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Aspen Institute’s New “Commission on Information Disorder”

America’s next pandemic may be misinformation. In fact, Aspen Institute’s latest privately funded endeavor “Commission on Information Disorder”. vows to combat misinformation, no matter the risk.

The Commission pledges to empower the federal government to promote fact based information. Using words like “protect underrepresented groups” and “who have lost faith in evidence-based reality” raise questions. Will giving the federal government more power and control over free speech “protect” “underrepresented groups”? Should Americans be looking to the federal government for “faith”?

Relative to Communism, the government suggests they are a source of faith, above religion. Atheism is pushed in Communistic countries, as citizens may be willing to die to uphold their religious beliefs. Without religion, the population will obey the government as if it were God. This means there will be a lower percentage of rebellion among the oppressed. This is the reason why the Communist Party of China has the highest population of Atheism in the world.

The Aspen Institute’s Commission of Information Disorder’s website states “The Commission on Information Disorder aims to identify and prioritize the most critical sources and causes of information disorder and deliver a set of short-term actions and longer-term goals to help government, the private sector, and civil society respond to this modern-day crisis of faith in key institutions.”

  1. “The most effective policy solutions and stakeholders to address those most damaging near-term disinformation threats”
  2. “The lawful and ethical means by which the federal government can promote fact-based information to counter the most dangerous disinformation campaigns”
  3. “How government, private industry, and civil society can work together in the short term to help protect underrepresented groups, and engage disaffected populations who have lost faith in evidence-based reality
  4. “The longer-term, more foundational challenges that will require deeper societal engagement to address”

“The Commission on Information Disorder consists of three co-chairs and 15 commissioners, representing key perspectives drawn from government, research and academia, civil society, public service, and private industry. The composition of the Commission is intended to represent a diversity of expertise, backgrounds, and lived experience. We also draw upon both formal and informal expert advisors and additional research as needed.”

What is Information Disorder? The term is so ambiguous, that the Aspen Institute actually calls for “submissions” from “stakeholders” to “identify and prioritize” the sources of information disorder to help “government” respond to this “crisis of faith”.

Members include Prince Harry, Nevada Attorney General Dr. Aaron Ford, Former Texas Congressman Will Hurd, Dr. Herb Lin of Stanford, Prof. Deb Roy of MIT, Chris Krebs Director of Cyber Security at the Department of Homeland Security.

Could this be a step closer to the transfer of power over free speech? Why has mass censorship become a political center focus? Should Americans have the right to decide what source is considered “information”? By providing the government access to gain deeper control of our lives, we ultimately lose more of our own private liberty.

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