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A Global Pandemic Treaty: Will American Legislation Default to the World Health Organization?

America. We now exist in an era where those with financial sway, influential power, and similar interests, can band together for profit off the working-class, while simultaneously convincing our species to regurgitate propaganda, acting as a means for the elite to build a false narrative over the majority. Through a one-party health narrative, ordinary citizens unknowingly enforce the intended ideology of the state, serving interests to produce national change contributing to the global narrative — even if that change negatively impacts the majority of the U.S. population.

Welfarism, Socialism, Progressivism, and other collectivist perspectives seek to syphon more power from American working-class families, further funneling the fruits of many individuals personal livelihoods into raw state power. Advocates of these social movements are lured into positions which require the trust of society, and dependence in government decisions, while removing the modern need for faith in any form of a higher power. It also requires the belief that the revenue generated will be used by the federal government, congress, and individual legislators to bring visible physical change equally benefitting all individuals, communities, and classes. 

Most importantly the narrative falsely assures the public that these changes are not just for the immediate present, but one which will improve our nation for generations to come. Beyond idealistic forward thinking, the inherent development of politically-poised unified movements, has ultimately led to societal division, on that ushers state control. These pseudo-utopian schemes conceal the behind the scenes corruption and the laundering of tax dollars, and deceive all those who seek to produce an influential and positive change. This exchange will continue to require residents’ equal physical self-sacrifice, enduring even more financial hardship throughout local communities in order to enact future change, one which the world will likely never see. 

In response to the people’s request, an immediate visible change has arrived. Unfortunately, today’s modern change has come in the form of inflation, devaluation, and political persecution for any opposition to the compliance of a forced lifestyle adjustment. The bottom line, economic changes force citizens to make sacrifices. Once the current global one-party system has the public on board, its unsatisfied hunger will continuously pursue further income after using up all revenue sourced from citizens’ renounced prosperity. Exactly where government funds obtained will be used remains a decision unavailable to the general public. To ensure the general public condones the internationally focused national expenses, the federal government will not ask permission, nor will they provide compensation for citizens’ financial sacrifices. Instead, the void of compensation offered, should be “self-fulfilling” — in order to sustain public morale.

According to advocates of the New World Order: less groceries in your home, less gas in your car, fewer trips to the doctors, reducing personal recreational activities, and abstaining from unnecessary possessions means you are contributing to the greater good.

Klaus Schwab of the World Economic Forum (WEF) pushes his global platform, which ensures the future of humanity that we will “own nothing and be happy.” A continuous adaptive lifestyle that serves in interests of the federal government, disguised as false-hope that will bringing prosperity to impoverished and underprivileged regions of America, has begun to result in a new-age totalitarian nation. A society where the individual liberties of the citizen default to total commitment to the state. This platform is the building block for primitive forms of discrimination, pressing the legal limitations of religious persecution, feudalistic class-division, and total control of our personal lives. This is not the way humans — let alone Americans — were designed to operate. America represents the collective definition of independent freedom, even when you don’t agree with the other person, even when it may be difficult to see or believe. America is a nation which respects the beliefs of all, yet the recent modern invasion of politically appointed criminals has completely flipped the focus to blame to people themselves, when in reality it is the people who are hostage to this devious system which caters to the elite.

Our U.S. Constitution is a physical indication that there exists a structure which depicts our freedoms, in all forms. A document that magnifies our God-given rights, stating that no human is superior above another. There is less reason for God in a permanent state of federal welfare. For this reason, malicious artificial forces which have infiltrated global entities like the World Health Organization, and seek to render our protective document, which defaults our rights to a supernatural force beyond man, as obsolete. This can only happen through national influence and global propaganda depicting a future world to which the working-class is ensured to never achieve. This illusive mirage allows a collective narrative to drive society toward a destination, as the global dictatorship has now begun popularizing their own depiction of the New World Order which allows those in charge to yield immense profit.

