Resources Institute report warned that in order “[t]o meet different human needs, by 2050 it [the world] must simultaneously produce far more food for a population expected to reach about 9.6 billion…and reduce environmental impacts, including ecosystem degradation and high greenhouse gas emissions16.”

How will our species sustain necessary levels of food, in preparation of the future expansion in our national populous?

National Institutes of Health

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) published a scientific report titled “The merits of entomophagy in the post COVID-19 world17.” This report highlighted the “low risk for zoonotic disease transmission” and the “high industrial output” as a result of making the switch to insects in a post COVID-19 world. Some may even consider this propaganda for the coming New World Order. Adjusting the human diet to bugs is a consistent solution offered by world leaders and global influencers, to be enacted between now and 2050. The NIH report describes the changes to human society which occurred as a result of the SARS-CoV-2 outbreak, which impacted every sector of the planet. COVID-19 changed our world forever, as more begin to realize each day that we will never again return to our old way of life. The SARS-CoV-2 outbreak signified the beginning of an information war, and the birth of a new “cult-like” mentality, a single Great Narrative leading to salvation.

The Great Narrative will address “food security,” a term which is finding its way into future generations regular vocabulary, and becoming a very real concern, especially for future generations, and it now appears to be a problem that scientists and world leaders wish to publicly address. The solution it seems, is the coerced re-education of what we should eat and how should we live, including a total reset of our day-to-day habits. The eventual goal, to abide by whatever means yields the rulers of the New World Order the greatest profit, at the expense of a total adjustment of their own citizens. The global shift in perceptive, and an increased state of paranoia remains following the COVID-19 hysteria, which paved an unprecedented solution for global oligarchs, hailing the future of our species’ into a conditioned reality. This can already be witnessed in the younger generations who have previously not been given the “privilege” of experiencing normalcy. Today, we are expected to live in a state of fear, changing our way of life, continuously seeking instructions from the federal government. The NWO demands that we must forget God and must take caution against breathing air, rely on injections to maintain a functional immune system, be careful to not speak outside of the narrative, nor engage in “thought crimes,” which will include seeking alternative forms of information which go against this bureaucratic utopia. According to the New World Order, the new era of “normal” has arrived.

“In 2020, human society underwent several drastic changes due to the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic, which generated an unprecedented global impact. Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, various pressing concerns underlying food security, such as transport, production, and maintenance of the supply chain, have been raised.”

– National Institutes of Health (NIH) report

Source: Doi H, Gałęcki R, Mulia RN. The merits of entomophagy in the post COVID-19 world. Trends Food Sci Technol. 2021 Apr;110:849-854. doi: 10.1016/j.tifs.2021.01.067. Epub 2021 Feb 5. PMID: 33564209; PMCID: PMC7862027.


On the other end of the spectrum, advocates like Bill Gates suggest a far more sinister alternative — the reduction in global population. Arguably, this process has already begun decades ago, bringing an increased prevalence of ill health effects into today’s global populous. As corporate entities are faced with the simple option to source healthy ingredients, or use lost-cost chemical alternatives — soon even bugs — the majority of the time the answer will be the cheaper and more accessible alternatives. Is this decision in itself a form of subtle depopulation? Beyond ingredients and medicine, machines and vehicles produce everything from formaldehyde to brake dust, many of which go unregulated in heavily populated areas. So much, that many Americans can easily describe the smell of vehicle exhaust, brake dust, and other known toxins. Another example is Radiofrequency Electromagnetic Fields (RF-EMF) which moves through us consistently in varying wavelengths and concentrations, at all times. Do these known hazards exist due to the low-cost in which it takes to create these products? How do these everyday hazards, which yield high profits, contribute to the longevity of our species? Through both means, the elite are able to absorb and control global resources, working together to ensure an oligopoly in which all citizens must participate and comply. How will our species biologically adapt to slowly eliminating traditional forms of protein, for an insect alternative? Could the reduction of decisions to which humanity obtains protein sources be a part of this depopulation agenda in order to reset humans’ global energy dependence? Related: Does 5G Cause Covid-19 Symptoms?

Yogi Sadhguru, another avid proponent of reducing the amount of souls on the planet, believes that reduction of human life is the only way to sustain the future of our species. The World Economic Forum refers to him as a “visionary,” for the future of humanity’s well-being18. Sadhguru refers to himself as “a worm on the planet,” which sheds light on his depiction of the entirety of our species. Sadhguru also suggests that women who are able to get pregnant and choose not, deserve an award or incentive. This will help reduce the future population, allowing more resources for the living. Examples of these are depictions of the mindset from those who seek control of our planet. Megalomaniacs like Sadhguru wean their power using transhumanist influence, even using material incentives to inhibit the continuation of our species. This method of thinking is not only anti-American, anti-human, and anti-God, but seeks to derail the secured minds of individuals who contribute to society for future generations. Human beings do not exist on this Earth merely to produce resources for oligarchs to absorb after our demise. Dark powerful forces like Sadhguru view a decline in our population not only as a means of survival, but as a reduction in competition for control of world resources. To the majority of humanity, successors and family are an important aspect to passing down traditions, values, morals, beliefs, and individual thinking. The problem is not the population. The problem is the misallocation of world resources from the public, the devaluation of the U.S. dollar, and funneling the people’s finances into the bank accounts of the bureaucratic pseudo-rulers of the world — disguised as inflation.

