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BuBble Gun: Laser Vaccines

Throughout human history, our species has provided family-friendly household names to horrifying inventions, subjectively in an effort to humanize and normalize newly discovered useful, yet potentially dangerous and uncontrolled technology. The next iteration in this consistent pattern: the BuBble Gun, a needle-free laser vaccine.

On April 17th, 2022, The World Economic Forum (WEF) announced the world’s first needle-free vaccines, the BuBble Gun developed by researchers in the Netherlands1David Fernández Rivas, is the founder of the needle-free vaccine technology, believes that his invention will revolutionize the medical industry, while providing a significant reduction in medical waste2. Using a small laser to heat the glass, creating a bubble which pushes out the contents through the skin at 60mph. This technology reports virtually “pain-free” injections which can be administered directly to the host, without leaving a mark.

While this technology is hailed as the next medical innovation, it may take up to three years for society to see its implementation into our everyday lives. Once this technology has integrated into society, its expansion will likely be a rapid shift, starting with hospitals and working its way into pharmacies, public terminals, airports, or any facility which vaccines are required. While the BuBble Gun still has a long way to go, its inventor continues to pursue the contraption’s production, with the belief that this technology will revolutionize the future of modern medicine.

David Fernández Rivas

David Fernández Rivas, is the inventor of the needle-free vaccine technology named “BuBble Gun,” and a Nuclear Engineer and Associate Professor at Mesoscale Chemical Systems, TechMed Centre, and MESA+ Institute3. Beyond the BuBble Gun, David Fernández Rivas has developed other companies, and organizations that reside in the same ecosystem, in order to enable the consistent progress of needle-free vaccine technology. InkBeamsBuBclean, and the Future Under Our Skin (FUOS) are

InkBeams, is another company founded by David Fernández Rivas which provides the BuBble Gun with a “needle-free microjet injector platform for medical devices to create thin liquid droplets to penetrate the skin.”

BuBclean is another spin-off company created by David Fernández Rivas which uses specialized bags for ultrasonic cleaning, using machines to produce ultrasonic frequencies (between 20kHz-40kHz) to stimulate deionized water, or other liquids, creating cavitation resulting in microbubbles for a more efficient cleaning.

The Future Under Our Skin (FUOS), is the umbrella organization encompassing the combined effort to achieve BuBble Gun technology. An interview conducted displays the alliance’s motivation to achieving the BuBble Gun as being the first to bring new medical innovations to market? David Fernández Rivas stated his “long term plan” was to bring this technology into society.

David Fernández Rivas also is an affiliate of Mesoscale Chemical Systems4, a research group operating from the University of Twente. Beyond the University, Mesoscale Chemical Systems boasts a “global fingerprint,” which shares research through their scientific community5. One of these locations is the Chinese Academy of Science6 (CAS) – Shanghai Institute of Microsystem and Information Technology. This means that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has likely gained access to the cutting-edge technology derived from Mesoscale’s research. The MESA+ Institute website displays their global partners. From the list of international partners, four reside under the control of the Chinese Communist Party. These are the South China Normal University (Guangzhou)Northwestern Polytechnic University (Xian)Dalian University of Technology, and the Beijing Institute of Technology.

China. It should be noted here any concern expressed against China is not directed at the Chinese population, nor Chinese citizens, but targets and depicts the Chinese government, or the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). Aside from the China’s military, the People’s Liberation Army (PLA), the Chinese government wields a civilian army, through the means of an authoritative totalitarian constant surveillance state. Any potential for unwilling compliance is reported, and secured through harsh judgement, with punishment for rebellion. According to many average citizens in China, it is easier to abide by the laws of The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) than attempt to defy local regulations in protest. The Chinese citizens are not brainwashed individuals. The majority do not have a choice, and comply to ensure the least amount of government interference. Proponents are Chinese nationalists who stand with the government, resulting in a heightened social credit score, allowing greater prosperity, and national pride. Xi Jinping designates influential compliance as “patriotism,” labeling government resistance and dissent as “treason” against the party. The enforcement of this practice ensures the CCP complete accessibility to civilian property, technology, and information. This means the Chinese Communist Party has compromised the BuBble Gun technology, and now holds the power to create further iterations. This technology, in the wrong hands will likely be used to increase its grip on society, further oppressing residents.