Interim Commission: The First World Health Assembly

In 1942 during World War II, the United Nations was formed to provide funding against the Axis powers. It would be through this global alliance that an idea for a global health institution would be born. On July 22nd 1946 the first World Health Assembly held conference1 called the “Conference for the Establishment of an International Health Organization.” The collective of delegates, referred to as the “Interim Commission,” discussed establishing a permanent organization which would control the future of global health. 

The Interim Commission held in total five sessions. Their first took place in New York City in 1946, and according to its official text, during the International Health Conference elected Chairman Dr. F. G. Krotkov, (Deputy Minister of Public Health of the USSR), was unable to continue due to personal reasons, forfeiting the position to Dr. Andrija Stampar, Professor of Public Health and Social Medicine at the University of Zagreb, who would hold position as Chairman for the final four sessions. These sessions were held every four months in Geneva, until a conclusion was reached. That conclusion would be that a global institution was to be initiated in order to prevent future outbreaks and provide public health information to areas which lack resources. From this, the World Health Organization (WHO) would be formed.

Once the World War II ended, the World Health Organization (WHO) began to implement the physical development its defenses against potential global epidemics and pathogens of concern, a feat which would require the participation and expansion of all involved nations. The WHO’s first official target in 1947, would be an outbreak of Cholera which was spreading rampant through Cairo, Egypt. The combination of multinational funding allowed both educational sanitation campaigns, and mass vaccines to be produced, completely eradicating the outbreak within two months. The result, immense reduction in mass death was achieved compared to previous Cholera outbreaks. Members rejoiced, celebrating the World Health Organization’s first global victory, engraving the institution’s permanence within society.

World Health Organization’s Constitution

The first draft of the WHO Constitution began its formation in early 1946 through meetings in Paris. Today, its preamble, referred to as the “magnacarta of health” has become a staple in modern medicine and pandemic response as we know it. The world delegates’ inspiration behind the creation of the WHO Constitution was to produce a document which would offer mutual protection from pathogenic threats which could potentially spread across the global population, as seen with COVID-19. Over time, this dream has mutated to produce a global profit at the expense of the public. In modern times, the initial severity of the coronavirus was unknown, allowing it to be later politically weaponized against the people to demand undeserved revenue and compliance. 

Upon its inception, the U.S. for the first time in history looked to an international party for assistance with their own public health. Congressional concern arose as a result of breaking away from our previously isolationist policy of health, however the specific configuration of the Department of State during this era allowed the U.S. to participate in the creation of this document. In the end, the U.S. would be the ones largely responsible for the the drafting of the WHO Constitution, which would be modeled on existing U.S. Public Health Service. Beyond writing the majority of this Constitution, the United States would become one of the largest investors to the global health program.

The final task was to choose an official name. After many suggestions offered during the course of a five-week long discussion, it would ultimately be a Chinese delegate who chose the name “World Health Organization (WHO),” embedding the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) deep into the roots of the institution. Since then, China has drawn a major influence over the actions of the World Health Organization, as seen during the COVID-19 pandemic. This mutually “beneficial” legislation has acted as a strong binding factor between China and America for decades, allowing both countries sustaining influence over the institution, its policies, and enforcement.

Today, the WHO Constitution has reimagined the original agenda, adopting their own set of rules (Articles 17, 18, 49) to be followed by all nations. The WHO’s Constitution depicts the inner workings of the World Health Organization, financial obligations (Article 7), in addition to lockdown requirements (Article 21), yield national power to global governance (Article 2) and the pursuit to convert all nations to the global health standard (Articles 3, 4, 5, 6, 78, 79). What started as an emergency response to a global outbreak, has now resulted in the opportunity for many elites to reconfigure our world as we know it.

International Health Regulations

The World Health Organization’s (WHO) International Health Regulations (IHR) is an international law legally-binding 196 countries. First formed in 1969, it was last revised in 2005 during the West African Ebola epidemic. On April 13th, 2022 the eleventh WHO IHR for Coronavirus Disease meeting occured through a videoconference, where the Director-General assured the world already has the ability, tools, and information to limit transmission, save lives, and protect health systems2. The WHO Director-General stated that he believes that the COVID-19 emergency can be completely eradicated in 2022, while also allowing humanity to better prepare for future “events.” The only thing stopping the organization from achieving these goals, stated Dr. Tedros, is a lack of institutional financing. Representatives of the Office of Legal Counsel (LEG) and the Department of Compliance, Risk Management, and Ethics warned individual Members of their duty to disclose potential conflicts of interest. This includes “personal, professional, financial, intellectual or commercial nature,” even if it could be “indirect,” or “publicly perceived” as a direct conflict of interest.