Inflation Data –


The cost of wheat has soared since Biden has been in office19Ukraine is responsible for about a quarter of America’s wheat, however some countries such as Africa, fully rely on Ukraine’s wheat for their survival. With the U.S. sanctions of the war on Russia, and Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, Biden has sent a death sentence to Africa, who rely on Ukrainian wheat20. In summer of 2020, during the initial unraveling of society during the COIVID-19 pandemic, North Africa has already begun importing 60% of its wheat in an effort to keep up with consumer demand21.

While Ethiopia, Kenya, and South Africa grow significant amounts of wheat, they still rely on grain imports in order to maintain sustainable levels for residents. Because of this. wheat import shortages are also likely to be felt in Cameroon, Algeria, Libya, Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, Morocco and Mozambique22. The UN estimates that within the next two years around 2 million people will succumb to starvation.

In March 2022, the African Development Bank’s president Akinwumi Adesina, announced it would raise funds, ensuring 4-million African farmers would continue, and increase, their production of domestically grown grains. To aid this development, the African Development Bank stated that it would implement climate-resilient technologies, focusing their work on heat-tolerant wheat varieties and other crops. 

The United Nations stated from 2018-2020 Africa imported 44% of its total wheat import from Russia and Ukraine, totaling $5.1 billion dollars.

  • Twenty-five African countries, import over 33% of their wheat from Russia and Ukraine. (see Figure 3)
  • Fifteen African countries import half (50%) of their wheat from the combined two countries.

Source: Wheat PRICE Today | Wheat Spot Price Chart | Live Price of Wheat per Ounce | Markets Insider (

Gas and Electricity

While the federal government could make a series of decisions resulting in lower gas and electricity prices, their goal is to transition the American population off of fossil fuels. Global leaders and NGO’s have figured out a political strategy to re-establish who controls the world’s fuel and energy reliance through a shift in policy, in hopes of attaining total control of the global economy. The solution that Biden has implemented to remove our reliance on fossil fuel, will ensure American gas prices stay high, an attempt to encourage switching to electric powered vehicles, and other green energy compliant vehicles. While the Biden Administration forces out domestic crude oil and leaves behind natural gas, as we fall more reliant on green energy, it will likely be the American citizen who suffers, all while funding the entire operation. Is the mining of Cobalt for Lithium batteries used in electric vehicles any better for the environment than fossil fuels? How dependable are solar panels or wind energy, and is the maintenance required to ensure its efficiency — along with the emissions created during production — a drastic difference for the environment? Why should our current generation be the ones paying the ultimate price, only to watch as world leaders get rich in the process? What regard do those benefiting from these actions and lifestyle transitions have for the majority who suffer as a result? The American people no longer have a choice, as they are the primary investors of the United States’ contribution to the global energy scheme.

Our green energy future, will ultimately ensure a dependence on foreign import, taking money from the hardworking American individual and distributing it internationally. Instead of building up the prosperity of our country, American natural resources are overlooked, as if it were a barren wasteland. Instead of thriving as a superpower, America has come to rely on the importation of the majority of our supplies. This drives up the cost significantly of all foreign imports, while encouraging scarcity as delays and other unforeseeable obstacles arise from cargo ships.

While it is difficult to obtain definitive data on climate change, its existence is now politically weaponized against the people, allowing a select hand of individuals the ability to profit, harness control, and act as gatekeepers to the distribution of the future of energy as we know it. In exchange, we the people get to be responsible for “saving the planet for future generations.” The great energy conversion is based upon theoretical principles, none which have previously been achieved in our current state, however, are guaranteed to yield an immense profit, no matter the outcome. Once consumer product designers and manufactures are legally obligated to conform to the new global regulations, our world’s population will likely enter a new era of control to all of our most valuable resources, influencing food, medicine, and fuel. The people themselves will be individually responsible for conforming their lifestyles to the new energy demand. This will likely include rethinking every aspect of life as we know it.