How it Works

The BuBble Gun uses a continuous-wave laser7 to create a process called “Thermocavitation.” According to the BuBble Gun team, “Cavitation” means “the formation and collapse of bubbles,” while “Thermocavitation” uses a laser to produce this same reaction, in a far more controlled way. Traditionally, cavitation has been achieved using ultrasonic frequencies, requiring a solvent and machines which could produce these frequencies, and contain this process.

Through the use of thermocaviation, high speed microfluidic jets are generated, which when focused produce a needle-like stream, capable of virtually invisible penetration of skin. To achieve this, studies were conducted on water droplets8. Below is a picture of this study, sourced from the BuBble Gun’s official website.

On February 9th, 2022 BuBble Gun announced that they had received a grant of €150,000.00 ($162,095.51) from the European Research Council, to create a proof of concept. This would be a functional prototype which would display the benefit of using laser-based injections over traditional needle-based vaccines.

Thermocavitation uses energy from a continuous wave laser to produce phase transitions of liquid into gas bubbles.”

“Bold-Jet will become a solution perfectly suitable for treatments that do not require a high dosage in one injection event. Among others, vaccines such as antigen-based and nanoparticle-based (as used for mRNA vaccines against COVID-19), hormones, and drugs with elevated potency are good candidates. The same technology will be capable of injecting other types of liquids of great commercial relevance, such as inks and cosmetic formulations.”


On October 20th, 2020, David Fernández Rivas published a report, which indicated both a potential lack of understanding to the full complexity of the needle-free injection process, along with a concerning detail. The first detail of Dr. Rivas’ report revealed that the physics of the BuBble Gun technology had not been fully studied. Alongside this, a second detail in the report showed that “high surface pressure” from the stress created by this process could “damage, or clean, the surface.” What would this mean to the veins of a human being? The jet stream propels the liquid contents at 60mph directly through the skin and into the body. This brings question and concern to the potential damage which could be done to the lining of the walls of “injected” veins, and surrounding tissue, or organs, using the BuBble Gun laser-vaccine technology.

“The collapse of a gas or vapour bubble near a solid boundary produces a jet directed towards the boundary. High surface pressure and shear stress induced by this jet can damage, or clean, the surface. More complex geometries will result in changes in collapse behaviour, in particular the direction of the jet.”

There is currently very little known about how complex geometries affect bubble collapse. We numerically and experimentally investigate how a slot in a flat boundary affects the jet direction for a single bubble.”

Positive Usage

Reduced Contamination. The reduction in contamination alone is enough to bring this technology to the forefront of the medical revolution. A reduction in medical waste, less ecotoxicity, and the ability to administer vaccines in less-than-ideal locations, place the BuBble Gun technology above current existing methods of traditional vaccination. In addition, the disposal of these units will become a far easier process, as there will be no hypodermic needles which harbor contagions of concern. The Earth will also see a benefit as there will be less build-up of medical waste.

Biological Defense Research Facilities. During the process of biological defense research, scientists must be inoculated against a plethora of pathogens to ensure their survival in the case of exposure. Traditionally, this included a list of painful injections, which required the skin to be punctured with a syringe. When working with deadly biological pathogens and their mutations, the smallest laceration on the skin is enough to provide an increased opportunity for viral or bacterial particles to enter the body. For this reason, during bioweapon research in facilities such as Biopreparat, scientists would strip naked to be inspected for open wounds before entering a secure facility. Once inside, some research itself, such as injecting pathogen into animals strapped to wooden boards, opened the scientists to further vulnerability. The development of a stable weaponized Marburg mutation was accidentally discovered in this way, after a scientist was bumped while injecting animals (which were not strapped to boards, as the protocol set forth at Biopreparat. The needle punctured his glove, directing the Marburg virus into his hand. Following his agonizing death, Marburg 2.0 was extracted, and deemed “Variant U” after the scientist who harbored the mutation of the virus, Unistov.

Vital Injections. Patients suffering from diabetes, who required daily injections. Future mothers injecting hormones every night on order to get pregnant. Birth Control, for those who choose to do so. Dental injections, spinal injections, intramuscular injections, and more, can all be painlessly administered without daily discomfort which traditionally occurs. A friendly alternative for children, and those with trypanophobia,

Apart from humanitarian risks, one area of concern is the practice of aspiration during injections9. This allows doctors and nurses to know that they are injecting into the right place, whether it is into a muscle10, or a vein. While the BuBble Gun will force the concept of needle aspiration into an obsolete practice of the past, what new risks may arise through needle-free vaccination? What practices will replace traditional aspiration during vaccines, in order to ensure the concoction goes into the right place?