Despite the “legality” of the WHO contract, it does not default American legislation to another entity, but rather provides a narrative, while strongly advising participants to change their own national laws in accordance [compliance]. This ingredient ensures a corrupt, and internationally influenced political partnership which maintains control of the U.S. federal government. The influence of the global ideology is passed down to the state, spreading to mayors of its cities and towns. As seen during COVID-19, the United States federal government’s every decision regarding public health was heavily influenced by World Health Organization’s (WHO) suggestions, leading to the revocation of many civil rights, and encouraging authoritative power across the country, and across the world.

“Fact-Check” Fallacies

While today’s political “fact-check” websites assure that the World Health Organization’s Constitution, nor its International Health Regulations will notinfringe on the ‘sovereignty of individual nations,’ the institutionally based fact-check websites fail to acknowledge two demands of the World Health Organization’s International Health Regulations3:

  1. It calls for “Updating National Legislation” of countries involved4.
  2. It calls for “Increasing of Investment” of countries involved5.

These two aspects of the WHO IHR alone are enough to raise concern, debunking the fact-checking fallacies proposed by state run media. Many working-class families, barely survived the pandemic, are still recovering, and do not have the means to sustain themselves through more international funding (printing of U.S. currency to be invested into international institutions and commodities, leading to domestic taxation through inflation, and devaluation of the U.S. Dollar). Through these changes, small business owners, and honest hard-working individuals — the literal majority of our nation — will be forced to comply with further obstacles and inhibitions to ensure global health compliance, despite negative national and even personal consequences. As seen during COVID-19 many small business owners had to pay out of pocket to comply with city ordinances surrounding outdoor dining and other state-run sanctions, after months of forced closures, resulting in a slow and painful elimination of many small businesses. In 2020, Yelp announced that 60% of business closures (97,966 businesses) had become permanently shutdown. What other forms of national conditioning could the World Health Organization require in the event of future pandemics?

America’s interpretation of the “greater good” has expanded beyond the borders of our country, extending its unwavering financial and civil support to the new world order. Although the WHO’s International Health Regulations (IHR) itself may not override our U.S. Constitution, it certainly encourages it. The WHO Constitution and International Health Regulations set the tone to ‘enact a change in policy,’ once all countries adhere to world leaders’ mutual financial benefit, submitting their control of all energy, currency, and resources to the global iatrarchy. Through national legislative change the values of our country will drift beyond our Constitutional rights, into a modernized interpretation that is completely dependent on international influence. Although these mandated changes brought upon the U.S. population through legislative action will no longer be optional, what is worse is that resistance and opposition will result in criminal punishment. To that effect, the state run “fact-check” which assures no changes will ensue through changes made to the World Health Organization’s Constitution, or International Health Regulations, remains highly inaccurate.

The 75th World Health Assembly

On May 24th, 2022, the 75th World Health Assembly was held, where the WHO Director-General, and freshly re-elected bureaucrat, Dr. Tedros Adhanhom Ghebreysus discussed “Sustainable Financing.” The concept of the innocuous term “Sustainable Financing” is that WHO Member States’ funding will result in profitable returns improving the economy of each nation. In actuality, the WHO has positioned its policy to siphon funding directly from WHO Member States, in exchange for a virtual “IOU” credit to which our generation will never see. It is America that is positioned as a sustainable financier to the new world order’s world health proposition. 

To assist in Dr. Tedros’ formal proposal to increase participants’ financial contributions, donations of goodwill have become redefined as financial obligations officially termed “membership dues.” In other words, the World Health Organization has initiated an international shakedown, devaluing our U.S. Constitution and individual civil rights. The WHO Director-General revealed that by 2030, their collective goal is to attain 50% of WHO’s financing through membership dues. (Currently the World Health Organization (WHO) budget derives from only 16% of membership “donations.”) 