Nitrogen fertilizer is made from natural gas23. Although this is not the only type of fertilizer available, many countries rely on Nitrogen-based fertilizers for their crops. A rapid decline in Nitrogen fertilizer would result in a lack of immediate resources, until farmers and domestic agricultural industries can make necessary adjustments. The faster Americans are forced to adhere to the globalist switch on energy reliance, the more detrimental the effect on the production of crops and other natural resources. Many countries, including America, are reliant on nitrogen-based fertilizer for crops and foods. As a result of shortages in nitrogen fertilizer, there is likely to be an impact on crops, producing scarcity, and further contributing to national inflation24.


Ammonia is another readily available substance, thanks to natural gas. This compound is created artificially using natural gas, steam, and the nitrogen in our atmosphere25. From there, ammonia is used to make fertilizers, plastics, fabrics, dyes, pesticides, refrigerants, explosives, stabilizers, neutralizers, and pharmaceuticals26. Although fossil fuel critics cite the carbon emissions which are produced from natural gas, its function has allowed the abundancy of substances, medicines, and resources which would not otherwise be possible. America has already begun to experience the collateral damage from the global transfer of power, and combined collectivist effort to obtain total control of humanity’s global energy dependence.

Baby Formula

According to the White House, on February 17, 2022, Abbot Nutrition — the largest infant formula manufacturer in America — initiated a voluntary recall of several lines of powdered formula after four infants became sick resulting in the death of two27. While this has nothing to do with the coming food shortages of the future, its existence does shed light to the horrors which exists during times of life-and-death, and the risks of starvation.

One of these horrors, “price gouging,” — or the artificial increase in prices by unauthorized retailers, attempting to profit off the shortage — was acknowledged by the Biden regime. In the end, price gouging adds scarcity to an already strained market. In addition mothers needing to feed their infants must dish out more money to afford these high prices. The end result from the coming food shortages is an unregulated and unfair black market. This was seen during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic with toilet paper, masks, hand sanitizer, and Clorox wipes being out of stock or resold at outrageous costs.


Walmart CFO Brett Briggs vowed that his team and their suppliers would keep costs low for the customers28. One example of Walmart’s strategy to deal with inflation, was switching from gallons of milk to half-gallons of milk, in an effort to allow more families to afford essential products. Sadly, this statement depicts a horrifying fact: that most American families cannot even afford a gallon of milk. This means that children will be growing up drinking half the amount of milk in their everyday lives. What effect will a change like this — a shift in the availability of produce and other essential nutrients — bring to our future generations of hard-working Americans? Should children and their families be penalized, forcing equal contribution in order to produce the outrageous funding of foreign governments to which we currently exude?


Beyond the price of gas, food, and other vital necessities, the Biden regime predicts that America is entering a new stage of inflation: scarcity. This means some changes in decision making with new factors that had previously not been considered. These impacts heed warning into the downward spiral in which U.S. President Joe Biden has conditioned our nation’s economy. Instead of producing ways to combat against food shortages, the Biden Administration likely views the dwindling dollar as a political opportunity, and an advantage to increase our reliance on international import. Although global trade is a viable alternative in many aspects, total reliance on foreign import will deprive our nation and its citizens of previous consumption, habits, and lifestyle. While many Americans may acclimate to this adjustment, what condition will a shift in the availability of nutrients leave our nation’s youth?

Once food manufacturers, corporate brands, and even restaurants begin to implement alternative sources of sustainable protein into their products, — such as edible insects — it will result in a permanent change to our species way of life. Whereas many companies use meat, nuts, soy, or other forms of naturally sourced protein, reliance on bugs give a distinct financial advantage to businesses looking to maintain or increase their financial profit, at the expense of everyone who must eat them. By normalizing the idea of eating insects, the consumer market will be slowly swayed to indulge in the consumption of these creatures. While reducing and replacing primary protein sources in our diet will likely impact human development, how will the presence of bugs in food change the safety and health inspections tolerance of the presence of other insects in food? Are some bugs cleaner healthier or more tolerated than other bugs, and if so will companies specify the species of insect protein which the food will be sourced from? What regulations will ensure a portion of an insect does not survive the production, and what will prevent insect eggs from existing in the products? Will bacteria will form faster inside of the food which is produced from bugs, and if so will these foods require higher levels of chemical preservatives to be added?

Many everyday first-world American luxuries, such as an everyday surplus of resources, will soon succumb to the New World Order’s depraved green energy power-grab. The United States’ government is quickly gaining the ability to utilize their own artificial inflation, to further launder U.S. dollars internationally, in a strategic game of global political bribery. Through human manipulation, to gain the backing and compliance of the American people behind their decision to do so. Through this switch, the elite will simultaneously prosper while maintaining control over citizen’s decisions and contributions to their malicious system. Although food shortages are now becoming regular household discussions throughout America, it appears that the majority of the U.S. federal government and other world leaders are most concerned with making decisions which influence their own personal prosperity, no matter the consequence.

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