Humanitarian Risks

With the development of new creations, comes the potential for both its abuse, and weaponization. The BuBble Gun technology can be weaponized in a multitude of ways against U.S. civilians. With mandated vaccines this technology may even allow for the initial bypassing of Constitutional rights, as the feeling of “being scanned” takes the place of “being stabbed.” This needle-free technology will be an essential building block in the global iatrarchy, and the coming new world order. In many instances, circumstances, and perspectives, the new global regime may already have arrived.

Not vaccinated? No problem. In the war against the unvaccinated, the BuBble Gun could likely find its way into vaccinated-only areas. Due to the decrease in the probability of contamination, compared to the traditional process of vaccination, these contraptions may appear readily available in public spaces, entrances, and terminals. If a traveler, eventgoer, or resident find themselves out of their homes with an expired vaccine passport, and in need of a booster, instant access to vaccines can be acquired. Airports, subway systems, hospitals, ambulances, taxis, car rentals, hotels, restaurants, nightclubs, bars, movie theatres, and other amenities would incorporate the BuBble Gun technology into their admission.

Mandated Vaccines. The complete removal of the unvaccinated. Choice would no longer be an option. In the future, technology may exist which instantly administers new vaccines depending on the local mutations of seasonal or new viruses and bacteria routinely sampled. The injection — or scanning — of these vaccines could occur anywhere money is accepted, simply by scanning the implanted RFID microchip for payment, while simultaneously administering the vaccine through the BuBble Gun. If attending an event, attendees would “scan” their arm for entry, while receive the necessary inoculations to gain access to the desired destination. Though vaccines often take days, or weeks to gain maximum efficacy, the definition of fully vaccinated may once again be adjusted to simply “receiving the vaccine.” As seen during the COVID-19 pandemic, correlating with this future perspective, private companies will likely be penalized for resisting, and rewarded for compliance. Eventually, this practice would become so painless and so routine, many would stop questioning the contents of their inoculations. A full totalitarian iatrarchy will have been successfully achieved.

Drug Addiction. Will drug addiction become more accessible through a simple scan as opposed to self-injection? Could this friendly needle-free approach encourage more youth to partake in harder drugs, which the methods appear more “user friendly?” While it may be true that a portion of our species will abuse all forms of technology, medicine, and innovation, needle-free technology gives an entirely different visual impression than traditional means of intravenous drug use. In addition, the injections of these substances are more likely to occur in public places, as they require a less-complicated and less-hygienic process. Although this aspect likely at this point does not matter to its creators, harder drugs will become more prevalent in underground black-markets with accessibility to needle-free vaccine technology. While the possibility for drugs addiction runs high, addicts may not be the only ones seeking illegal access to these contraptions.

Terrorist Organizations. As a species, we have witnessed every conceivable invention become obtained through the black market by nefarious forces and weaponized for use against the public. Everything from nuclear technology, to biological weapon research, to gain-of-function research, has been openly available for use, including in those with malicious intent. By obtaining BuBble Gun technology, terrorists will gain the ability to silently inject individuals with anything they so choose. A simple scan on a handful of people could release enough viral particles to create another and even more devastating pandemic. The fact that this technology causes no pain, while painlessly allowing contents to be passed into the body, and bloodstream through skin, creates a much more significant opportunity for the distribution of destructive pathogens.

Assassinations. Assassinations will soon be able to occur (in greater frequency) without leaving a trace. The extermination of political dissent, including the realignment of international political regime will soon be possible. As this technology improves, it is likely the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) will develop a stronger, more high-powered version of this technology, which can inject any substance into a target from a remote location, satellite, or drone. This will appear as an invisible attack, and its existence could result in mass casualties, and even the extermination of ideologically different countries seen as obstacles in China’s 2049 plan of economic world domination. While their advancement disperses waves of communist influence throughout western society, the most disturbing aspect is how gaining access to their 1.4 Billion person population, or the product of their oppression, can cause so many government entities to embrace their reign of global economic influence, causing destruction to America’s economy, under the guise of global unification, or climate change.