This means that during the next eight years the WHO will require a 212.50% increase in donations to finance their global operation. Where will the United States federal government obtain these extra funds, which will be “donated” to the World Health Organization? Taxation of the people. Is the sudden spike in national inflation, a coordinated federal tactic used to obtain these extra funds? Will printing even more money ensure the sustainable protection of public health? Every dollar borrowed to be spent internationally is a dollar that must be paid back by the people, no matter the consequences.

The WHO’s official stance on Sustainable Financing is that it is not just merely a forward thinking donation, but a business investment. Suggesting a 3400% return on all donations, the WHO expects that every 1 U.S. dollar invested will bring a return of $35 USD. What is failed to be mentioned is the expectation of when and how these funds will be returned to the U.S. economy. Although these predictions offer a long-term solution to our economic state, they also deprive our nation of currently necessary resources immediately required to rebuild our country and its economy, following the pandemic, to ensure our nation’s long-term survival and independence.

New Proposed Amendments

During the 75th World Health Assembly, Bjӧrn Kümmel, Chair of the WHO Sustainable Financing Working Group proposed an Amendment to the existing International Health Regulations (IHR). This proposal represented the organizations’ furthered request for Members to uphold their position through monetary donations to the World Health Organization. The justify his demand for the more funding from Member States’ working-class citizens, Kümmel ensured that obtaining greater monetary contributions would offer WHO Member States a “ground-breaking improvement” in their current ability to fight pathogens, while enforcing global health policy.

The reason behind Bjӧrn Kümmel’s plea for more monetary contributions, lies behind their current source of finance: donations. The Chair of the WHO’s Sustainable Financing Working Group warned that the World Health Organization’s entire budget came from 86% donations, leaving only 14% of their annual income to be guaranteed6. Beyond the global order, financial uncertainty is an experience familiar to many Americans. Thanks to the WHO’s “global health regulations” and influence of national legislation, it is American households and individuals who now rely on a un-guaranteed and unpredictable income. These same households and individuals are ultimately responsible for the funding of the World Health Organization itself, mandating pandemic prevention to the top of their list of priorities. 

While many small businesses throughout major cities shuttered their doors after failing to financially sustain themselves through the pandemic lockdowns, the World Health Organization benefited and profited immensely. In many aspects, the largest profiters of the pandemic were those who controlled the world’s public health narrative. It is not accident that the emergence of COVID-19 unfolded in perfect synchronicity with the one in a lifetime opportunity for the transfer power, attainment of limitless wealth, and the shift in America’s Constitutional obligation. This collectivist stance indirectly discourages the right for Member States’ individual basic human needs, while defaulting our domestic profits to ensure both a global health policy and the organization’s sustainability.

The Working Group on Sustainable Financing (WGSF)

The Working Group on Sustainable Financing (WGSF) is a newly hatched bureaucratic entity, responsible for driving the current World Health Organization narrative. First appearing in 2021, The WGSF was established by the Executive Board in decision EB148(12), with a specific focus: to obtain more funding directly from the WHO Member States themselves7. The Working Group describes the concept of sustainable financing as “a very good return on investment to WHO8.” This cult-like mentality openly demands revenue from the citizens of participating WHO Member States to enable more change from the global elite, to be paid through taxation, inflation, and devaluation), reaching directly into the pockets of working-class families across the world, without reimbursement. The defense for this ‘fiscal exchange’ is claimed protection against biological, bacterial, and viral threats.

“As you know, the working group [WG] was established by the EB in January last year, in order to enable the WHO to have the robust structure needed to fulfill the Member States expectations.”

“ The WG stresses that Member States as a collective must match their willingness to fund the Organization with the demands that they place on it.”

“We further stress that any increase in Member States’ assessed contributions needs to be accompanied by appropriate governance reforms, to be agreed by Member States, together with the further strengthening of transparency, efficiency, accountability and compliance within the Organization.”

