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Ron Paul’s Transmission to the American People

Political Legend and Libertarian Ron Paul shared an emergency transmission to the American people. Here he exposes the financial corruption happening in our government right under our noses, at the taxpayers expense. Ron Paul spent 22 years in Congress, served on the House Banking Committee and the Committee on Foreign Affairs, sponsored over 600 legislative bills, and over 60 years in medicine. He has also met with every president of the past 40 years and every Fed chairman. He has spent many hours in closed-door meetings in Washington. Now he reveals what is really happening in our country. Below are the transcribed highlights to his revolutionary transmission.

“There is an important message that I worry is lost by those who are listening to the mainstream narrative.”

“What I’m about to share might sound controversial, but I’m not trying to scare anyone.”

“Today I simply want to warn you about what’s really happening in America right now and show you something you something you and your family can do to protect yourselves from the even more alarming problem lurking around the corner.”

“Because no matter how you look at it: I believe the government has used this crisis to gain even more power and control of our lives.

“The long term effects of these moves will not be good, especially when it comes to your personal liberty and your money. At this point we know the virus is real, and it can be serious for those who have compromised immune systems. But the hysteria surrounding COVID has been overblown, and the government’s response to it has been troubling. In fact, many politicians have used the panic for political profit, which is a concern to me, because this power grab will be devastating for Americans who are retired as well as those who work hard and save wisely. I realize this might seem controversial, given everything we’ve been told in the past year. But are things better today for anyone than they were a year ago when the virus was first appearing?”

“Right now only 39% of Americans are satisfied with the way things are going in America. That’s the lowest level ever since “Gallup” began tracking that number.”

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“The situation is no better for small businesses. Keep in mind small businesses are the backbone of the America economy. They drive nearly half the nation’s economic activity and create 2/3 of new jobs, according to a 2019 study, which is frightening when you consider:”

Many companies borrowed money to stay afloat in 2020, so corporate debt is at an all time high and major companies are still laying off employees.”

“Even though stocks are hitting all times highs, the Standard & Poor 500’s Price to Earning Ratio is more than double it’s long-term average, signaling we could be due for a crash.”

“These are just a small sampling of the financial problems plaguing the nation today. Of course the lockdowns have also taken a serious toll on the nations mental health.”

“But none of these facts matter to our elected officials, who I believe are quick to react with easy-money handouts. To them, this health scare is a convenient opportunity to steal even more of our God-given constitutional freedom. And it sets Americans up for an alarmingly socialistic future.”

“Did you see the CDC’s recent guidelines about how vaccinated Americans can resume their lives? The mainstream media rejoiced at the announcement saying “vaccinated Americans are allowed to taste freedom”. Others were even giddier: “you can hug your grandkids again, if you’ve been waiting to get a haircut or see the dentist, you can do that”

“I’m sorry folks—but your freedom doesn’t come from the CDC, it doesn’t come from Dr. Fauci, and it sure doesn’t come from congressmen and senators.”

“But that’s just how twisted our understanding of Freedom has become in the past year.”

“Nearly a third of Americans say they’re counting on even more government relief, so it’s likely we’ll see this “free money” continue.”

“Add it all up—and the past years COVID relief efforts have cost taxpayers $6 Trillion. That’s eight times bigger than FDR’s New Deal after the Great Depression. Of course, we all know that most of this money ends up in the hands of the well-connected—rather than those who most need it.”

Take the most recent stimulus bill, for example—only 9% of the $1.9 trillion Congress approved went to the American People. Where did the rest go?

“See folks, the biggest problem with a crisis like this is that nobody stops to ask the real questions.”

Will all of this stimulus actually fix the economy? or will it just make Americans even more dependent on the Government?

What is the dollar actually worth—if we can print an unlimited number of them?

“Despite what anybody in the government or mainstream media will tell you—all this “free money” really does, is further erode the value of the U.S. dollar, which is why the dollar has been in steady freefall since COVID first hit. You may have noticed the prices of many basic goods are rising too.”

It sounds like an exaggeration but right now we’re seeing rising diesel prices, skyrocketing fertilizer costs, and a massive move higher in the price of animal feed. This almost guarantees Americans could be paying more at the grocery store in the coming weeks and months, which in turn guarantees government stimulus will continue for the foreseeable future.”

“Even before the panic began:”

“Study after study has shown that, throughout history, social unrest and violent rioting inevitably follows a major spike in food prices.”

“So please as a citizen of this country—pay attention to what your government is doing right now. The people running America today are living in a fantasy world, and if your not careful you could be the one who pays the price.”

“I believe it’s all part of their plan to make Americans totally dependent on the government, because the reality is—these emergency measures that get passed, never actually go away.”

“Think back to FDR for example: he used to Great Depression and World War II as an emergency reason to pass temporary measures like social security and food stamps. Yet here we are—nearly 100 years later—and these programs are still around. Today this type of entitlement spending makes up 60% of the federal budget.”

“Even the World Economic Forum has written about how these programs actually make Americans more dependent on the state.”

“That’s because no matter the crisis, the goalposts keep getting moved. Politicians can’t bear to give up the power they grab from us, and the long financial consequences of this will continue to get even worse until the house of cards comes crashing down.”

“Bottom line, if you’re not prepared, the events of the past year are about to create a crisis from baby boomers and others who are retired or nearing retirement.”

“What our government is trying to do today has been tried many times before in dozens of countries. Mao, Mussolini, Stalin, even Hitler, no matter who’s in charge—these socialist policies always lead to disaster.”

“You must take action personally, right now hardly anyone in Washington is talking about this situation honestly with the American people. Most Americans still have absolutely no clue what’s actually going on.”

“Our government has embarked on an out of control experiment, printing absurd amounts of money to bail out whoever needs it—even if those Americans don’t need it. In fact, more than half of Americans now have received more money from government handouts than they pay in Federal Taxes. Perhaps this explains why 43% of Americans now say socialism would be a good for the country.”

“To fund all this we have borrowed so much money that our country can never ever hope to legitimately pay it back to our creditors, the largest of which is actually YOU—the American taxpayer.”

“The stock market could crash by 50% or more this would be way more devastating than in 1929, when only 2.5% of Americans owned stocks. Today, an incredible 55% of the country is invested in the stock market.”

“Biden is getting ready to unleash the first major tax hike in almost 30 years. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has proposed raising the top tax bracket to 70%. Other plans would hike taxes on middle-class families, and small businesses. Some would require eliminating social security altogether. No matter how you look at it—we are about to enter into a strange time politically and economically—which is why you must begin preparing now. That way when these new policies start to roll out, you and your family will get through it safely, maybe even better off than you are today.”

“Bottom line, most Americans are looking to the government to fix their financial problems, and sadly our elected officials are happy to give them these handouts. But this policy of free money will have devastating effects, which we could start to see emerge in the coming weeks and months. Most Americans will be completely blindsided by what’s about to happen.”

See the full video here

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