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Jeff Bezos Leaves Earth

Blue Origin founder Jeff Bezos left Earth Tuesday, July 20th, making him the second person to leave Earth in a self funded spaceship. The fully autonomous Spaceship, named “New Shepard” blasted 66.5 miles (351,210 feet) off the surface of Earth, traveling at a maximum speed of 2597mph. The trip lasted 10 minutes and 18 seconds.

Image Source: Twitter.com

The Blue Origin Astronaut Crew

His space crew consisted of (from left to right) Mark Bezos, Jeff Bezos, Oliver Daeman, and Mary Wallace “Wally” Funk. Oliver Daeman, 18, became the youngest astronaut (far left). Wally Funk, 82, became the oldest astronaut (far right).

Image Source: Twitter
Image Source: CNN

How it Works

Blue Origin’s New Shepard is Liquid Oxygen and Hydrogen powered. After the launch, the capsule detaches from the booster, as Zero Gravity begins. The booster re-enters, and self lands. The astronauts get to experience Zero Gravity for approximately three minutes, as their capsule begins to descend. After re-entry, three parachutes open, allowing the capsule to drift back to Earth at 16mph. The capsule lands gently, in the West Texas desert.

Image Source: BlueOrigin.com

While New Shepard is fully autonomous, needing no pilots, the capsule can hold up to six people. Air brakes deploy on the booster’s descent to reduce its speed by half. Landing gear from the booster deploys on touchdown.

Image Source: BBC

Pre Launch

Blue Origin’s first human flight begins as the Astronauts load into the Spaceship.

The Launch

Image Source: mymodernmet.com

In Space

Unlike Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic, there was no video feed in space. There was, however audio transmission, which can be heard during the launch video. The crew was able to unbuckle and experience zero gravity for around three minutes.

The Landing

Image Source: mymodernmet.com

The Booster lands, before the crew’s capsule. Below, a clearer picture from a previous launch.

Image Source: mymodernmet.com

Landing // Post Flight

Image Source: mymodernmet.com

Watch the Entire Launch Here


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