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The CDC Spreads Misinformation

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has spread misinformation to the public, stating those who received the Johnson & Johnson coronavirus vaccine will now need three doses, instead of two.

Booster shots are the latest coronavirus installment, and now a part of our society, as suggested by the CDC. As eligibility increases, pharmaceutical manufacturers have begun expanding their customer demographic to new heights, with the help of federal and state mandates.

This misinformation stood unamended for days, even after further updates (It would not be until October 29th, 2021 that this information would be silently adjusted. See update below). Could this evident negligence be existent in other CDC suggestions, which influenced federal and state decisions?

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Are official health organizations capable of producing misinformation?

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The CDC mistakenly stated that eligibility for a booster shot comes “two months after your second dose.” America can only hope this misinformation will not cause people to seek three Johnson & Johnson doses.

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How many initial doses of Johnson & Johnson are required?

According to the FDA’s Emergency Use Authorization Fact Sheet, the Johnson & Johnson is a single dose vaccine. The FDA EUA fact sheet discusses boosters as a “single booster dose” which may be administered after primary vaccination.

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This erroneous negligence demonstrates the CDC’s disregard for fine detail, displaying the inauthenticity and disconnection that has contaminated the modern data released by Centers for Disease Control.


How much of our society was lost, as a result of CDC recommendations based on similarly overlooked data? How many lives were forever changed, based on incorrect, and inefficient CDC guidelines?

Inevitably, humans make mistakes, it’s in our nature. However, when an official medical institution—our source of modern medical “facts”—publicly misinforms patients of their dosage, one can only wonder other egregious mistakes were unknowingly made throughout this pandemic.

While misinformation generated by the CDC is free to roam, YouTube has taken measures to surveil and ban vaccine misinformation written by citizens and medical professionals. Yet who is responsible for overseeing the validity of the information provided by the source of the institutions who create it?

Update – 10/29/2021

CDC Issues Revision

On 10/29/2021 the CDC quietly issued a revision to this shocking error on their website without making acknowledgment of their error. The CDC did not announce a mistake was made, and did not change the “date updated” at the top of the page.

“Date updated” (as of 10/29/2021)

Image Source: // Date Updated Unchanged (as of 10/29)

Correction issued

Image Source: // Corrected Statement

Original Error

Image Source: // Original Post

CDC Revision

Image Source: // Updated Post (as of 10/29)

What other mistakes have been silently adjusted behind the scenes following misinformation provided by the CDC? Could this have been a regular occurrence throughout the coronavirus pandemic, and if so, how much could have been prevented?

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