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Biden: America is “Facing the Most Significant Test of Our Democracy Since the Civil War”

On Tuesday, President Biden stated that there was “an unfolding assault taking place in America today, an attempt to suppress and subvert the right to vote.” And that Americans were “facing the most significant test of our democracy since the Civil War. That’s not hyperbole, since the Civil War.”

Could politicians be exploiting social justice ideologies to sway public opinion in the favor of passing legislation, benefiting their own interests?

Earlier this week, Kamala Harris insulted rural Americans by suggesting they did not have access to technology, and it was almost impossible to prove their identities. Some Americans believe laws requiring a photo ID is structurally setup for discrimination.

Do laws requiring photo identification at the polls discriminate against some voters?

According to a recent Rasmussen Report, 62% of voters say “No”. Just over half, 59% of Black voters and 58% of other non-white voters, 64% of white, – reject the claim that voter ID laws discriminate against some voters.

In another recent study, a Rasmussen poll asked, “Which is more important: making it easier for everybody to vote, or making sure there is no cheating in elections?” (Why isn’t both possible?) The study concluded 60% of voters would rather focus efforts on no cheating.

How difficult is it to determine someone’s identity in 2021? The government is able to find a way to recognize everyone’s identity when it comes time for the COVID vaccine, yet continue to divide the nation further with terms feeding terms to the media like “voter suppression” and “civil war”.

If not an ID, our modern technology allows more ways than ever to confirm someone’s identity. A law to prove identity is necessary—not to discriminate against voters, or any race—but to prevent the government from interfering with its own election. By proving each American voter’s identity, we reduce the chance that happens.

Do you trust the government not to interfere in their own elections if American identities are disregarded and cannot be proved? Now, our focus has shifted—to discrimination and racism—in an effort to overlook the real reason Voter Identity laws need to exist: to protect our American right to vote from government inference in any way. That’s why the Amendments to the Constitution were made. We, the people, are the ones who put them in power, and the ones who pay their salaries with our taxes. Voter ID gives each American the ability to make sure every voice heard, and accounted for.

Why not hold the government accountable for not investing in more resources like multilingual translators on voting day, and programs to help Americans gain photo ID cards, similar to the vaccine cards we were all so easily given. Funding should go to more security to detect cyber interference or manipulation. America needs more government resources to ensure every American voice, is rightfully attached to an identity. However in an effort to avoid this discussion, the government—and mainstream media—has turned the public on itself.

Where would these resources come from? The total waste of money the government has internationally donated during the pandemic crisis that has sunk our economy. Instead of giving millions of dollars to other countries, such as was done numerous times during the “Stimulus Checks” where 9% went to American pandemic relief. It would not cause a further increase in the tax of the American people but a reallocation of the frivolous government spending that we as a country end up paying for. [Read the stimulus bill from Dec 2020 here] Racial divide keeps Americans busy—while the ridiculous government spending is the real problem.

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