The fourth meeting of the Working Group on Sustainable Financing convened in Geneva on September 27th 2021, lasting two days. It was during this meeting, in a report released October 8th, 2021 the World Health Organization addressed the economic devastation resulting from the coronavirus pandemic and its impact on Member States’ ability to produce the expected revenue for the global collective. Members expressed concern of the increase in contributions, even determining an agreed time frame for which countries were expected to comply. If Members were unable to provide expected financial contributions, governance reform, including control over ‘deliverables, initiatives, and decisions.’

“There were also Member States that expressed concern at a possible increase of assessed contributions, including those who indicated that they might not be in a position to increase their contributions, especially considering the fiscal challenges brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic. Some Member States urged the Working Group to explore all available mechanisms, including the WHO cost recovery model, increased core voluntary contributions and models of other funds and programmes that do not rely on assessed contributions”

The Seven Global Expectations

Based on the Member States’ concern of a lack of ability to provide funding, the World Health Organization’s WGSF Chair suggested seven “recommendations” which would facilitate their authoritative demand. These recommendations are directed at improving the global health regulations, while ensuring donors will receive a hefty future return. The seven recommendations were described as not mutually exclusive, but should function together as a “package.” These “non-exhaustive main themes,” would be included within the final report. These seven recommendations included the belief that:

  1. ‘Increasing transparency and accountability of the budgeting process of the Organization.’
  2. “The base budget should be flexibly funded.”
  3. ‘An increase in Member State contributions, within an agreed time frame.’
  4. ‘A “replenishment mechanism” aligned with WHO governance.’
  5. “Governance reform, including control by Member States over deliverables and initiatives, as well as costing of resolutions and decisions.”
  6. ‘Broadening the donor base’
  7. ‘Increased power to the Executive Board for decision-making and implementation’

International Health Regulations Emergency Committee (IHR EC)

The IHR Emergency Committee (IHR EC) held its first meeting on January 22nd & 23rd, 2020 where it discussed COVID-19. Just one week later, on January 30th, 2020 the IHR EC held its second meeting, where the WHO Director-General declared the SARS-CoV-2 outbreak had elevated to a “Public Health Emergency of International Concern.” The message ushered a new era of seemingly never-ending world health surveillance. Since its first meetings in January 2020, the IHR Emergency Committee continues to meet regularly, where they discuss further collusive strategies to execute measures of planetary control.

Nationalism v. Globalism

Between the years 2020 and 2021, America presented its first instance of rebellion from a global health policy, since the very formation of the World Health Organization (WHO) itself. While the event — returning to national policy in place of bureaucracy — has been contorted by politicians and propagated through media, it has for the first time in our modern society, given our nation the ability to rely on its own legislation, public policy, and health regulations, allowing legislative adaptability as seen necessary during the initial outbreak, and highest threat levels of the global COVID-19pandemic. The downside, our nation left an organization whose policy was formulated in the image of U.S. legislation, and built using the hard-earned tax dollars of the American working class.

The World Health Organization (WHO) was founded specifically as an institution established to prevent the spread of pandemic illness, containing outbreaks, and providing health regulations to assist societies in need. It has now become a global bank of deception to which legislators are strongly encouraged to base their own national public policy of health. Throughout its existence, the WHO has succumbed to geopolitical infiltration and influence which redefined its own message and direction. What existed previous as a global institute of health to humanity, now functions to increase mass financial funding, and national legislative reform from its Members.

2020: US Leaves the WHO

During April 2020, former U.S. President Donald Trump sought to leave the World Health Organization, gaining backlash from proponents of the universal narrative. Critics argued against leaving the World Health Organization (WHO) during a pandemic — the literal reason for its creation. Advocates viewed it as both a tactic to regain national independence, and a barrier against the further printing of U.S. dollars. The more dollars that are printed to fund global operations, the more the people will inherently be taxed, either through upfront taxation or “decision-based” inflation.

