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Major Flooding in China

Major floods in Zhengzhou, China have put the entire city halfway underwater, after experiencing the heaviest rainfall in Zhengzhou’s recorded history.

So far 12 deaths have been reported in China, though many are still missing. Up to 7.8 inches of rain fell per hour, starting on Sunday.

Liu Junyan, of Greenpeace International, told Chinese media: “Because of the highly concentrated population, infrastructure and economic activity, the exposure and vulnerability of climate hazards are higher in urban areas. Cities are an important sector of global greenhouse gas emissions, which account for about 70% of the total emissions.”

China, one of the largest contributors of overall global emissions. “Climate Change” now are starting to see the potential shifts in weather. America, which contributes to only 15% to the Global Climate, can not make noticeable changes alone. Not even $3.5 trillion can change that. Progressive Democrats are aware this, yet still fight to gain trillions of dollars to push their utopian agenda—and gain voters—at the taxpayers expense.

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The frightening footage shows the tragic fate of many Chinese citizens who have succumbed to these intense waters.

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