Medical Executions. Hospitals and doctors partaking in medical executions, as seen around the world during COVID-19, will find great use with the BuBble Gun. Without detection, the BuBble Gun can be used to inject peptides and other naturally occurring amino acids, producing a host of debilitating symptoms, at high levels, resulting in the patient’s death. Although medical complications have skyrocketed during the pandemic, the BuBble Gun seeks to increase the severity and ultimately provide a greater method of control for doctors to increase their salaries. Death Row may also find use of the BuBble Gun, where it can openly engage in perfecting this aspect of the technology.

This is just one of the many ways, possibly the most effective yet, which this technology caters to corrupt doctors and other sinister medical professionals seeking to financially profit off of hospital procedures. Using the BuBble Gun ensure wealthy subjects remain in the care of the hospital, or the occupancy of a bed can be cleared for another patient with more funding. This practice occurred in many hospitals during COVID-19, where doctors were financially incentivized for positive COVID-19 cases, the use of Remdesivir, placing patients on ventilators, and even the diagnosis of a COVID-19 death itself. During the coronavirus pandemic, Remdesivir was the only drug that was approved by the FDA for the treatment of COVID-19, and as a result was an officially recommended ingredient for use in hospitalized patients requiring supplemental oxygen11.

It is worth noting this is not an attack against every sector of the medical community. This claim should not suggest all doctors, nor medical institutions are corrupt, as the majority are looking to help patients in need. However, malicious oligarchs exist above those who seek to do good, and issue the final say in what happens to a patient once they are admitted into a hospital’s care. The issue for many, is determining which doctors, institutions, and organizations are fighting for the lives and rights of the patients, and which view the patients in their care as commodities.

Contact Tracing. Biological tracers, and RFID microchips will soon be able to be installed through the same laser-injection style process. As mentioned in previous reports, companies have already begun offering Microchips to employees for proprietary access to company resources. Now, that technology has arrived in everyday RFID payment methods, citing the technology is completely “safe” having been used for decades on animals12. Electricity, Cigarettes, Alcohol, Lead, Radium, Nuclear Radiation, Electromagnetic Radiation, Plastics, Cocaine, Heroin, Asbestos, E-cigarettes, Aluminum, and COVID-19 vaccines were originally touted as 100% safe and effective substances. The world’s top doctors and scientists even advocated their usage and safety. What negative effects could occur from RFID microchipping and other forms of internal biological contact tracing? Will needle-free vaccines inspire new opportunities which encourage the merging of technologies, resulting in a “simpler future?”


The company explained their novel contraption, citing a sixty mile per hour velocity, without any wound or entry point. The BuBble Gun technology may very soon become the vaccines of our modern day.

“Within a millisecond, the glass that contains the liquid is heated by a laser, a bubble is created in the liquid, pushing the liquid out at a velocity of at least 100 km per hour (60 mph),”

“That allows us to penetrate the skin without damage. We don’t see any wound or entry point.”


Should the BuBble Gun become a staple of modern civilization? Regardless of that answer, the truth is, nothing can stop its development. The mere acknowledgement of its existence alone is enough to perpetuate its research and further the product’s development. If it is abandoned by its creator, no matter the circumstance, the idea for needle-free vaccines is already there, and the BuBble Gun will find its way into another form. It is likely that terrorist organizations, or other radical entities have already obtained this technology on the black market. While needle free vaccines have far more immediate positives than risks, the normalization of the existence of laser-injections depicts a harrowing limitless future of abuse.

In the future, we may not be able to physically discern an infrared temperature scan from a vaccine or a booster. The high potential for abuse and alternative purposing will likely be at some point politically weaponized by a sector of the U.S. government, as seen with COVID-19 vaccines during the last few years. In many facilities throughout major cities in America, many COVID-era restrictions still reside, conforming the entirety of their patrons to a prehistoric conditioning. How will the evolution of needle-free vaccine technology be used against those who oppose the global medical narrative, or make a conscious self-made decision not to partake in further novel-experimentation? As new medical innovations emerge, their usage will ultimately be fine-tuned after being tested on the global population in practice.

The bottom line, the pros and cons of the BuBble Gun, and the potential hazards of laser-vaccines in general, should be fully disclosed to the public upon their release. As vaccines begin to appear less malevolent, needle-free vaccines will begin their integration with our society, until the masses become normalized, in an effort to remove the stigma, and transform the entire concept of being injected with a substance. It will only be a matter of time before the option for needle-free vaccines works its way into every conceivable medical institution on the planet, and beyond. “Have you gotten your BuBble Gun booster?”

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