Initially, the WHO sought funding directly from the United Nations, as both evolved from international alliances created following World War II. In the modern age the World Health Organization now holds its Members to a financial obligation to harvest its own Members’ revenue. The WHO’s public declaration of the “politicization of the COVID-19 pandemic,” was tactically spun to depict nationalism as isolationism and human rights as globalism. American political parties, and U.S. citizens, even those non-political and who oppose the system, all reside until the same Constitution, and act as consumers within the same economy. 

Civil division through displaying an issue through a skewed political lens is nothing more than an illusion generated by the state to strength their grip on soceity. Leaving the World Health Organization gave our nation the opportunity for the first time to be its own health regulator. Whether this is seen as a positive or a negative, it was an opportunity provided to citizens of our nation reassurance that their rights were protected under the United States Constitution, no matter the geopolitical influence.

The Director-General Dr. Tedros’ raised concern over congressional influence through claims that COVID-19 had been politically weaponized. 

“Please don’t politicize this virus,” warned Dr. Tedros in a briefing at Geneva, adding “The focus of all political parties should be to save their people.”

It would late be addressed in 2022 that the focus had evidently redirected to “obtaining financial compensation” (defined as “assessed contributions”) from those wishing to be saved through the WHO provisions. To achieve this, the World Health Organization suggested rewriting national policy in accordance with suggested global regulations.

In actuality Trump’s “radical” decision was not about the politicizing of a novel coronavirus, which was likely funded — if not developed — by American entities like Nathan D. Wolfe’s Metabiota. The decision was likely about the necessity of our individual reliance on the U.S. Constitution and our national system of governance, rather than committing to an international knock-off Constitution, that yields to a bureaucratic iatrarchy.

2021: US Returns to the WHO

On January 21, 2021 U.S. President Joe Biden rejoined the World Health Organization (WHO), displaying his allegiance to the global alliance. While this returns America to its original position within the WHO, it also signifies our submission as a country, and our willing to commit to a global standard no matter the economic consequences of collateral domestic damage. In contrast, it was America’s hand that penned the majority of the World Health Organization’s (WHO) Constitution which modeled previous existing U.S. Public Health Service. It is only expected that we would remain a part of an organization which modeled itself on U.S. policy, and has been funded by America for generations.

Since put in office, Joe Biden has relentlessly worked to degrade our nation, weakening western values in a multi-faceted attempt to erode the rectitude of America. Through open borders, and building towards a welfare state, to knowingly making decisions which will skyrocket inflation, while introducing more government funded programs, to enacting Chinese Communist Party (CCP)-influenced legislation during the COVID-19 pandemic, Joe Biden has transformed our country in just two years. Although Americans desire a presidential figure of power, an internationally disarming voice of reason, and a national hero, they submit their individual liberties to the Joe Biden administration, no matter his response, or lack thereof. Defaulting individual power to the state, and continuously seeking the path of least resistance means eventually at some point individual beliefs will need to be compromised for the “greater good.” This leaves many Americans asking themselves “Who — or what entity — is today’s ‘greater good?’”

WHO Special Session #2

In December 2021, The World Health Assembly convened in a “Special Session”, under Article 13. This session marks the second ever calling a special session since the inception of the World Health Organization (WHO) in 1948. During the Special Session, an agenda was proposed titled “The World Together: Establishment of an intergovernmental negotiating body to strengthen pandemic prevention, preparedness and response9.” 

“The Health Assembly shall meet in regular annual session and in such special sessions as may be necessary. Special sessions shall be convened at the request of the Board or of a majority of the Members.” – Article 13

This meeting enacted to establish, an intergovernmental negotiating body (INB) to draft and negotiate pandemic preparedness and global response measures. This means that should (or “when” according to Bill Gates10) another pandemic happens: individual decisions, state decisions, and federal decisions, will default to a global entity, one which our country has no independent control. The World Health Organization’s (WHO) Director-General, Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, described the World Health Assembly’s decision as “a once-in-a-generation opportunity” and would ultimately gain control of the “well-being of all people.”

The Health Assembly met in a Special Session, the second-ever since WHO’s founding in 1948. Article 19 of the WHO Constitution provides the World Health Assembly with the authority to adopt conventions or agreements on any matter within WHO’s competence. The sole instrument established under Article 19 to date is the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control, which has made a significant and rapid contribution to protecting people from tobacco since its entry into force in 2005.”

