Military Police

US Marine Shot in Times Square

US Marine Samuel Poulin was shot Sunday while walking with his family in Times Square. 2nd Lieutenant Poulin was walking with his wife, sister, and brother-in-law in the midtown at ~5:15 p.m. when he was struck in the back by a stray bullet.

Poulin was rushed to Bellevue Hospital in stable condition and is expected to recover.

Police are still searching for the shooter.

Below, a 10-year NYPD funding strategy, created in 2019, shows the decline in funding planned over the next decade.

With NYC violence on the rise—from regular stabbings on the streets—to shootings in Times Square, drastic city-wide changes need to be made. Last summer, New York City Police Department disbanded a 600-person plainclothes anti-crime unit. “Defunding the Police” seems to be a message spoken by those who do not live near these increasing horrors, which recently have been happening more frequently every day, in our great city of New York.

UPDATE 7-8-21:

The suspect, Avon Darden, a 16-year-old with at least five prior arrests, turned himself into authorities on Wednesday July 7th, a source told the New York Post. Darden admitted to opening fire on a rival, resulting in the shooting of Lt. Samuel Poulin.

“Sources said the broad-daylight gun violence at the Crossroads of the World on June 27 stemmed from an argument with a breakdancer the night before — when the teen apparently walked in front of the performer.”

“The next day, the teen returned to the tourist hub — and the two went at it again, prompting the boy to allegedly pull a gun and open fire, police sources said.”

“But the slug ricocheted, striking Samuel Poulin, 21, in the upper back just as he and his family were walking past the Marriott Hotel on West 45th Street and Broadway around 5:15 p.m., cops said at the time.”

Darden was charged with “multiple counts of attempted murder, assault, reckless endangerment, and criminal possession of a weapon.”


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