The Significance of Global Amendments

With the introduction of new WHO Constitutional Amendments, and demanding an over 200% increase in financial contributions, the World Health Organization (WHO) continues its pursuit to outweigh our national public health, the U.S. Constitution, and default the entire planet to a one-party narrative which depicts public safety. What started as an act of global unification in the name of pathogenic defense, has quickly manifested into a full blown medical dictatorship. The U.S. Constitution formally acknowledges and protects our God-given rights against global regimes, defaulting our decisions to a higher power instead of the alternative: enslavement to another human. Even those who lack any belief in a higher power, are independently protected under the U.S. Constitution’s ‘God-given rights.’ By defaulting the individual rights of each citizen to an artificial “higher power,” (like the WHO,) — one which resides outside of our country — the purpose of America becomes lost, as the citizens’ inalienable rights become conditional. Civil rights are not conditionally given by the government, but protected from the government, through the U.S. Constitution. 

One-party narratives are inversions of freedom disguised as choice. Historically, societies which are void of higher powers, contain more oppressed citizens, inhumane conditioning, and features some form of government intervened re-education (or extermination) as solutions to dissidence and opposition. This is the object of a one-party narrative: to rise above secondary alternatives, suppress individual decisions, and distribute societal coercion through demagogues touting populist idealism. Regardless of your belief system or religious denomination, God did not create humans to possess total power over other human beings. We are all equally operating under the same laws of physics, existing within the same realm of the unknown. Despite our similarities the bureaucratic elite which control the Great Narrative seek to convince the majority, that government decisions will always determine the best outcome of any and all public endeavors. 

While some form of government is likely important, it is not the government who give us our power, but the inverse. We the people, fuel the government, for without us their existence brings no value. We are their mortal barrier between poverty, war, economic disaster, and certain destruction. Through diversity of thought we are able to expand beyond our known physical and mental abilities, unveiling the entirety of our potential, resulting in greater contribution to society as we know it.


WHO Director-General Dr. Tedros convicted the people, passing blame from the organization to the citizens to which it is designed to protect. Calling for creative legislation which enforces “global solidarity,” Tedros warned that even the global health system reveal its vulnerabilities and flaws throughout the course of the coronavirus pandemic. His solutions included Member commitment to upholding a global health narrative, along with ‘legislative reform’ which would benefit the institutions. Highlighting “inspiring demonstrations of scientific and political collaboration,” the WHO Director-General reiterated his stance on collectivism over “me-first approaches,” proclaiming that this commitment would protect future generations against making bad decisions. In the end, the best legislative decision is that of the medical dictatorship, and one which financially benefits the ruling elites.

The COVID-19 pandemic has shone a light on the many flaws in the global system to protect people from pandemics: the most vulnerable people going without vaccines; health workers without needed equipment to perform their life-saving work; and ‘me-first’ approaches that stymie the global solidarity needed to deal with a global threat,” 

“But at the same time, we have seen inspiring demonstrations of scientific and political collaboration, from the rapid development of vaccines, to today’s commitment by countries to negotiate a global accord that will help to keep future generations safer from the impacts of pandemics.” 

– WHO Director-General, Dr. Tedros Adhanhom Ghebreysus


The “One Health” approach relies on not only global health surveillance, but the assurance that its believers and followers will be swayed to enforce against any public opposition. This civilian extension of governance, as seen with the Chinese Communist Party, termed “wolf warrior diplomacy” will no longer be restricted to purely communist regimes. Now, a global state of control is rearing up its ability to dictate the itinerary for which all humanity is to follow. Regardless of beliefs, culture, or economic state, all human beings will follow the orders of the new world system of governance. While the initial inception of the World Health Organization was to combat against bacterial and viral outbreaks, prevent global pandemics, and provide longevity to the wellbeing of humanity, its occupancy has been hijacked by a bureaucracy — in pursuit of obtaining possession to all global resources. It is from this that the elites will garnish total financial control of the global economic system, forcing compliance.

Atheism is conducive to a welfare state. Instead of following the word of a higher power, the antenna of society has been tuned to receive reception from the corrupt word of man. The only system likely stronger than the new world order, is the systemic ideology behind the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). But in today’s day and age, the CCP has found a common interest among other foreign leaders: seeking to obtain control of the world’s energy supply to weaken personal independence and eliminate the potential for the occurrence of true free thought. By controlling the nation’s fuel, and withholding available resources, the new world system of governance can contort the population into any form they see fit. This can be viewed based on the current skyrocketing of national inflation in America through the printing of money during the pandemic, and the distribution of that money to commodities and international political collusion.

In other words, the current state of rising U.S. inflation is the American population ‘picking up the tab’ for entities like the World Health Organization (WHO), the World Bank11, and the World Economic Forum (WEF). By yielding civil power to these entities, it not only weakens public economy while effecting every working-class American household, but it revokes our Constitutionally protected God-given rights to exist and make personal decisions based on right and wrong, instead of perceiving every action under a political microscope. Although our Constitution was created by humans — bureaucratic oligarchs — its most important factor is that it yields government control to God. (Whether or not you believe in a higher power, it prevents another human from controlling you.) America is a country that proudly opposes slavery in all forms, yet we are continuously convinced to allow others to make our decisions for us, only to be left to complain, defend, and protest the resulting state. 

While it may be easy for the government to shift the blame to individual legislators or even an entire political party, however at the end of the day politicians encompass the same force: one which world leaders take precedence over their own people, utilizing them mechanically in order to facilitate a benefit. A system of global governance capable of the revoking our civil protection under the U.S. Constitution, opens our country up to alternative ideas which will likely produce social conflict. This means that many will be forced to swallow their pride, comply against their will, and maybe even against their personal traditions or belief systems. Those who resist will be routinely persecuted for their opposition, even if that opposition is within the national, or regional laws. In this system of governance, the will of world organizations will heavily outweigh any national decision, statewide decisions, and eradicate personal choice.

Many invasive domestic sanctions against residents, still exist to this day in major cities across America. Once official institutions are successfully established and deemed effective, their positions are often hijacked by politically appointed entities, seeking to further obtain a source of revenue off of global resources, personal decisions, individual beliefs, all while seeking to profit off our very lives from every angle physically possible. Although many Americans believe our nation to be free — the ‘new-age concept of freedom’ has narrowed its thinking to “actions which produce a sustainable means of profit towards the U.S. federal government.” Entities which conflict the narrative will be politically, financially, and socially exiled, digitally banished from our modern global digital telecommunication networks.

Federal legislation, publicly disguised to be beneficial for humanity, is passed behind the scenes to create silent ripples of division throughout society. Through consistent propaganda, and forward-thinking illusive utopias, the federal government has harnessed the reigns of the public, while corralling us into the acceptance of the loss of independent liberties, the revocation of personal beliefs, and the extinction of civil rights. During COVID-19, humans across the world the world [temporarily] experienced the conditioning of state to the new world order, previous unseen to the public eye. Across America, a modern welfare state was temporarily achieved, complete with totalitarian authoritative lockdowns, forced inoculations through a medical dictatorship, the nosedive of our U.S. currency, and skyrocketing inflation.

Conveniently, the U.S. federal government can easily pass the blame of the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus to the people, printing trillions of dollars in the process, passing the breadcrumbs down to the citizens in the form of “stimulus” payments, meager limited unemployment, the suppression of entire industries, the shuddering of small businesses, and the smothering of new job opportunities. While the majority of humanity prays that no pandemic will ever arrive on this planet again, the grasp for control through the next stage of the new world orders’ agenda has already begun in various other forms. As the new system of control seeks to draft the narrative, our species will continue to produce profit for the global oligarchy: the same entity which has begun to design the conditioning of our public reality. Will American legislation default its value to the World Health Organization (WHO), or other bureaucratic entities? Is the freedom to determine decisions for one’s self becoming synonymous with an act of criminality? Will humanity be corralled into global compliance?

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